"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." -Nelson Mandela

There are certain steps in a person's life that are remarkable and worthy of special attention. Outstanding events throughout an individual's life may include learning how to walk, graduating from kindergarten, falling in love for the first time, applying for Uni, starting your career, getting married, and having a child.

But what about learning a foreign tongue? Does that qualify as a major milestone in one's life? 

According to many secular resources, learning a foreign tongue is one of the best educational experiences a person can undertake. 

Understanding foreign cultures, becoming more attractive in the job market, heightened travel experiences, and compassion are all attained when a foreign language is acquired. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are more pros than cons to learning another language. 

Consequently, the most difficult part for many is selecting which language to learn. Since there are thousands of spoken tongues and dialects, the process can be quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, at Superprof, we recommend deciding upon a language that is practical and useful for your specific situation.

Languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese are learnt by many UK citizens for business and travel reasons.

Without further ado, in today's article, we will focus on how curious individuals can learn Portuguese via language programmes in Portugal and Brazil or through exchange on various websites or apps.

Portuguese Language Programmes in Portugal

Lisbon and Porto
Chatting with the locals on a beach is a brilliant reward of learning Portuguese. (Source: Unsplash)

The Iberian Peninsula is where the origins of Portuguese are from; therefore, it comes as no surprise that Portugal is the primary place people think of when hearing about Portuguese.

But how did the Portuguese language begin? 

The Portuguese language stems from the community of Galicia, in the north of Portugal and northwest Spain. Galician is a mixture of dialects spoken on the Iberian peninsula along with Latin. By the 14th century, Portuguese had developed enough to become a descendant language producing its own literature.

Throughout the 15th century, Portuguese evolved enough to create a strong empire responsible for conquering various parts of Africa and South America.

Although Portugal has currently one of the smallest pockets of Portuguese speakers in the world, Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique have the most Portuguese-speaking inhabitants, it can be referred to as Portuguese in the purest form.

Therefore, for UK citizens who want to learn Portuguese from the mainland, the following are the best language schools to acquire a degree of fluency in the beautiful country of Portugal:

  • CESA Languages Abroad: the Portuguese language school coordinated by CESA Languages Abroad is located in three central buildings in the centre of Lisbon. Many past students boast fantastic reviews of the CESA-based school since it caters to Portuguese learners of all levels. There are many language courses offered that may last between a few days and a few months. We always greatly recommend undergoing extensive research to find a course that best suits your unique learning style. Also, CESA Languages Abroad boasts a school in Faro.
  • Iberlinguas: since Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal, it comes as no surprise that it contains the most international language schools to learn Portuguese. Iberlinguas was established in 2011 in the centre of Lisbon and not only teaches Portuguese but also Spanish and English for foreign students who want to spend months perfecting overseas tongues. Distinct Portuguese classes offered include Intensive Portuguese Course, Portuguese Summer Course, Summer Courses + Conversation Sessions, and Portuguese Summer Courses + Private Lessons. Take a peek at their website to discover more about programme costs and start dates.
  • Oficina de Português Porto: Lisbon is not the only Mecca in Portugal to learn Portuguese, Porto is another important city where students are enchanted by the beauty of the Portuguese culture. According to their website, the Oficina de Português Porto, there are various Portuguese lessons that have a duration of one week to 52 weeks. This academic institute only accepts serious Portuguese-language learners who are over the age of 17 and want to make their travel days count.

Travelling with a purpose to Portugal to learn Portuguese results in the most brilliant memories made with teachers, fellow students, and vibrant locals.

Portuguese Language Programmes in Brazil

the views from above
Brazil is a unique country of outstanding beauty. (Source: Unsplash)

Bemvindos ao país o mais grande do mundo! 

The Brazilians have such a zest for life and likeability about them that it is almost impossible not to pick up a few Portuguese words while travelling through Brazil's mega metropolises or white-sand beaches.

It is important to mention that Brazil was colonised by mainland Portugal in the 1500s and throughout many subsequent years the indigenous people living on the coast of Brazil that spoke Tupinambá began to learn Portuguese.

Nevertheless, since Tupi was the "Brazilian people's" language, there are many words in Brazilian Portuguese that have an influence from this indigenous language making it different from Portuguese spoken in Portugal. 

Many onlookers or listeners observe a major difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from the mainland: the tone. Brazilians tend to sing when they speak Portuguese and Portugal natives have a harsher tone from the back of the throat.

It is well worth stating that Brazilian Portuguese is most useful to learn than any other dialect since it is spoken by over 210 million people. 

Therefore, without further ado, the following are the most recommended academic institutes to learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia:

  • Fast Forward Institute: one of the most acclaimed language schools in Brazil is Sao Paulo's Fast Forward Institute. The school has accreditations from the NAFSA, the Preferential Terms, and Belta, and is located in one Sao Paulo's most convenient neighbourhoods. Students from all over the world have attended world-class Brazilian Portuguese lessons at this school and feature fantastic reviews on Fast Forward's website.
  • Rio and Learn: a laid-back and reputable Brazilian Portuguese language school located near Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Rio and Learn offers small classes of less than six students taught by some of the most professional tutors in the country. Visit their informative website to learn essential information such as class times, location, and distinct courses offered. Also, an added bonus of studying at Rio and Learn is that everyday students can expect a delicious and warm cup of Brazilian coffee.
  • Trend(s) Language Solutions: Brasilia is Brazil's capital and the third-largest city boasting professionals from all over the country who have gone to work where the government is. One of the best Portuguese language schools in Brasilia is Trend(s) Language Solutions since students may choose between distinct types of class based on overall difficulty. The prices for Portuguese courses are reasonable and professional teachers aim to create a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

Are you ready for your Brazilian holiday? Hop-on the various direct flights from London to Rio or Sao Paulo to embark on one of the most enriching learning experiences of all time. 

Portuguese Language Exchange Websites and Applications

Where can you learn Portuguese?
On a mobile app, Portuguese language exchange can be completed. (Source: Unsplash)

While an extended holiday to some of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet such as Brazil or Portugal is a fantastic manner to acquire fluency in Portuguese, many UK-based individuals simply do not have the time or money to embark on a language-learning adventure abroad.

What can be done? 

Since it is a well-known fact that a foreign language is most rapidly acquired when living in a place where the tongue is widely spoken, modern technology has remedied the solution and made it more possible to frequently speak with Portuguese natives via language exchange on specific websites or apps. 

We will discuss the best language websites to exchange classes with Portuguese natives from different parts of the world.

Language Exchange Website

Since the world wide web is filled with so many reputable online resources, it may be quite overwhelming to decide upon which one is the best when practising language exchange. Nevertheless, have no fear, Superprof is here!

The following is the best website to find Portuguese native language exchange partners:

  • Italki: probably one of the best sites to consult when acquiring a foreign language to find a tutor or exchange partner, Italki has millions of users from all over the world. There are many language exchange partners who speak Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, or Portuguese and who are desiring to improve in English. Therefore, become a member and search for Portuguese speakers and start practising conversation via messaging, Skype, or the mobile app.

Language Exchange Application

Learning on-the-go has never been so possible as it has been in the 21st century. Practically everyone has a smartphone with various apps for social media, learning, and productivity.

What is the best language exchange app? 

Without further delay, the best Portuguese language exchange application is the following:

  • Tandem: available on the Google Play or App Store, Tandem is used by millions of learners worldwide to sharpen their language skills. Tandem recognises the fact that the fastest way to language fluency is by speaking with native speakers. Therefore, native English speakers can connect with Portuguese natives who are willing to exchange language lessons. There are various Brazilian Portuguese and mainland Portuguese speakers available on the Tandem app; take a look!

There you have it, some of the most essential information on how to learn Portuguese in Portugal, Brazil and via online exchange programmes. We highly recommend starting the language learning experience today to say Bom dia to Portuguese as soon as possible!

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