Being a private tutor is very rewarding and an interesting way to boost your finances - this is obvious. But to be a tutor is also to be passionate about sharing your knowledge.

This must be the main drive of any teacher who wants to provide academic assistance. Your enthusiasm will play a big role in finding clients who need your help!

Your skills could help:

  • Primary-age children who need help to with their homework, or need more practice to keep up in class
  • Secondary school pupils who need help with revision techniques in the run-up to their GCSE exams
  • Sixth-form students who are looking for a maths refresher course
  • Students looking for mentoring to pass school entrance exams or submit a college application
  • Young adults who would like to learn a foreign language or a musical instrument

If you think you're right for tutor jobs and want to share your passion in your free time, private tuition is for you!

Things are Best Explained by People that Love Them

Everyone has something they're mad about.

Some are fans of historical figures, others love mathematics. You might also spend your holidays travelling the world and speak several languages. All of these examples have one thing in common: passion.

So why not combine your passion with your job and become a French tutor, maths tutor or an English tutor. The private tuition market is thriving, and you can even tutor online! Online tutoring means that you can keep your work flexible by taking it everywhere you go. Becoming a tutor is getting easier thanks to new technologies that mean you can have a flexible schedule and be your own boss.

Studies have shown how enthusiasm on the part of the teacher is essential to igniting the same passion in their student. Teaching is not just the transmittal of information, but it can also be a way of capturing the imagination and sparking a real interest in a topic.

Discover the best ways to teach English online.

Share your enthusiasm and enrich the lives of others
Teaching: a profession driven by passion! ¦ source: Pixabay

So, what gets you going? Surely there is something that helps you escape.

You can be certain that someone else shares the same passion as you.

There are even people making a living as video-game coaches (yes, video games!) - if that's not proof that you can monetize your passion, what is?

With the rise of blogging and video tutorials, knowledge is being transformed into different types of resources. Certain people realised the power of these resources and took advantage of it.

For example, look at the Youtubers who have become celebrities simply by sharing their passion. Isn't that the stuff of dreams?

The best tutors are in the business because they love their job and seeing others advance academically thanks to their expertise as an educator.

It's all about captivating your audience. If you succeed in helping people discover their calling, your job is done! Of course, private tuition looks great on your CV, but it is above all a vehicle for enthusiasm.

A Second Job Can Be Fulfilling

Several studies have shown that with more autonomy comes more job satisfaction since workers feel more at ease even when doing stressful jobs.

The benefits of being more independent at work go further than this though, with one study even finding that those with less control over their work were at a higher risk of developing heart disease than smokers.

So, autonomy in your profession is a good thing. No wonder so many people become one to one tutors!

What about you?

Have you been thinking about taking on a second job, which might be a bit more interesting that your current one?

You'll feel more useful, too. If it goes well, in-home tutoring could open the door to a new career path.

Tutoring: a second job with endless advantages
Be your own boss and learn to love your job ¦ source: Pixabay

In all cases, having a second job can help you manage in the run up to pay day. You'll be able to enjoy more holidays, go out with your friends more often, and always be the first to update your wardrobe.

The benefits of becoming a private tutor apply to everyone: undergrad students (who are a growing part of the tutoring community), those already in employment, the unemployed and retirees.

Regardless of age or status, everyone can get involved in academic tutoring.

Everyone has knowledge that may be useful to someone else. For instance, if you hold a degree in English, not only can you get into English tutoring, but you can also help schoolchildren with reading and writing and comprehension or even something as specific as grammar!

Or, if you're a chemistry tutor at college level, you may also be able to help secondary school students get to grips with algebra, geometry, trigonometry and fractions for test preparation. Tutoring jobs are flexible as well as rewarding.

So become a tutor and discover what all the fuss is about!

The Joy of Teaching

Several surveys show that the general public has a very positive view of those in the teaching profession.

The idea of getting into teaching is also popular among Brits, with 50% of us holding a favourable opinion towards becoming a teacher. Interestingly, more men than women see teaching as an attractive career, and numbers of those getting into teaching later on in life are on the up.

Public opinion on teaching has evidently changed. Before, low levels of pay and perceived low status among educators translated to apathy and even (when it came to the amount of paid holidays) resentment on the part of the general public.

Nowadays, increased pay and the government's emphasis on the importance of education have completely changed these stereotypes, as people recognise the complexity of what goes on behind the scenes to deliver the best support to students throughout their academic careers.

See them achieve their goals with your personalised help
The satisfaction of tutor jobs: seeing your students succeed ¦ source: Pixabay

In 2015, Harris Interactive polls revealed that 80% of teachers are proud of their profession, and 75% feel motivated by their jobs.

The majority of teachers and parents are of the opinion that a new, tailored approach is needed when is comes to teaching methods.

This is fantastic news for private tutors, whose role is to find the best learning strategies and create individualised programmes based on the strengths and weaknesses of each learner.

So, if you have always dreamt of taking on the role of a private tutor and using your skills to provide academic assistance to those who need it, now is your moment - especially if you think you were born to teach, but you've never had the opportunity (or even wanted to) go through the process of getting a PGCE and becoming a certified teacher.

Or maybe it's the idea of standing up in front of a class that scares you.

Never fear: as a private tutor, the number of students you teach is completely up to you. In general, they are usually only individual students or small groups.

Don't forget that the students sitting in front of you are interested in your subject, and have actively chosen to approach you for help. They are therefore better able to make good progress and learn what you teach them during your hourly sessions.

And if you are still at university and are wondering if teaching is for you, one on one tutoring is a great opportunity to get a taste of what it might be like.

Tutoring is a fantastic head-start for all prospective teachers. Are there any downsides to tutoring, though?

The Satisfaction of Sharing Your Skills with Those Who Need Them

Surely you know how good it feels to be useful.

The feeling that what your time has been spent moving things forward and making a positive difference.

This is what tutors love about their jobs, once they have identified what kind of help the student needs and been supportive in the development of their self-esteem.

Face up to problems and resolve them with pride.

And if you still don't find a solution, simply take pleasure in helping a student who needs your specific skills (a secondary-school pupil who is struggling in the run up to exams, for instance), and see the results for yourself.

Your skills could be essential to helping your tutee achieve their goals
Your expertise could be the key that unlocks your students' potential ¦ source: Twenty20

As a tutor, you should aim to:

  • Create a study plan
  • Use your study plan with your clients
  • Track your student's progress

These three objectives will ensure an organised way of guiding your student to academic success and setting them on the path to achieving their dreams. You'll be working to improve your student's success in the long term. Sure, it's a big job - but that's what makes it exciting!

Support Schoolchildren So They Don't Fall Behind

1 in 5 children attending UK primary schools are failing to make the grade. Of course, there are many contributing factors to this issue, but it is quite difficult to analyse and overcome them.

That said, the student's personal situation plays an enormous role. School teachers simply do not have time to take care of each student individually. The pressure to finish the syllabus towards the end of the year and the overcrowded classrooms mean that unfortunately, quite a few students are getting left behind.

Create individualised learning programmes so children do not fall behind at schooll
Underperformance at school: a problem we must face up to ¦ source: Pixabay

Assistance from a private tutor can give these students the extra boost they need to improve their academic performance.

Whether it's chemistry, English, maths or reading fluency, parents should call on tutors at the first sign of difficulty so that their child can move up the learning ladder and get the qualifications they need.

It's often useful for parents of children with specific learning difficulties or disabilities (SpLDs) such as ADHD and dyslexia to find a tutor that will help their child develop good study skills that they can apply in school.

Regardless of the grade level of the student you are helping and their level of study, it is never too late to help them catch up. You just have to understand the why and how of their failure situation so you can choose the best method to overcome their difficulties.

Because of this, the home tutor is as much a psychologist or coach as they are the tutor.

Your tutoring services can offer assistance to people struggling in their academic career
Lend a helping hand doing an interesting and exciting job ¦ source: Pixabay

The teaching programme you choose can be based on a methodology as much as it can be based on your pupil's specific needs. This will allow you to provide tailored learning strategies.

The joy of sharing and assisting is an indispensable quality of all good teachers - so why not give it a go?

Thousands of children are waiting to consolidate their knowledge, to perfect themselves in certain subjects, to develop better study skills or organise their schedule. All it takes is a tutor.

Motivation, development, commitment: these are the 3 core values that anyone giving supplemental lessons should keep close to their heart in order to see progress.

Find out how Private Tuition Can Mean Free and Fulfilling Work.

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