You may be surprised as to how common it is nowadays for people to hire life coaches.

Life coaching shouldn’t be a topic of shame, instead of pride that you are putting yourself out there to achieve a specific goal or improve yourself personally or professionally.

People are searching for new and unique ways to deal with life challenges and hiring life coaches has become more popular. Believe it or not, a life coach can help you in any areas of your life that you may need that extra motivation.

Continue reading to discover ways of how a life coach can help you become a better version of yourself.

How A Life Coach Can Help

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There are four primary chemicals in the brain that affect happiness: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Source: Visual Hunt

A life coach can help you reach your full potential, understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Some people may have an idea of what they want to accomplish or become, as far as professionally or personally, but they may not know what process to take or how to get to the finish line.

Let's say you are living in New York to pursue your dreams of being in Broadway. You are trying to get motivation and help on how to land dream roles, a life coach can help with this.

Other examples of areas a life coach can help you on are work-life balance, getting motivated whether it is your career or educational goals, finding your purpose, being more productive, dating and relationships, becoming a better communicator, health, fitness and building your confidence.

Research has shown that some topics are more common than others. Life coaches have said that out of their past clients, the top reason people search for life coaches is to achieve a goal. The second is happiness and the third is finding purpose.

If you are still wondering if a life coach is the right path for you, you should consider and ask yourself some of the following.

What do you wish to do with your life? If you are unhappy with your job or wish to improve your professional self, a career life coach can help with that.

Where do I want to improve myself? This can include becoming a better communicator with your personal relationships or colleagues. This could also be related to your confidence or happiness levels.

At the end of the day, only you can decide if working with a life coach can help you and if you are willing to embark on this new professional development adventure.

How Does A Life Coach Work?

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A life coach encourages and counsels clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Source: Visual hunt

A life coach, just like a sports coach, has its unique ways to teach you new techniques and methods to help you accomplish your goals.

A life coach’s goal is to make its clients succeed in whatever they have their eyes set on. But what is it really like working with a life coach? What can you expect?

People in cities like Houston area already working with life coaches to help them succeed.

Generally speaking, you will start to research what a life coach is and if it will benefit you and what you are trying to accomplish.

Chicago is a city where people are starting to see the benefits a life coach can bring. The city alone has over 600 life coaches.

Once you check out a few options, possibly even meet or speak to over the phone, you will decide what life coach will be perfect for you.

Your future life coach will most likely schedule the first meeting. In some cases, some life coaches offer complimentary first meetings to really get to know their clients and the client feels no economic pressure and can really communicate and open up.

The first meeting will usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The main purpose of the first meeting is to get to know your life coach and vice versa. They will learn more about what you do, who you are and what your main reason for hiring a life coach is.

Your life coach will also start to figure out what methods would work best on you depending on your personality, schedule, and type of goal. Expect to be asked many questions from your life coach, the more you open up to your life coach the better they will understand you and the more effective your life coaching sessions can be.

Some common questions can be about your hobbies, your goals, of course, your obstacles that may be causing you from reaching your goals, your likes, and dislikes.

After this first meeting, you should have an idea of what you and your life coach will do next at the following session, possibly an idea of what your game plan will be. Each life coach is different and within this same topic, your life coaching session will be different than someone else’s.

Life coaches may use different processes and techniques that they feel their clients can benefit from the most.

Some of these can include affirmations, meditation, relaxation, yoga, keeping journals, and pictures if it’s for fitness purposes, the list can go on.

You may think that some techniques seem unrelated to what you are trying to achieve but trying new things can be beneficial for your personal growth.

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before your sessions with your life coach. Trying new things can also spark feelings of nervousness, but stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary in order to grow and learn new things.

Depending on what stage you are with your life coach, your sessions may change. The same goes for your relationship with your life coach.

Ideally, you will start to trust your life coach and open up to them more and more. This can be beneficial for both of you because your sessions may be more personalized as time goes on.

The more you get comfortable with your life coach the more honest you will be and you will be willing to show your strengths and weaknesses.

Life coaching can be equally as positive as it can be sometimes negative.

Sessions may become emotional at times as you start to reach harder points of your training with your life coach.

Just like with any competition, this includes accomplishing a goal, there will be good and bad times. This is the only way you as a person can grow and succeed in achieving your goals.

Pricing on Life Coaching in Philadelphia

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If you're contemplating hiring a life coach, you may be wondering whether professional help is worth investing your time and money. Source: Visualhunt

After surfing the web for life coaches in Philadelphia, we discovered that there are around 400 life coaches that are registered online.

It may not be as high as the 900 you can find in Los Angeles, but with the popularity of life coaches, Philadelphia's numbers will only go up.

From these 400 life coaches online, there were a few client favorites such as Florescit Life Coaching, Kathy Gilmore, Krista Harris, Life Coach Philly, Paradigm Life Coaching and Rita Friedman.

There are not the only good ones in Philly though! You are the only one that can determine what life coach is good for you.

As usual, it is encouraged that you reach out to life coaches directly to get more information on rates and programs.

Depending on your time frame, sessions and goal type, you will get a program catered to you, which means pricing can vary per client.

Many of the life coaches we found in Philadelphia are experts on different types of coaching, career, personal, family and retirement. Another good resource you can utilize to find life coaches in Philadelphia near you is Superprof.

Superprof is an online community of tutors that are found near you and can help you with any topic you can imagine, including life coaching.

One of the benefits of using Superprof to find your life coach is that your first session will be free!

This will allow you to get to know your potential life coach before to see if you both will be a good fit for each other.

You can also view their background, experiences, education, and reviews from previous clients on the Superprof website. This way, you are not going to your first meeting blindly and you have an understanding of who you are meeting with.

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