What do Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, and Usain Bolt have in common? 

They are all considered to be some of the greatest athletes in the world. But becoming one of the greats isn’t just due to excellent physical ability and determination. Other factors, such as nutrition and diet, also plays a part. Therefore, these pro-athletes need the best sports nutritionists in the game.

For those reaching peak physical performance, a solid training routine alone will not be enough. It should be paired with dietetic advice from an accredited sports nutritionist.

An athlete's body goes through strenuous physical activity during training sessions. This constant use of the body’s muscles causes energy to be used up a lot faster. For an athlete, their bodies become their tools and it is important to maintain that tool at its peak ability.

A qualified sports nutritionist will be able to take into account age, gender, level of fitness, and even your genetic background to breakdown your metabolism and allow you to unlock your full potential.

Nonetheless, even if you aren’t training for the Olympics but simply the next local half marathon, you might also benefit from dietetic advise from a registered sports nutritionist.

What is a Sports Nutritionist?

First and foremost, a sports nutritionist advises athletes on nutritional regimes that will allow for peak performance. They must understand the unique science of how nutrients and organic substances are used in the body while under constant stress.

A dietitian or nutritionist specialized in sports medicine works on creating a balanced diet for their client. They may also work closely with the coaches, exercise physiologist, and team managers.

Runners running a race on an athletics track
Sports nutritionist may work with whole teams to help incorporate the best each athlete (Jonathan on Unsplash).

Nutrition is of vital importance when it comes to athletes in strength sports and endurance sports, such as track and swimming.

A sports nutritionist is usually found working for colleges and athletic teams on a professional or Olympic level. There are also plenty of sports nutritionists that work at private centers or even at your gym. Like regular dieticians, sports nutritionists should be properly accredited through a state’s registration program in addition to having specialized in sports nutrition.

Sports Nutritionists in LA

In a city where there are so many ways to keep active, there are those Angelinos that have taken this activity to the next level. If you are a player on the LA Lakers or a swimmer on the USC Swim Team, there is a chance that you already have access to some of the best sport nutritionists in the state. But if you aren’t, it doesn't mean that you can’t also have access to the knowledge of nutrition from someone specializing in sports nutrition.

There are plenty of sports nutritionists in LA that aren’t occupied with a professional sports team and can be of service to you.


As a former Team Nutritionist for the LA Clippers of the NBA for over 7 years, Meg Mangano has an impressive knowledge on all things nutrition relating to pro athletes. In addition to working for The Clippers, she also served as a dietician for national soccer teams around the world and teams within each of the major sports. She understands that every athlete has different needs that make up their individual nutritional blueprint, which she then uses to fuse together a dynamic diet plan.

She has worked with professional athletes as well as regular gym goers that are looking for more effective ways of looking into their daily nutrition.

Meg uses a combination of individual nutrition counseling, supplements, functional nutrition, and her sports background to create a custom program and individual meal plan to help athletes reach their optimal performance level.

Nutritional Advice in Houston

In Houston, you’ll find multiple clinics and private practices that focus on diet consultations and are accredited by the American Dietetic Association. A couple of these centers also specialize in providing services for serious athletes.

It is important to note that sports nutritionists might have the same accreditations but they differ from one another in the amount of experience and practice they have had in their respected field.

When looking into a sports nutritionist, it is important to highlight that you are looking for someone that will be able to understand the effects that constant exercise has on your body and that it changes the way your body uses up the nutrients.

Marathon runners running on the road
Marathon runners need to think about their nutrition for optimal performance (Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash)

The Ironman Sports Medicine Institute

One clinic in Houston that specializes in sports nutrition is The Ironman Sports Medicine Institute. This institute focuses on sports medicine and provides a large range of services to athletes in the Houston area. One of these services is sports nutrition.

They offer a comprehensive suite of nutrition-based testing and counseling services. Their experts integrate nutrition strategies with comprehensive strength and conditioning programs developed by the coaches, therapists, and sports medicine physicians of The Institute.

Their services for athletes include:

  • Sport Nutrition Assessment and Consultation: This nutrition assessment determines an athlete's nutrition needs based on body type, sport, metabolic rate, and short- and long-term performance goals.
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Measurement: Measuring your resting metabolic rate tells you the number of calories your body burns when at rest. Additional calories are added to the RMR to determine total calories needed per day.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Body composition analysis uses hydrostatic weighing to measure the amount of fat versus lean tissue as a percentage of an athlete's total weight. Body mass and body composition in athletes vary by sport and position and can be improved through nutrition and exercise.

Sports Nutritionists in Chicago

Are you thinking of signing up for the next Chicago Marathon? Run Chicago by Bank of America takes place in the heart of Chi-Town each year.

A staggering 45,000 runners show up for this run on the first Saturday in October to run in one of the largest marathons in all of the US.

But these runners need to train for this big day, and more importantly, they need to eat right. An average is not enough if you are looking to complete a full marathon in six hours. Therefore, those who are seriously dedicating their time to this yearly event might look into a sports nutritionist to get the ball rolling.

Personal Nutrition Designs 

Monique Ryan is a sports nutritionist based in Chicago and working at Personal Nutrition Designs. Apart from providing comprehensive services to anyone looking for a guide to better nutrition, Monique specializes in sports nutrition services such as Ironman Nutrition training Programs and marathon nutrition programs. 

She is also the author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes and three other sports nutrition books.

Her practice provides the following services:

  • Personalized Sports Nutrition Programs for Athletes
  • Food Sensitivity Testing for Inflammation and GI Disorders
  • Micronutrient Testing for Optimal Health and Performance
  • Sports Nutrition E Programs
  • Sports Nutrition Seminars for groups, organizations, and clubs

Over the years she has developed nutrition programs for amateur, elite, professional, and Olympic athletes competing in a variety of sports at the local, high school, collegiate, national, and international level.

Woman training at a gym
Having a nutritionist who is also a personal trainer can give you the best of both worlds. (Photo by Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing on Unsplash)

Philadelphia Sports Nutritionists

Philly is home to a unique private practice dedicated to helping turn any Philadelphian resident into a marathon runner. This clinic is called Philadelphia Runner.

They have created different programs to help any person with aspirations of marathon running to be part of the Broad Street Run, Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon.

At Philadelphia Runner they believe that sports nutrition plays an important role in our health, as food is directly responsible for providing energy, metabolism, growth, development, repairing, and rebuilding and more!

Sports Nutritionists in New York

By definition, sports nutrition is “the study and practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance.” The key words being athletic performance. The performance of each athletes body should be taken into high consideration when designing a proper diet that will work for him/her.

Mary Jane Detroyer is a nutritionist and personal trainer based in NYC. She understands the importance of a well-rounded diet as a crucial part of a winning athlete.

Apart from food and nutrition services, Mary Jane also provides her patients with personal training. As a personal trainer herself, she understands how crucial it is to have someone to keep you motivated and at the same time knowing how far to push. Her clinic also provides corporate wellness programs.

Seeking advice from a professional about the best diet for an active lifestyle can help improve your endurance in your chosen sport.

With hundreds of nutritionists and fitness specialist based in cities across the US, you will be guaranteed to find someone to help you near you.

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