Home to over eight million occupants, New York is a vibrant city filled with some of the most respected higher educational establishments.

With approximately 594,000 students occupying 110 colleges/universities, New York surpasses the likes of Chicago and Philadelphia in the sheer amount of students it accommodates, and there is a high demand for additional learning services and the most common of those is private tutoring.

There are multiple benefits associated with private tutoring and it can enhance an individual's overall knowledge, making the pass rates for examinations higher whilst offering valuable support during coursework and dissertation writing.

And what better opportunity can there be than the use of trained and accredited tutors? There are a number of ways to help search for the most experienced and reliable educators and there are multiple elements to consider prior to composing your search.

The locality is incredibly important. Ensuring that a tutor is within close approximation helps to reduce commuting times, therefore allowing more time to study, especially before the often hectic exam periods.

Ensuring your tutor comes with a number of positive recommendations also ensures that the service provided is a tried and tested formula for success.

Similar to Los Angeles and Houston, New York has multiple options available across the city to accommodate the ever-growing number of students in the city which are studying Law at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

And for those in the midst of their Masters or Juris Doctorate, the search for a tutor presents a little more challenge.

Postgraduate programs allow the opportunity for students to focus on specific areas of interest within their studies. So, whether that is environmental, corporate or media, there are several specifications of programs which students have the opportunity to specialize in.

Therefore, whilst searching for the right tutor, it is important that such specializations are taken into account. A number of tutors may well have embarked upon the same study route so they will be more than familiar with the particular modules within the university programs.

So, why do aspiring lawyers tend to flock to one of the United States' most popular city? According to a recent study, The Princeton Review recognizes New York University of Law as number one in the country for best career prospects post-graduation.

There are also a number of opportunities for students to receive a joint degree from other respected schools like The Harvard Kennedy School and The Stern School of Business.

The University, which receives thousands of applications annually, is particularly revered for its programs in philosophy, economics, politics, history, and social theory. With its 33% acceptance rate, one in three applicants is successful with approximately 1892 places offered to undergraduates.

The high number of students studying Law in the city means there are a high number of tutoring services at your disposal.

A simple search into Superprof will access a range of tutors with various specializations. The hourly rates vary considerably with some tutors offering their services for as little as twenty-five dollars per hour.

Upon your search, you will find there are various factors that you can consider in alignment with personal preferences. You can request to conduct the sessions at home or alternatively you can specify a commuting limit so the traveling isn't too arduous. You can also state a maximum hourly rate within your search to ensure personal preferences are accounted for.

A number of tutors also offer Skype sessions so you don't have to move from the comfort of your home!

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Law Classes Online

With the development of modern technology and the increasing efficiency of internet speeds, online tutoring services are becoming more user-friendly and popular across the world.

It is, after all, a convenient prospect. If tutors do not wish to travel, it means they can be spending hours per week commuting; this can be used as time spent conducting coursework or preparing for upcoming exams.

Due to the fact that the traveling element is not required, tutors can often lower their hourly rate when conducting online classes, which also means that you can save a few bucks which is always a priority for those who are still in the midst of their studies.

So, all that is required is a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam and you are ready to go!

Post-Graduate Courses

As stated earlier in this article, New York is home to 0ver 110 colleges/universities making it a hot spot for law students. Upon completing their bachelor and receiving the Juris Doctor Certification, a number of students opt to complete their master's degree whilst some continue their educational route, going onto complete their doctorate.

A number of universities across the city offer a range of masters' programs. These can include economical law, a masters in French law and an executive masters in global business law. These courses are all available at Columbia University and with such competition in the field of law, it is advisable to complete an application as early as possible.

If you are embarking upon a post-graduate course after completing your initial three years, be sure to mention to any potential tutor about your specialization.

This will help to ensure that your tutor indeed has relevant experience and knowledge in reflection of your desired area within Law.

Finding the best course in some of the most respected universities is a big decision to make. Law Studies has created an up-to-date option of all of the postgraduate programs that are available across the city.

From Albany Law School to Cornell Tech, there are a number of different programs out there to accommodate for a range of students!

Maurice A. Dean School of Law (Hofstra University) offer masters programs in family law and health law and policy, whereas St. John's University has a master's course in transnational legal practice: your chosen area must be considered prior to application.

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Tutoring can support you in graduating with the best possible grade. (Source: Visualhunt)

Corporate Law Classes

There are a range of modules covered within a corporate law degree and although some core modules are mandatory, students will get to choose some which they are most interested in.

Find below a list of some of the modules that are often offered within a corporate law degree:

  • International Criminal Law;
  • Landlord and Tenant Law;
  • Employment Law;
  • Custody Procedures;
  • Civil Rights.

As you can see, there are a number of separate programs which are covered within the syllabus of most universities which offer corporate law courses.

You can also embark upon one of these courses via an online university making it more convenient when fitting your studies around a busy working/personal schedule.

The increase in popularity of online universities has meant a number of physical educational establishments are offering courses via an online platform.

NYU School of Law has recently introduced an online program for their part-time tax degree. It is discussed in detail on the course specifications section of their website and discusses that students can complete some or all of their degree via online instruction.

Open Suny has created an online database that shows all of the online law programs from across America. Some courses, as explained in the search toolbar, identify a percentage of delivery i.e. 50% online which helps a student identify how much time would be spent at the university.

Some course providers, like The College of Technology at Canton offer a 100% online teaching service which means all study areas can be conducted at the comfort of your own home.

A number of the online universities also offer separate programs to incentivize those who wish to learn about a particular area within Law.

Prospecive students now have a range of possibilities when it comes to studying and such courses have allowed it more accessible for people of all ages and circumstances to partake in a degree of their choosing.

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Most law students continue their studies and enroll in masters and doctorate programs. (Source: Visualhunt)


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