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Find the best learning strategies for each student and equip them with the tools to learn and grow. Source: Twenty20

Are you looking for a part-time job to earn extra cash? Do you love teaching or sharing information with people? Private tutoring is just what you need.

Since each student has his/her learning style and comprehension abilities, private tutoring helps them improve their skills or enhance their knowledge in a specific subject through customized lessons.

Working as a private tutor means assessing what your student needs from you, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, and assisting them throughout their academic journey.

If you are just starting as a private tutor, we have some useful tips for first-time tutors.

Many students go for private tuition, mainly to achieve good results in their first try. They are willing to put in extra effort to get a good command of a single or variety of subjects. And this is where you come in.

As a private tutor, you are either tasked with intensive tuition, homework help, or assisting students with their revisions.

This article will serve as a complete guide for you to learn about tutor jobs, how to become a tutor, what qualities you need to offer practical tuition, and if you require any specific qualifications.

Offer Personalized Lessons

The essential quality of the right tutor is his/her ability to adapt to the student’s needs.

The private tutor must be in complete tune with the student’s requirements. And to achieve this, they need to ask all the right questions so that you can offer individualized attention.

Also, having a good lesson plan is fundamental to make your private tuition useful for your students. But you need to make sure that the lesson plan works according to your students learning style; otherwise, your tutoring strategy will fail.

You should be able to work on your teaching techniques and omit or add anything that works for your student.

With the chance of enjoying personalized lessons, the students get the opportunity to build on their strengths rather than being confined to the set of standards set by classroom learning.

Tailored lessons also help the students to not only focus on their core subjects but also explore a variety of other areas that pique their interests. This instills a love for learning that further translates into motivation to make the most of their private tuitions.

All you need to do is develop a customized learning plan that aligns with their learning style. Also, if they cannot comprehend the specific instructions to an academic exercise, you must make them understand what they are required to do.

It is your job to detect any confusion they might have so that you can develop an effective tutoring method to alleviate them.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Private Tutoring

With the changes in the education system, more and more people realize the benefits of tailored lessons. The majority of the students are now going for private tuition, which has led the Private Tutoring market in the USA to be estimated at $46.9 billion in 2020.

Hence, this is the perfect time for you to establish your credibility as the best private tutor. And you can only do that if you maintain a meaningful relationship with your student where they feel comfortable to share their queries with you.

Befriend them so that you can learn about any difficulties they are facing or the reasons behind their inability to concentrate on a specific topic.

This will help you to leverage their strengths and weaknesses to craft the perfect learning strategy for them.

Now, whether you go for online tutoring jobs or you prefer face to face private tuition, you need to build a meaningful relationship with your student.

If you are confused about online tutoring, see if online tutoring via webcam is for you.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Coaching?

establish mutual trust so that both sides can benefit
Equipping students with an ability to think is one of the greatest responsibilities of a tutor. Source: Visualhunt

Cognitive-behavioral coaching involves making a student unlearn his/her behaviors or personal opinions about subjects so that they can fight their inhibitions.

But how does it link with private tutoring? Many students are not able to realize their potential as they have low self-esteem that stops them from working on their strengths.

By cognitive-behavioral coaching, you can weed out their negative thinking by making them more aware of their potential.

Many schools are already implementing this therapy to create mental awareness among students that has positively resulted in reduced anxiety levels and enhanced performance in their classes.

To work on a student’s self-confidence, you need to:

  • Offer them tips on making the most out of their school lessons
  • Strive to understand their limitations
  • Guide your student but let them navigate the answer themselves
  • Introduce them to different learning strategies
  • Encourage your students

Qualifications Necessary To Become A Private Tutor

You do not need specific training or any educational program to sign up for tutoring jobs. Whether you are retired or you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, you can offer private tuitions.

You can also register as self-employed, or you can go for online tutoring jobs offered by tutoring agencies. But to offer private tuitions in a specific subject, you need to gain expertise in it so that you can teach it easily.

If you are an undergrad, private tutoring jobs are the perfect solution for earning extra money. This is because you know what the exams and assessment system is like. Also, you have spare time on your hands, so you can easily fit private tuitions in your daily schedule.

Moreover, if you have already passed your college entry test, you can help other students with college essay writing or other test topics they might be struggling with.

If you are confused about getting your name out in the tutoring world, find out how and where to advertise your tutoring services.

Leverage Your Teaching Experience

Your tutoring experience also plays a massive role in establishing your name in the world of private tutoring. It works hand in hand with the personal qualities you bring as a home tutor.

If you hold the right tutoring experience, you will offer more effective tailored lessons to the next student you tutor.

Also, the more experience you have, the more you can polish your skills to help your student achieve their academic goals.

What Do We Mean By The Term “Tutor”?

Tutor means someone who holds expertise in a specific subject or a particular field of knowledge. They can be an entrepreneur or a college student as tutoring requires no specific background to claim you as a tutor.

Tutors are different from school teachers as they integrate “out of the box” learning strategies that take the student’s strong points into account.

They are tasked with repeating the lessons learned at school, and helping the student learn them effectively.

Depending on the student’s requirements, private tutors can offer academic support to their students on a particular or variety of topics.

They can also help them with their homework or offer comprehensive private tuitions that encompass all the services required to learn a new subject.

Setting Your Private Tutoring Fee

Rates vary depending on subject, location, level of study and experience
What should you take into account when setting your price as a tutor? Source: Pixabay

Private tutors charge on an hourly basis, and they depend on several factors including:

  • Your proficiency level
  • The education level of your student
  • Length of each lesson plan
  • Amount of your tutoring experience
  • The subject your student needs help with
  • The location where you offer private tuition
  • If you are self-employed or working for a tutoring agency

All of these elements factor in determining the amount of money you need to charge your clients. You need to discuss your rates with the client before signing up with them.

Also, you need to include additional costs such as the traveling fee for offering private tuition at the student’s choice of location. Read more about where to tutor here.

What Does A Private Tutor’s Job Description Entail

Private tutoring is of two types: you can either work as an educator or as a coach.

When you work as an educator, you transfer your knowledge to the student, giving them the tools they need to work on their weak points and realize their true academic potential.

But when it comes to being a coach, you assist the students in putting these acquired skills to test so that they can get a good command over the basic concepts.

Coaching also includes training the student to deal with certain situations such as test preparation, strategies to ace an exam, writing a compelling college essay, or working around the format of an exam.

This induces a feeling of accomplishment in the student that enhances their self-confidence and sets them on the path to success.


If you are interested in offering private tuition, you need to take care of a few things to become a credible private tutor.

First and foremost, you should be adaptable to the requirements of your student. And you can master this by preparing a tailored lesson plan that aligns with their learning style.

Develop a meaningful relationship with your student so that you can quickly assess their weak and strong points to work on them.

Combine cognitive behavioral therapy with your tailored lesson plans to help your student overcome the limitations that they have set up in their minds.

It is also interesting to note that to become a tutor, you don’t need any formal qualifications. Just master the subject you are passionate about and work on building your name in the world of private tutoring.

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