Any big city in the world can at some point overwhelm us and Los Angeles is no exception. With an estimated population of 4 million people, it is no wonder as to why people in Los Angeles are hiring life coaches more often.

We hire personal trainers to coach us with our fitness goals, we have coaches when playing a sport and in Los Angeles, people hire coaches for acting and singing, so why not hire a coach that can help you get your life together?

Just as coaching can be effective in the areas mentioned above, coaching can be just as powerful when it comes to reaching our life goals.

Some topics that life coaches can help you with are focused on your career, social life, relationships or even breaking bad habits such as smoking.

Now a day, there are life coaches that can help you with just about anything! It is becoming very popular and there are no signs that point to it slowing down.

You may be wondering though what a life coach really is, or if it is any different than going to a therapist? It is no surprise that may questions can arise when looking into hiring a life coach, which is why we are here to help.

Continue reading to learn more about life coaching in cities such as LA, Chicago or NYC and how it could benefit you!

What is a Life Coach?

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The exact definition of a life coach is a professional that helps you achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes in your life.

For starters, a life coach will help you if you are the type of person to over-think, stress or even procrastinate on your goals.

To be more specific, a life coach will start with a client by asking questions. This will help determine what is it the client needs help with and decide which steps must be taken in order to reach the client’s goals or change.

A life coach will work directly with you in order to determine what way is best for you. Every person is different so what works for one client may not work for another, even if the goal is similar.

When hiring a life coach, you will realize that they will help you from beginning to end, starting with pinpointing what it is you need help on, the planning on how you will achieve this and the entire process up until your desired goal is achieved.

A life coach will play similar but unique roles, such as a motivator, strategist and an accountability partner.

One thing a life coach will NEVER do is offer advice. Life coaches are not therapists and we will go into detail about this further down.

As we just mentioned, a life coach will play key figures in your path to reaching your goals. To start, your life coach will be your motivator.

When hiring any sort of coach, whether it is for health, fitness or sports purposes, a coach will be your number one motivator.

You can find life coaches like these in cities such as Houston, Texas.

They will motivate you when you are not pushing yourself hard enough or when you are procrastinating.

The same goes for a life coach. You will be pushed to your limits to reach that specific goal that you hired them for.

It may be tough at times but life coaches are trained to push their clients in a way that will not have a negative effect on their path. They will find a way to push you but at the same time with encouragement and positive vibes.

The next part your life coach will play in this process is being your strategist. You may have had a goal in mind for a while but you just don’t know how and when to start.

This is where your life coach will come in. As a trained professional, your life coach will help you come up with the best plan for your specific goal and personality to reach that goal effectively.

In order to do this, they will first want to meet you to just talk, get to know you better and ask you questions. This will give your future life coach an idea of what type of person you are and the best way to plan your process.

Finally, your life coach will keep you accountable for reaching your desired goals.

After meeting with you and knowing what it is you want to specifically achieve, they will come up with a plan to reach this goal. Once those two things have been done, they will be with you every step of the way, including letting you know when you are slacking or getting off track.

In order to keep track of your progress, they may require a weekly check up on what you have done to get closer to your goal. They may even assign specific projects or homework, depending on what your goal is.

When we rely on others such as friends or family to keep us accountable of our process, it may just bring stress on to relationships, but as a life coach, they are hired specifically to do this job, so you don’t need to worry about hurting your life coach’s feelings.

A life coach will be your personal cheerleader by motivating you, be responsible for helping you come up with a game plan to win on achieving your goal and will be the one to give you that extra push when you need it most.

You may need that extra push anytime, from starting a new job, improving your confidence or even moving to a new city like New York.

Therapist Versus Life Coach

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Many life coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals, whereas therapy sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward. Source: Visualhunt

It may be easy to get confused when trying to understand the difference between a life coach and a therapist.

Both are hired when you are having a life dilemma and help you in a positive way but at the same time, they are very different. A therapist can be hired when a person is going through past problems, depression or anxiety.

When going to therapy, you are looking at your past or past problems and how you can overcome or resolve them in order to move forward. Therapy focuses on the past, whereas life coaching focuses on your future.

We cannot stress this enough, a life coach will NOT offer advice; however, a therapist might.

A life coach on the other hand, will focus on motivating you, offer emotional support and help build your confidence in order to focus on your goals and to help you achieve them.

A way to determine whether you need a life coach or a therapist is to understand what each one can help you with.

Depending on your reasons for hiring a life coach, they will offer you guidance on achieving personal and professional goals, creating business plans, helping you improve your communication skills, assisting you to achieve financial independence, helping you establish a work and life balance and even helping you start or grow your business.

As for a therapist, they will help their clients recover from past life traumas, explore why past relationships have been destructive, help their clients work through depression or anxiety and can also guide their clients through surviving a divorce or loss of a loved one.

Both a therapist and a life coach will turn your life for the better, but you have to understand what it is you are trying to achieve first.

Pricing on Life Coaches in LA

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If you are in the Los Angeles area, you have hundreds of options when it comes to life coaches.

Before hiring a life coach, you must first identify what it is you are trying to achieve. This will help you in getting the perfect life coach for you.

You can try viewing examples online of how a life coach works for people in places such as Los Angeles, New York or Philadelphia.

Pricing can vary depending on location, skills, educational background and experience.

A life coach in LA can start at $150 per hour-long session. Some life coaches charge subscription fees while others offer package deals that can save you some money. It all depends on what type of life coach you are looking into hiring.

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