Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In fact, there are currently over 400 million Spanish speakers around the world, making Spanish the second widely spoken language in the United States, just behind English.

When you learn Spanish in Los Angeles, you will be able to communicate with the locals who speak Spanish as their mother tongue. Language education can be a fun journey for most people, and Spanish has its unique challenges that make school both fun and addictive.

If you are currently living in Los Angeles, you have many resources available to you where you can take spanish lessons. In the heart of L.A. there are many organizations and individuals who are able to offer both private and large Spanish learning lessons. Read on to find out more about where to find these great opportunities.

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Important Aspects of Learning a Language

One of the most important aspects of learning a language is building vocabulary. Think of learning new words in a foreign language such as Spanish as the building blocks that makes up the foundation of the language.

Without a vast knowledge of new vocabulary, it is difficult to form simple sentences to describe your feelings, your surroundings, and to ask simple questions and tell simple but great stories. That’s why before you even start taking a Spanish course online or in person, be prepared to train your brain to remember a long vocabulary list.

Next to learning vocabulary, the other important part to language learning is having courage! Believe it or not, you need a lot of courage to pick up a new language such as Spanish. Language forms the identity of many people and when you pick up a new language, not only are you experiencing a new way of speaking, you are picking up a new identity and perhaps culture for yourself.

With some courage, you can practice your Spanish-speaking skills with other Spanish learners or native speakers. You may also discover your Spanish-speaking identity and realize how your brain may function differently when you turn on your Spanish-mode!

Benefits of Learning Spanish in L.A.

When you pick up any second language, you are expanding your knowledge and developing a different part of your brain that you may not be using on a daily basis. Spanish is no different, it gives you an opportunity to train the part of your brain that you may not use while speaking English.

Finding classes in Spanish in Los Angeles is made easier by the large amount of resources available to those living in L.A. In fact, the Country of Los Angeles has the largest Spanish-speaking population out of all the other counties in the U.S, with Spanish being the second most widely-spoken language in the homes of L.A. residents. When you learn to speak Spanish in L.A., you will be able to communicate better with this large percentage of the population.

Besides having a direct means of communication to a good half of the L.A. population, taking a Spanish class or two can also give you better job prospects whether directly or indirectly, and allows you to make more connections with friends, neighbours, and coworkers.

For example, having Spanish skills on your resume may open doors directly. While indirectly, if you are working in a workplace where a majority of the employees speak Spanish as their first language, knowing some Spanish can make you feel included if these employees decide to talk in Spanish amongst themselves instead of English.

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How To Find Spanish Courses Near You

L.A. is a big city, and like most major cities there are many opportunities ranging from employment to education. In today’s age of the internet, consider starting your search for Spanish courses in L.A. using a search engine like Google.

By typing in keywords such as Spanish lessons in LA, or learning spanish in Los Angeles, you may find many websites offering both private and group Spanish classes, as well as organizations that host Spanish-learning meetups or can connect you with a language buddy.

Another way you find resources to help you improve your Spanish skills is to look for local tutors who can give you all their attention. Using websites like Superprof, you can generate a list of tutors close to your house. There are even filters you can use to filter by criteria such as price and experience.

One more way you can find fellow Spanish learners or speakers is using smartphone apps that can connect you with locals. Similar to how dating apps such as Tinder, language course and exchange apps can match you with anyone in the world or a local person for those interested in meeting up in person.

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Language Studying Tips

When you are taking an online second language class, it is important to remember that it is not a simple journey. In fact, mastery of any language can take years - even decades, so it’s best to be patient and to set goals for yourself to not give up on your journey. You can do so by finding a dedicated teacher or tutor who can hold you accountable.

To start off, improving your Spanish listening skills is crucial to being able to carry on a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. To start, consider watching Spanish shows or playing recordings of simple sentences in Spanish.

With the right technology, you can even play these recordings at half the normal speed. If you are watching a show, try turning on subtitles at first to help you understand the words, and then rewatching the show without subtitles to fine-tune your listening skills.

Next to listening skills, speaking is also important when it comes to picking up a second language and being able to use it in everyday conversation. This is where having a little bit of courage comes in.

When you first start speaking, it can seem intimidating at first when you do not know how to form your tongue and mouth to make the sounds familiar to the Spanish. One way you can enhance your speaking skills is to record yourself speaking and then playing it back to yourself. This can help you figure out which sounds you are not speaking out loud properly.

Next to talking and speaking, reading and writing are also crucial if you want to be able to read and write documents in Spanish. Luckily, Spanish is phonetic and uses a similar alphabet as English, so it may make your education journey easier. If you manage to pick up enough vocabulary and learn to spell these words, you will find yourself reading and writing in Spanish in no time!

Being in L.A., there are many private and non-profit run schools where you can take a Spanish course or two for free or for a fee. Depending on your needs, you can choose to continue your Spanish journey at one of these many schools listed below.

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

At the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, you can take a variety of Spanish courses to meet your skill levels. Classes are scheduled based on the needs of current students as well as the requirements of new students.

All courses here at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute are eight weeks long, and requires a commitment of one 80-minute session per week. Classes are also small in size, around 10 students, to ensure all students will receive the help they need to succeed from dedicated tutors and experienced teachers.

Strommen Inc.

Strommen is a teacher Co-op originally established in 2006 and aims to help students find time in their busy schedules to achieve their language goals. The school works with individual students, as well as companies, celebrities, and even government agencies and has made a name for itself as the highest-rated language school in L.A.

When you take Spanish courses at Strommen, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in the language every single day. Besides standard Spanish, the teachers at Strommen can also help you learn the dialects of Spanish from Guatemalan and Argentine, to Mexican and Peruvian. Besides speaking, you can also learn formal Spanish so you can write business emails and use the language in formal work settings.

Sallies Spanish School

At Sallies Spanish School, you can take private lessons or six week courses to learn international Spanish. The Spanish learning techniques used by the teachers here can help you enter a world with endless opportunities and set you up to continue your Spanish-speaking journey well after your lessons end.

The school accepts Spanish speakers of all levels. Tutoring services are also available for those who need special one-on-one help to speak Spanish. Classes can also be tailored to meet the individual student’s needs and will generally focus on pronunciation, grammar, conversation, vocabulary, reading, and writing.

With all these resources at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Take a lesson in Spanish in LA can open a world of opportunities and it’s never too late to start. Try Spanish lessons today.

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