We are quick to suggest to a loved one, a friend or family member, that it is okay to ask for help whether it is professional or not. But why is it hard to admit when we ourselves need help?

With so much going on in our everyday lives, we could all use a little help in some shape or form.

Sometimes though, it is much deeper than just asking a friend to help you move, there are times that we need a professional’s help.

It could be that we are struggling to keep a steady balance of work and our personal life, it could be that we have so many goals that keep getting pushed off because we just don’t have the time or motivation to achieve them, it could be that we lack confidence and need tips on how to become better communicators and be more social.

Any of these scenarios is more popular than you can imagine. That is when life coaching comes into play.

A life coach will be there for you to encourage, counsel, motivate, guide and hold you accountable through this journey with them.

Depending on why you are hiring them, they will guide you to reach specific goals in a timely and orderly matter by offering helpful tips and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to.

If you are a Houston native, for example, you may want to search for local life coaches to help you.

They will teach you how to function in the best way possible that is suited for you and your personality.

Life coaches can each have a specific field. There are life coaches that help you with issues regarding health, fitness, relationships, social life, career or confidence. It is no surprise why life coaches are becoming more popular!

Continue reading to learn more about life coaching and to find out how a life coach can possibly help you.

Differences Between Life Coaches and Therapists

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A life coach sets clients up with a process that may be long or short-term, instead of regular sessions. Source: Visualhunt.com

You may have already started to consider whether life coaching is for you. It may be personal, career-related or a little of both.

If you do decide to hire a life coach, you should always keep in mind that they will be there to encourage you, but they will never give you advice or tell you what you should do.

Some people believe that a life coach is a form of therapy, but on the contrary, life coaching is nothing like therapy, this also goes for life coaches in Los Angeles.

But both will help you in different ways.

Life coaches get hired by their clients thinking that their clients already have what it takes to reach their goals, they just need that extra push, motivation and guidance to do so.

Sometimes we just need a professional that guides us by giving us helpful organization tips and tricks to make our goal-reaching journey a smooth and successful one.

On the other side, therapists will help their clients resolve and heal past traumas or issues that a person might have. These same painful experiences may be the reason why the client cannot move forward.

There are people that have both a therapist and a life coach, which is okay as well. You just have to realize that they are both going to help you in different ways.

Another difference between life coaching and therapy is that clients sign up for life coaching sessions on a short term basis, it could be as little as a month and up to a year.

People hire life coaches typically to help them achieve a certain goal or make a specific change such as achieving work-life balance or becoming a better communicator.

Contrarily, therapy will be a much longer process as clients are looking at long term support for long periods of time, sometimes even for years.

One last point we want to stress about the difference between life coaching and therapy is that how your problems will be solved. Life coaches will never tell you what to do. Instead, your life coach will motivate you to find your own answers and solutions to your problems.

They may ask you questions to help you think outside the box or they may encourage you to try new activities that can help you find your own answers. This can be by meditating or keeping a daily journal.

Therapy, alternatively, will give you professional advice to help you cope with difficult situations.

Who Are Life Coaches For?

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A life coach can enable the person receiving treatment to take control of their life and take action to guide it toward their goals. Source: VisualHunt.com

There is no limit on who can hire life coaches. No matter how to put together a person may seem, there are times when every single person out there needs some encouragement.

Life coaching really is for anyone that wishes to get out of a rut and achieve professional or personal goals.

It doesn’t matter what field of work you are in, whether you live in a big city like NYC or your age, you can always hire a life coach.

Life coaches have stated that their clients always vary in occupations, ages, and purposes. They get clients that are business owners, professionals, stay at home moms, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, students, men, and women. If life coaching is something you wish to try, you should be open to learning and personal growth.

As we previously mentioned, a life coach will never tell you what to do, but they may recommend certain things to keep your ideas fresh encourage you to grow. These things can be reading, writing, meditating or being more active.

In addition to this, life coaches will hold you accountable for your progress. They may not tell you what to do; instead, they will listen to what you are setting your mind in doing.

Each session, they may ask for an update of how you have progressed. This will help you reach your next level in your life coaching sessions.

Generally speaking, people in the USA, from Los Angeles all the way to Philadelphia, that hire life coaches all have common ideas or goals in their minds.

These include wanting to be successful, looking for happiness, improving your career, finding your life’s purpose, working on being more confident or to improve existing and future relationships.

Benefits of Life Coaching

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A life coach can help a person to identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. Source: VisualHunt

When hiring your life coach, your main focus will probably be achieving that career goal that you have been having a hard time with. It could be a personal goal such as being more confident or social.

Initially, this is what you will work towards. But as you start working with your life coach you will realize that there are other added benefits.

For starters, by talking with your life coach and discussing your end goal, you will gain clarity about what you want. As your life coaching sessions progress, you may also learn how to be more confident.

Getting closer to that end goal that you have in mind may increase your levels of confidence and believe us that your life coach will just encourage you even more.

When we see ourselves achieving something, it can give us more self-motivation and make us prouder of ourselves. That alone is an amazing achievement.

On that same note, we see ourselves achieving something that we thought couldn’t have been possible, leading us to overcome our fear of trying new things. By overcoming your insecurities, you will continue to grow and look ahead.

Sometimes, we just need an extra set of eyes and a fresh perspective to create a plan for ourselves on how to achieve our goals faster. A life coach will not tell you how to do this but work with you to create a plan.

You already have the tools to success, a life coach will just work with you to bring those tools out to light and offer you support and motivation to continue. Last, but certainly not least, a life coach will hold you accountable.

Yes, your life coach will cheer you on, but at the same time, if you at some point slack off, your life coach will be there to remind you what your focus should be on and to help you get back on the right track.

They will never tell you what to do like we have already mentioned, but your life coach will be there to remind you that nothing worth having comes easy.

The harder you work the more you achieve and the more you’ll be proud of yourself for reaching the finish line, with some added benefits of course!

In cities like Chicago, people benefit in multiple ways from hiring life coaches. This can be you too!

Finding A Life Coach

Superprof, an online community of tutors, instructors and life coaches, can help you find your future life coach near you.

Additionally, Superprof offers plenty of useful information that can help make your choice an easier one.

When searching through Superprof you can read about a life coach’s educational background, experience, skills, ratings, and reviews.

Best of all, your first session will be free!

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