To learn the piano, you need to be open to learning how to play the piano. As with all instruments, there is a process which takes you from beginner level to intermediate, and if you work hard, you may even become a professional pianist or musician.

“You must learn to crawl before you can run” - unknown

This may sound like an obvious statement, but we all want to run don’t we? We all want to show that we are capable of mastering something impressive. Some of us dream of mastering challenging pieces of music.

I would love to play Debussy's Claire de Lune for example, but how many of us are willing to go through the years of the learning process with beginner piano lessons to reach that goal? Learn to play the piano notes, piano chords, memorizing the key signatures, triads, reading the clefs on the sheet music, understanding the piano pieces and when to press the black keys with the right rhythm. It all sounds like too much, doesn’t it?

Many beginners of piano or other things can lose interest quickly with boring classes right from the start. Those who take beginner piano lessons may get bored with music theory, lessons on reading sheet music and chords. But when you have learned the piano basics, a whole world opens up to you.

Even while in the learning process you can start to take steps towards fulfilling your dream of playing songs more challenging and creative than Mary had a little lamb with one finger. When you have learned a strong foundation, you may attempt to play traditional classical piano pieces such as Chopin, Mozart or Beethoven. But like all instruments, playing the piano is more than just the classics, the piano is able to create all kinds of music. Even music that you wouldn’t usually associate with the piano.

Playing piano music allows you to compose music in any style or taste that you are interested in. Want to learn to play a Coldplay song? Yes, you can do it!

dream of mastering challenging pieces of music.
Many beginners of piano or other things can lose interest quickly. Photo Source: Unsplash

Learn The Piano By Following Your Interests

As a pianist, you will have a style of music that you like, and maybe you might also want to learn how to play that style of music. While typically learning classical music can help you with learning to play with a proper technique. You can also request that your piano teacher just begin right from the start to use music that you enjoy to teach you.

Piano lessons London for beginners and musical theory don’t have to be boring. It does depend a lot on the piano method and teaching style that is used. When you are ready to start learning to play the Piano, you should understand that there are lots of different curriculums, music schools, online music classes, free video lessons, piano tutors and even free lessons that can help you with beginning the piano. There are so many methods available that it is a good idea to know what you want to get out of your piano study from lesson 1.

Whatever you decide make sure that you get recommendations, compare rates and check that it suits your learning style. To help you with your choice of style o want to help you to understand that no learning style is unavailable while playing the Piano.

The Most Unconventional Piano Styles

While playing reggae or electronic music may seem like an odd match of music to hear from your grand piano. Even those styles sound great when composed and performed by a skilled pianist. There are no styles off limits, but all forms outside of the traditional do come with their own challenges.

just play and enjoy your practice
The piano is mainly learnt by learning music theory. Photo Source: Unsplash

Rnb Style Of Music

RnB which stands for Rhythm and Blues is music that fuses soul, funk, rock, hip hop, pop, blues, classical, international and electronic music. Its ability to succeed across all other music styles is what makes it so popular. Inspired and developed from gospel and blues music RnB has continued to evolve since the 50s and is now an established musical style in its own right.

With historical RnB artists such as Whitney Houston, Prince, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Aaliyah and Boys II Men topping the headlines with hit songs. Some of today's famous RnB stars are Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, John Legend, Adele and Sade.

Some Songs To Try To Play On The Piano:

  1. Learn how to play "Halo" by Beyoncé. Click Here
  2. Learn to play “All of Me” by John Legend. Click Here

Rap And Hip Hop Styles Of Music

Rhythm And Poetry (rap music) and hip hop music/culture are very closely associated. Hip hop culture and music are inspired by Jamaican dance hall music and Jamaican culture. Rap was invented in the USA and is said to be a part of hip hop culture. The terms today, however, are used interchangeably when addressing the music styles.

With historical Rap artists such as Tupac, Dr.Dre, Biggie, Snoop Dog, Run DMC and DJ Kool Herc topping the headlines and laying the foundations for Rap as a musical style. Some of today's famous Rap artists are JayZ, Eminem, Akon, Black eyed peas, 50 Cent and T-Pain.

Some Songs To Try When Playing The Piano:

  1. Learn how to play “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. Click Here
  2. Learn how to play “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. Click Here

Electronic Style Of Music

Although electronic music appears to be the new kid on the block, it actually has a history dating back to the 1950s but was born in the 1930s with experiments in music by people interested in seeing the extents that music could go to. Coined as just noise for many years it took off in the 60s when new technology such as the electric guitar and keyboards were added to the compositions. As musicians began to learn how to manipulate the music even more with amplifiers, which could warp voices when songs were sung.

Huge DJs like David Guetta, Avicci and others continue to reinvent this genre of music including fusing it with rap, hip hop, funk, rock, pop and RnB. The popularity of Electronic music has continued to rise with these experiments to improve and challenge the sound.

Some Songs To Try And Learn The Piano:

  1. Learn how to play “Bangarang” by Skrillex. Click Here
  2. Learn how to play “Levels” by Avicii. Click Here
capability to hear the musical notes
At the start of your musical journey is exciting. Photo Source: Unsplash

Reggae Style Of Music

Reggae originated out of Jamaica in the 1960s it developed out of styles such as Ska. Reggae is a voice for musicians, and the lyrics tend to discuss history, culture, economics, politics and of course love, not at the same time of course. The traditional sound of reggae is a medley of different instruments such as the electric keyboard, electric bass, electric guitar and drums. As the music has evolved other instruments have been introduced too.

The Electric Keyboard, when used in Reggae, can imitate different sounds such as pianos, horns, strings, guitar and so on. The electric keyboard was a popular instrument, Yamaha keyboard or the Korg keyboard were very popular as they had synthesizers that could sound like anything.

With heavy bass and raw lyrics, reggae is a style that is loved by many people all over the world. Even with a large number of instruments making up this music, you can play it on the piano.

Made famous by Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh and of course, the world-renowned Bob Marley.

Some Songs To Try And Learn Piano:

  1. Learn how to play “One Love” by Bob Marley. Click Here
  2. Learn how to play “No woman no Cry” by Bob Marley. Click Here
  3. Learn how to play “Is this love” by Bob Marley. Click Here

When you are at the start of your musical journey, it can be hard to think of the piano as such a flexible instrument. It may seem that using your piano would not adapt well to a rap or pop song. But if you have the capability to hear the musical notes, you can learn by ear, online video or buy the sheet music to test your skills and that of your musical instrument.

Each of the styles works well with the piano and give the song another sound that would be more welcome in the mainstream. But for now, using your favourite songs is a great teaching style that is interesting and fun.

The piano is mainly learnt by learning music theory such as understand triads, chord progression etc. and technique practice such as learning to play with good posture, finger dexterity, playing with both hands, using the pedal etc. You can learn this alone but having a piano teacher help you to get started can also be very helpful. If you can memorize what you learn, then it just takes practice for you to get one step closer to playing like Chopin, Coldplay or Bob Marley. Whatever style you chose or new songs you play, just play and enjoy your practice and feel free to express yourself in any way that you think suitable.

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