English is the most widely spoken of all the languages, with 1,132 million speakers and 379 million native speakers. Knowing the language will expose you to more opportunities for social and financial growth.

No doubt, private lessons are more effective than any other method when learning a language like English.

However, there is no clear-cut answer on how many lessons are needed till fluency.

Read on as we elaborate on how long it can take you to learn English:

Pros Of Hiring A Private ESL Tutor

There is no shortage of options when looking to learn English; you can take communal classes, learn it by following tutorials (free or paid), or you can hire an expert ESL Teacher.

By far, scheduling private ESL lessons seems to provide the most promising results.

Consequently, this is because you will have the instructor’s complete focus, so curriculums are tailored to your learning ability. Due to this, you will experience steady progress in a short span.

To clear the air, here are a few benefits of opting for one-to-one ESL classes

Undivided Attention

With no one else to cater to, the course material is designed according to your learning capacity. Maybe you already know basic English and want to perfect it or learn from scratch — either way, your teacher can help you achieve your goals.

With your strengths and shortcomings in mind, the ESL tutor will compile easy to follow coursework so that you can learn English at the earliest.

Work On Your Weaknesses

You may suffer from learning disabilities or have a unique weakness that cannot be addressed in a classroom setting. Professional ESL tutors won’t overlook your limitations; rather, they will touch upon all your weak points until strengthened.

Some would be quick to grasp concepts during ESL lessons, whereas others may take their sweet time — an expert ESL teacher will adopt a pace that sits well with you!

Furthermore, you may have specific objectives to learn English; you might want to apply for citizenship or need help communicating with colleagues.

While individual goals cannot be catered to at school or with online courses; such is not the case in one-to-one settings

Touch Upon Your Interests

You probably consume shows, movies, or music in English; a good ESL teacher will help you use your likes to your advantage.

For instance, as a music fan, listening to a song while reading lyrics may improve your speaking skills.

Likewise, your homework would be to watch an English movie with your native language for subtitles. Where you face comprehension issues, you can read closed captions.

This unique way will help you understand how different words from your language translate to English.

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Music is a popular way to learn English or any other language. A good ESL teacher can add lyrics to your ESL lessons. Following the script while listening can help you get better at speaking English at a much quicker pace
Songs, movies, and other creative arts can enhance the language-learning experience. The good thing is that music comes in a variety of genres. Depending on what speaks to you most, your ESL classes can include that in your course material — be it rock, pop, or hip-hop. (Source: Pixabay)

Real-Time Feedback

Getting precise feedback is impossible when taking English as a second language (ESL) classes at school, online, or other institutions.

Sure, you may get graded on exams and quizzes, but marks alone don’t tell the complete story of your progress.

This is why private ESL lessons are recommended by those who have gone through the ordeal.

A seasoned ESL tutor will pinpoint your weaknesses, recurring mistakes, and other shortcomings. Plus, you will also get to know the areas you have excelled in.

This validation, along with knowledge of areas where improvement is needed, helps you avoid mistakes you would normally make.

Get Better At Speaking English As Well

You may improve your reading and writing skills through dedicated tuitions and the material provided. However, speaking English as a second language is a bigger mountain to climb.

There are a variety of dialects, and understanding various pronunciations can get difficult. With a private ESL teacher, you can practice speaking and listening as well.

These sessions will prepare you to speak flawless English!

Simply put, speaking English is as important as reading and writing it! Something your ESL tutor would be well aware of and will define the material accordingly.

Things To Consider When Finding the Right ESL Tutor for You

The amount of time it takes you to learn the language will depend on how good an ESL tutor you have hired!

Furthermore, multiple factors will dictate how quickly you would grasp complex concepts. The key is to have an ESL course that is customized per your preferences.

Simply put, you may have had the privilege to hire one of the best ESL teachers out there, but that doesn’t mean that the teacher will be good for you.

Consider the following when looking for your ideal teacher:

The ESL Teacher Can Adjust Style Per Your Needs

A good ESL tutor should have the ability to tailor material according to the student. If someone sticks to the same style and generic ESL lessons, they may not be a good fit.

This is why it would be best to choose an ESL teacher with the innate ability to change the teaching style and material according to your preferences.

For instance, some people would like to learn English for academics; others want to know it to excel in the corporate world. And some may want to get by in native-English-speaking countries.

A teacher should plan lessons with student goals in mind.

Preferred Teaching Methods

Similar to how all students have specific learning goals, teachers have particular teaching traits. Some prefer their way of teaching English, whereas others go with the flow and define course outcomes as per the student’s needs.

So, for instance, if Hindi is your first language, you can probably find a Native Hindi-speaking ESL teacher.

Similarly, if your child needs special attention because of learning limitations, you can find an ESL tutor who excels in teaching children with special needs.

Likewise, an ESL teacher who is good with kids won’t be a suitable option for adults. That said, follow the link if you want to take ESL courses as an adult!

Methods Of Polishing Your Skills

While learning a language, a good way to progress is by using it wherever possible, no matter how flawed it may be in the beginning.

This is why a good ESL tutor will speak to you in English only, even if you guys share the same native language.

Sure, it may seem difficult at the start; however, the back-and-forth will help you progress at a much quicker pace.

The ESL Teacher Should Not Denounce Your Feedback

From the initial conversation, a good ESL teacher can decide the best technique to teach you. Accordingly, the coursework will be adjusted, so you can seamlessly understand the material.

It would help if you provided feedback regarding your weaknesses and what teaching methodologies have worked for you.

The teacher will teach you clearly and concisely, with all your weaknesses, doubts, and concerns out in the open.

Comprehensive ESL Lessons

When you choose to learn English or any other language, you aim to reach a certain competence level.

It would be beneficial to have a clear conversation with your potential ESL teacher on what you aim to achieve from your learning experience.

A good teacher will plan a routine without disregarding any key topics. They can’t throw away a certain part of the course because they feel you won’t understand it.

Instead, they need to cover all critical topics till the student gets the gist.

Furthermore, as a student, you need to work in all areas, even those that seem the hardest to master. Everything should be covered simultaneously for best results, including reading, comprehending, speaking, listening, and writing.

Other than that, your ESL tutor should give out homework to do in-between sessions. This will keep your mind active, and learning won’t be restricted to the scheduled session.

Plus, it would help you revise the taught material on an on-going basis. Pop quizzes and planned assessments will help both of you to stay abreast with your performance!

A Native English Speaker Leads To A Better Accent

Like all other languages, English also has unique dialects and accents. For instance, in the States, the pronunciation differs from how people speak in England, Scotland, and Australia.

So if you plan to live in the U.S., hire an ESL tutor who speaks English natively in an American accent.

This will help you better enunciate words and phrases — so you will get better at listening as well as speaking.

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With enough hard work and a good ESL Teacher to back you, learning English will be an easy process. With the knowledge, you can function with ease in any English-speaking country, be it; U.K., US, Canada, and so forth!
If you hire a native English-speaking ESL tutor, not only will you learn how to read and write, but you will be able to hold conversations in a polished accent. Also, you won’t have any issues with pronunciations, no matter how difficult. (Source: Pixabay)

How Many ESL Courses Need To Be Taken

There is no exact answer; it depends on the students' learning capabilities and how good the ESL teacher is.

Undoubtedly, quality teaching will help you understand concepts, dialects, and other nuances quickly; therefore, you can learn English as a second language in lesser time.

Simply put, the number of sessions required depends on how good of a teacher you have hired. Ideally, a native speaker would show more promise.

Also, it depends on the skills you already have.

More time and effort will be required if you need to learn English from scratch. Simultaneously, the process will take less time if you are already well-versed in the language but want to reach a native speaker's level.

The following steps will help you land with the right ESL teacher for you:

  • Find a teacher who resonates with you, and ensure that they can match your schedule
  • Don’t limit learning to the ESL lessons alone; practice what you have learned with colleagues, friends, and family
  • Spend time in English-speaking countries, where you can’t get by in your native language
  • Make notes during your lessons, and refer back to them whenever you can
  • If you have doubts and concerns, ask away. You will get clarity, then and there
  • Watch T.V. shows and movies. To start, watch them with your native subtitles, and as you progress, shift closed captions to English
  • Listen to some popular songs, and try to sing along. You can find the lyrics online, which will help you understand each word even if the tempo is too fast for your taste
  • Read English magazines, newspapers, books, and blogs. If you come across something difficult, note it down and ask your teacher, or just Google for its meaning
Hollywood has a lot to offer, with big theatrical releases every month. Also, there are more shows to watch than ever, thanks to platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Apart from ESL classes, watching movies and shows as homework can significantly enhance your skills.
ESL teachers can guide you in the right direction by providing you with all the knowledge they have. But you have to practice individually, and there is no better way than watching a movie. There are various genres on offer, so you can always find something per your performance, be it comedy, action, thriller, or whatever! (Source: Pixabay)
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