Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States, has a lot to offer. It is known as one of the most diverse cities in the nation, has a variety of delicious international food options, houses a baseball, basketball, and football team, has an array of green spaces and to top it off, is an affordable city to live in.

Living in a big city like Houston seems to be the perfect fit for most people, but there are always two sides to the story. Some people may find big cities overwhelming and can get stuck with that much going on at once. This shouldn’t discourage you from moving to a big city or continuing to live in one.

When faced with an issue, big cities offer many different ways you can help yourself to become a better version of you.

People may have different ways of dealing with stress or anxiety. Some turn to fitness such as running or yoga while others turn to therapy or social events with friends. There is not just one correct way of dealing with personal or career issues.

One way, that has been increasing in popularity is life coaching. Life coaching can help with just about any aspect of someone’s life, personally or professionally.

To further describe life coaching, it is a process of guidance, empowerment, and improvement. One thing to remember when working with a life coach is that this is not therapy.

Therapy tends to focus on past traumas or issues that can keep you from moving forward in your daily life, whereas life coaching guides you in your present to improve your future and achieve specific goals you are having a hard time accomplishing.

A life coach is no different than any other coach. They will encourage you to be better, push your limits, motivate you, offer alternative ways of achieving your goals, work with you to cater to your personality, monitor your progress and guide you through tough times.

A life coach will not tell you what to do though. They will simply guide you by offering helpful tools and techniques, help build your confidence and monitor your process towards reaching whatever goals you have in mind.

Should I Get A Life Coach?

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There are many types of life coaches such as relationship, family, career, finance, health, and spiritual life coaching. Source: Andreas Komodromos on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

Hiring a life coach is far from embarrassing. On the contrary, if your funds permit you to do so, take the leap!

Before you pull out your credit card, consider the following to help you decide if a life coach is right for you.
You have been feeling stuck for the last couple of months, maybe even years. You have been working the same job and yet feel no sense of accomplishment.

You have all of these goals always spinning in your head yet you find yourself running out of time every single day to make any sort of progress.

A life coach can definitely help you with that sort of mental block. For starters, there are life coaches that cater to specific fields such as professional or personal.

If you are unsure of your next step in your career then it may be best to hire a career life coach, one that can give you a fresh perspective on how your next career steps can be accomplished.

It could be getting that promotion you have been dreaming of, working for a new industry you’ve always wanted to or being more organized at your current position.

You may be considering hiring a life coach for personal reasons. For some adults, it is easy to get sucked into your career and ignore other very important parts of your life such as your relationships and social life.

You may feel you have lost some confidence, which can cause feelings of unhappiness.

By hiring a life coach, they can help you start making some positive changes to your daily schedule.

No matter how small the change may be, it will slowly transform your life and mindset, which can lead to more confidence, happiness, and opportunities, such as a new job in New York!

If you are just unsure of what your next step should be, whether it's personal or professional, a life coach could be a good way to start. You may have lost your sense of purpose and wish to get that motivation back.

A life coach will be worth your time and money as they will open you to new ideas. Even if you do not have a specific goal in mind, they will work with you to build your confidence, self-awareness and open your eyes and thinking.

Before you decide to hire a life coach, you must first understand what a life coach will not do. You want to make sure you go into this experience fully understanding what a life coach is and is not.

Like we previously mentioned, a life coach will not offer therapy or counseling, no matter what city you are in, Los Angeles, Houston or New York.

If you think you are going through anxiety or mental illness, you may want to seek a professional before hiring a life coach.

A life coach will work with you to guide you and help make your own decisions. You cannot expect a life coach to tell you exactly what to do or come up with solutions to your problems.

They will guide, motivate and hold you accountable for your progress. One final thing you have to consider is that you have to be fully committed to making changes for the better.

You will not gain anything from this life coaching experience if you do not cooperate and put in the work to improve and get to the finish line.

How Do I Find A Life Coach?

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The bluebonnet flower was adopted as the official state flower by the Texas Legislature in 1901. Source: Smarter Within on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

If you are still with us at this point, you may have decided that you do want to give life coaching a shot.

Your next concern is finding a life coach. This is the easy part, believe it or not! Living in a city like Houston, there are hundreds of life coaches out there that could be perfect for you.

For starters, you may want to start doing your research online. Try websites such as Life Coach Spotter, Expertise, Superprof or even Yelp. People in Philadelphia also use websites such as Expertise.

Websites like these will explain what each life coach’s area of focus is and can even offer ratings from current or past clients.

Many life coaches will have a website you can visit which will explain what type of life coaching they offer, which will allow you to see if they are the right fit for you.

Not all life coaches will post their fees online but you can certainly call or email them. Some even offer free first time consultations.

This can help make the first time meet and greet less stressful and you can get a feel if you and your life coach will click. Another way to find your perfect life coach is through a friend’s referral. If you know anyone who has used a life coach don’t be shy and ask!

This way, you can ask questions to someone you trust and they can even tell you what they experienced and how it benefited them, such as like people in Chicago that have used life coaches.

Pricing on Life Coaching in Houston

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After researching online, we found that Houston has over 500 life coaches.

Those are 500 options that are available to you!

Some of the top-rated life coaches in Houston, to name a few, are Allison Goldberg, Ariel Jones Life Coaching, Blissful Quests, Claire Shumsky and Coaching with Hart.

Most life coaches charge by the hour and they offer a free first-time consultation to discuss what it is you are trying to gain from this experience. It is always best to contact potential life coaches first since their fees can vary on a per-client basis.

This can depend on your time frame you wish to accomplish certain goals, a number of sessions you will take with them and a personalized program they could set you up with.

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