“Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.” -Marc Andreessen  

We are currently living in an age of software. Therefore, the software revolution is not coming; instead, it has arrived. 

Software such as Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Skype for Business, and Slack are among the most popular used in modern-day offices.  

In today’s article, Superprof is focusing on the revolutionary computer-aided design software known as AutoCAD. We will discuss how to effectively set up an AutoCAD account to use the software, essential AutoCAD tools that need to be mastered in the beginning, and where to find AutoCAD software. 

How to Effectively Set Up an AutoCAD Account

learning new software ways
Setting an AutoCAD account can be done by following a few basic steps. (Source: Unsplash)

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting (CAD) software that was first released in December 1982 and is currently used by various professionals to complete tasks, such as rendering, designing, sketching, or creating a 3D model of architectural or mechanical design. Now in its 34th edition, the AutoCAD software is developed by Autodesk Inc. 

Many drafters in architecture, graphic design, and engineering fields use software such as AutoCAD to create 2D or 3D blueprints and sketches for buildings, engineering parts, or computer chips.  

The various steps required to successfully set-up an AutoCAD account and choose a correct subscription is featured in this link.

Basic AutoCAD Tools

drawing methods: new and old
With the AutoCAD software, older methods of drafting or drawing have become easier. (Source: Unsplash)

It is not a secret that the AutoCAD software is challenging to learnHowever, many experts, developers, and long-time users have provided helpful tips and tricks for beginners on websites, on blogs, and in books. 

Many experienced professionals suggest that beginners should work hard to assimilate the functions of AutoCAD by spending a whole day experimenting with the software before starting an intense work assignment.  

Remember, practice makes perfect!  

Autodesk has developed a guide called Autodesk’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the AutoCAD Basics to help beginners learn AutoCAD’s tools. 

In today’s article, Superprof will also discuss some essential tools to master drawing and modifying in AutoCAD. 

Basic Drawing Tools 

Drawing is an essential aspect of the AutoCAD software for drafters and designers. The following are some of the most basic drawing tools along with their definitions: 

  • Point: used by drafters to create a symbol on the drawing that is tied to another specific spot or location on the draft. In the AutoCAD software, points are defined by the coordinates (x,y,z). 
  • Polygon: multisided shapes such as pentagons or hexagons can be frequently used on the AutoCAD software by all users. To create the desired polygon wanted by the user the software asks the user number of sides and final shape. “Closed polygons” can be edited using the command PEDIT. 
  • Spline: a spline is a curve that is defined by specific mathematical equations. The user can decide how many verticles they wish and AutoCAD will release a spline curve that incorporates all of these points. The program shortcut to create a spline is “spl.” 
  • Hatch: commonly known as space fillers, they can be made of a solid colour or a more specific pattern that was previously designed by the user. 

Other essential drawing tools include the polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, and text tools. 

For visual learners wanting to become more familiar with the drawing tools, Youtube also has several tutorials to help first-time users through the beginning stages. 

Basic Modifying Tools 

The following are the necessary modifying tools to learn from the get-go: 

  • Erase: everyone needs to erase mistakes once and awhile. Therefore, the erase tool saves the day for many drafters. Users select the item they wish to eliminate and press the erase tool. 
  • Copy: to move a selected object from one place to another, the copy tool is used. To successfully copy an item, the user selects two points, and the object is copied using two positions at base point. The shortcut for this modifying tool is “cp/co.” 
  • Array: there are two types of arrays used: polar and grid. To make a polar grid the AutoCAD system asks the user how many copies they wish to include in their draft. To create a grid array the user is requested by the software how many columns and rows are needed to complete the task at hand. 

 Like the drawing tools, there are many Youtube tutorials that can help beginners grasp the concepts of using modifying tools. 

Where to Find AutoCAD Software 

Where to buy AutoCAD software at a reasonable price?

It is important to mention that AutoCAD software can be downloaded on any PC or Mac from the Autodesk site. The following points feature official websites to purchase AutoCAD:

At Superprof we make it our goal to help people grasp essential information from a variety of topics; therefore, we hope that our article about AutoCAD has personally helped you better understand this software system, how to create an Autodesk account, and where to purchase and download AutoCAD. 

Experienced users of AutoCAD design software know the benefits and if you are on edge, don’t hesitate, do it; you won’t regret it after realising how efficiently this CAD software works!  

Also, it would be extremely wise to consider hiring a private Superprof tutor who is familiar with the AutoCAD functions.

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