“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage” – Paulo Coelho

At the start of 2019, nearly 2 million tourists had visited Morocco. This is an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.

Morocco is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination, even outside of the summer months. Camel rides, Marrakech’s Palmeraie, souks, the Atlas Mountains, Berber culture, Moroccan food, there are so many reasons to visit.

So how much does it cost to visit as a family, a couple, or on your own?

In this article, we’ll look at the cost of accommodation, food, transport, and everything else you need to know about budgeting for a trip to Marrakech.

How Much Does it Cost to Get to Marrakech?

The first thing you need to do when organising a trip to Marrakech is working out how to get there. In recent years, Morocco has become increasingly popular as a destination and more and more airlines are offering flights to the country at reasonable prices.

How much does it cost to get to Marrakech?
Before you can travel around Marrakech, you need to get there first. (Source: GregMontani)

London isn’t the only place you can get flights to Marrakech from. You can now get flights to Marrakech from Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham, and Bristol. You can compare prices on sites like Skyscanner and Google Flights. Skyscanner can be used to compare flights between different airports, too, and across an entire month, which is particularly useful if you’re flexible. You just need to type “UK” in the “from” field and select “whole month” from the dates field.

With Google Flights, you can’t select the whole country to fly from but you can search for prices across an entire month. It also provides a graphic comparing a week-by-week evolution of the prices.

Low-cost airlines have made the cost of flights even cheaper. To get to Marrakech by plane, you can pay around £100 each way. That said, there are flights for as little as £30 return if you go at the right time.

You should be aware that low-cost airlines tend to charge you for extras including hold luggage or bringing larger items into the cabin. Keep this in mind when you find really cheap flights.

If you don’t like flying, there are other ways to get to Marrakech. Buses, trains, and ferries can get you to Morocco’s larger cities. With ferries, you can take your car.

Ferries to Morocco run from Spain, France, Italy, and Gibraltar. The shortest trips are around an hour but there are longer trips from northern Spain, Italy, and France can take up to 2 days!

A trip on a ferry from Spain with a car will cost around £120, for example. Generally, the bigger the vehicle, the more you’ll have to pay for it. A campervan will cost more than a car, for example.

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How Much Does Accommodation Cost in Marrakech?

Marrakech is quite the tourist destination and there are plenty of establishments that welcome tourists throughout the year. There’s a lot on offer.

How much does accommodation in Marrakech cost?
The Menara Gardens are a great place to relax. (Source: DEZALB)

Nicknamed the “Red City”, Marrakech has several different neighbourhoods where you can stay:

  • Medina: the historic city centre which is home to many museums and monuments. It’s a maze of streets and souks and a lot of hustle and bustle. It’s the most touristy part of town.
  • Gueliz: the modern part of Marrakech which was built by the French when Morocco was a French Protectorate. It’s not as picturesque as the Medina but you’ll find some of the bigger hotel brands. It’s calmer than the centre and home to the Botanic Gardens and Berber Museum.
  • Hivernage: to the south of Geuliz, this is home to the luxurious hotels in the city.
  • Palmeraie: to the north of the city, you’ll find all types of hotels here, including all-inclusive hotels. Palmeraie is a bit out of Marrakech city centre and if you stay there, you’ll probably have to take a taxi back to the city centre. Here’s great if you want a relaxing holiday without leaving the hotel.

Whether you’re a backpacker looking for a youth hostel or on a business trip and looking for a luxury hotel, there’s something for everyone.

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Renting a Riad in Marrakech

A riad or dar (the smaller of the two) are traditional Moroccan houses. They’re built around an internal courtyard and fountain. The rooms are generally upstairs and offer a view of the roofs over Marrakech. There are tonnes of them in the Medina neighbourhood.

If you stay in a riad, you’ll probably be in the heart of the city. However, they’re generally owned by westerners as they bought a lot of them. Don’t expect to experience a Moroccan way of life as even though these are luxurious buildings with Moroccan architecture, locals don’t tend to live in them.

Here are a few places worth a look:

  • Riad El Marah: 5 minutes from Jemaa el-Fna, this riad has clean and nicely decorated rooms form around £35 a night with breakfast included.
  • Riad Davia: in the east of Medina, the less touristy part, the Riad Davia is in good condition and has a hammam. You can get double rooms for around £45 a night with breakfast included.
  • Riad Casa Lalla: this is a perfect place to stay in Medina. The riad has a rooftop terrace where you can watch the sunset over the streets of Marrakech. It’s around £80 a night with breakfast included.
  • Dar Assiya: this is a cosy riad away from the centre. A double room costs £130 a night with breakfast included.

These prices are indicative and can vary according to the season. We recommend that you book ahead to get better prices.

Hotels in Marrakech

Generally speaking, the further from the city centre a hotel is, the cheaper they tend to be. However, this doesn’t mean rooms and suites in the old city will necessarily offer the best services. To choose the right hotel, you need to think about where it is in the city and what time of year you’re going.

Generally, a luxury hotel in Marrakech can cost between £100 and £120 a night for a double room. A more typical hotel will cost between £40 and £80 a night for two people.

Here are some recommended hotels for different budgets:

  • Ibis Marrakech: say goodbye to Moroccan accommodation if you’re looking for a cheap hotel. A double room costs £45 (breakfast not included).
  • Palm Menara Hotel: By the Majorelle Gardens, this hotel offers double rooms for around £70 a night.
  • Les Jardins de La Koutoubia: for a luxury hotel, you might want this one by the Koutoubia Mosque complete with spa, jacuzzi, and pool. It’s by Jemaa el-Fna and has double rooms from £180 a night.

If you head out of the city centre, you can find 4-star hotels for the same price as basic hotels in the centre.

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Youth Hostels in Marrakech

In a city as large as Marrakech, there are plenty of youth hostels for travellers on a budget. You can spend a night there for between £5 and £10 in a bed in a dormitory. Of course, while you’ll be in a dormitory, they’re often as beautiful as the traditional hotels. Here are a few youth hostels in Marrakech that we recommend:

  • Waka Waka Hostel: you can get a bed in a dormitory and breakfast for £5. This is a bright hostel located in a riad just 10 minutes from Jemaa el-Fna.
  • This is a bright hostel located in a riad just 10 minutes from Jemaa el-Fna. You can get a bed in a dormitory for £5 with breakfast included.
  • Young & Happy Hostel: you can get a bed in a dormitory in this hostel with a pool for around £8 a night, breakfast included.

Some hotels and riads also allow you to sleep on a mattress on the roof for a few Dirhams. If you have a tent, you can also pitch it there. Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re travelling on a budget.

Airbnbs in Marrakech

Renting a room or an entire property in Marrakech is a good idea if you’re travelling as a family or with some friends. The prices will generally work out around the same as they would for hotels. You can find accommodation for between £30 and £80 a night depending on how big the property is and where it’s located. There are plenty of properties available around the Gueliz neighbourhood.

Staying with a Host Family in Marrakech

To get to know the locals, why not stay with a family in Marrakech?

You’ll be welcomed into a Moroccan family’s home. Rates tend to include breakfast and another meal, but you usually have to book at least three nights. There are different rates available:

  • Rustic: a private room but you won’t necessarily have a proper bed or access to warm water (generally, they wash in the local hammams). From £20 per day per person (for groups of 5 or more) and £35 per day if you’re travelling alone.
  • Average budget: private room and shared bathroom with warm water. From £25 to £35 per person per day.
  • Comfortable: you’ll get a western-style room with a private bathroom. From £30 to 40 per person per day.

How Much Does Food Cost in Marrakech?

Food lovers will love the food in Marrakech and Morocco in general. Tagine, couscous, briouat, tanjia, there’s plenty of Moroccan food to whet your appetite. Even though the food’s great, you can eat a meal for around £5. You can easily eat in restaurants every day.

Some restaurants offer meals that can cost as much as £50 or £60 but you’ll generally have several dishes to share. This would be a lot for just one person. With food costing so little, British tourists can make the most of everything Morocco has to offer.

Make sure you have some mint tea and pastries at the end of the meal.

How Much Does Transport Cost in Marrakech?

Buses in Marrakech

In the UK, taking the bus or metro is quite a common way to get around town. In Marrakech, there’s no underground and the buses are quite difficult to understand if you’re not used to them. The stops aren’t well indicated, making it difficult to find the right bus and the right stop. If you want an adventure, you can take the bus for around 30p.

How much does transport cost in Marrakech?
You can also travel by more traditional means. (Source: Nasalune-FcK)

Taxis in Marrakech

The taxi is the best way to get around Marrakech. However, make sure they have a meter. This is the best way to avoid arguments with the driver over the price.

The meter starts at around 10p and you’ll pay between 35p and 70p per kilometre. You can travel around the city for just a few quid. Keep in mind that the city is quite expansive so you won’t want to walk across it.

Renting a Car in Marrakech

Renting a car in Marrakech isn’t a good idea. Driving in Morocco isn’t like driving in the UK and there are often pedestrians, scooters, carts, and goats all over the road. If you want to give it a go, renting a car costs between £10 and £25 per day depending on the car you choose. Furthermore, make sure you get the right insurance. The roads around Marrakech are full of potholes and a lot of insurance policies won’t cover accidents here.

Heading Outside of Marrakech

To get out of Marrakech and visit the rest of the country, you should take the bus or train. In terms of bus companies, you can choose between CTM, Supratours, or SATAS.

A trip to Rabat, for example, costs around £15. The train station can be found in Gueliz and will take you all over the country. You can get to Casablanca in 2 and a half hours for around £7 or Tangier in under six hours for £20.

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How Much Do You Need to Budget for Attractions and Activities?

Heading to Morocco and Marrakech is a great opportunity to discover another culture and plenty of exceptional landscapes. You won’t need to break the bank to visit the city as most attractions in Marrakech are free or cost very little.

Visiting the Centre of Marrakech

You can walk around the streets of Medina (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), enjoy the souks by Jemaa el-Fna, or stroll around the Menara Gardens without spending a penny.

The Bahia Palace costs around £1 to visit. Similarly, you can also wander around the souks in the city. It's very easy to enjoy Marrakech on a budget.

The Majorelle Garden costs around £6 to visit. You can spend around an hour here enjoying exotic plants.

You can visit the outside of the Koutoubia Mosque. Only Muslims are allowed inside.

Don’t hesitate to visit the hammams in Marrakech and relax after a busy morning of walking. Forget about western hammams, these places are all about getting cleaned and enjoying a massage. It costs around 10 Dirhams to get in and around 50 Dh for a massage.

While there are “western” style hammams, they tend to cost as much as they would in Europe.

Trips Around Marrakech

Marrakech isn’t far from the Sahara desert.

  • Camel Trips in the Palmeraie: trips between 30 minutes and 2 hours are available and you can enjoy some mint tea at the end of your trip. This costs around £25 per person.
  • Ouzoud Falls: 90 miles from Marrakech, you can watch wild monkeys cooling off. A return trip will cost around £20 (though you can find cheaper trips if you go by taxi).
  • 3-day Trips in the Sahara Desert: Time by Merzouga costs around £100. You can do camel trips and watch the sunset over the dunes.

The Cost of Shopping in Marrakech

As you’ll have understood, Marrakech is a great destination for those on a budget. You can buy artisanal souvenirs like rugs, fabrics, leather, etc. for very little. You’ll find stuff for all budgets. A rug, for example, can cost around £20 per metre. Of course, you can always barter.

How much does it cost to go shopping in Marrakech?
There are plenty of things to spend your money on in Marrakech. (Source: franky1st)

If you want to visit European shops, you’ll find prices closer to that in the UK and no chance of bartering.

How Much Does a Week in Marrakech Cost?

The cost of a week in Marrakech will differ from one tourist to another. While some prefer to save money on accommodation, others prefer a luxury hotel. The average cost is £50 per day in Marrakech. Of course, this will vary on what you do and how much you pay for accommodation.

Similarly, the cost of your flights will vary depending on when you go. It’s a good idea to go in May, September, or October when the weather’s cooler in Marrakech.

A week in Marrakech will cost around £150 per person on a backpacker’s budget and around £300 for a couple. A typical tourist will spend between £600 and £700 for a week. If you’re expecting luxury, you can pay between £1,200 and £1,500 for a week.

You have the option of spending as much or as little as you want.

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