"Practice what you can't play. If you sound good while practicing you're not getting any better.” - Jojo Mayer

Have you ever considered learning how to play a musical instrument?

Nowadays, a good number of musicians are learning how to play the drums.

So what’s available online?

Who are the best teachers?

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best online drum classes, useful online resources for drummers, and interesting websites, blogs, and podcasts for aspiring drummers.

What Is An Online Private Drum Tutorial?

A private drum tutorial is a great opportunity to learn skills and techniques that are specific to the drums. The tutorials are generally one of three levels:

  • Beginners: learning the basic music theory of drumming
  • Intermediate: you’ll learn to work with tools such as a metronome
  • Advanced: you’ll learn to play different styles of music
How can kids learn to play the drums?
Even young kids can learn how to play the drums thanks to private tutorials. (Source: Efraimstochter)

There are many different reasons people learn to play the drums and that means that their drum lessons near me will be different. You should know that the drums are among some of the most important musical instruments as they are the backbone of the rhythm section. Without drummers, a lot of music would have no rhythm.

Your reasons for learning to play the drums may be:

  • Personal: you’re a drummer at heart and you want to learn how to play just for fun or for your own enjoyment.
  • Semi-professional: you’d like to join a band or work with professionals
  • Professional: you want drumming to be your job and you’re looking to get into professional music schools.

The drummer André Ceccarelli said: “Practising in your basement is one thing but getting to the point where you forget that you’re playing the drums and you find yourself in harmony with another world, that’s the coup de grâce...”

Feel like giving it a go?

Once you get going, you’ll soon find this passion, zeal, and grace.

So how can you learn to play the drums at any moment?

There are plenty of websites, drum learning apps on smartphone, blogs, and other online resources to help you.

Drumming Lessons from Online Music Schools

Drumming lessons at home can be tricky because you might have to wait for your drum tutor to arrive.

What’s the best solution?

Online lessons!

With online, you don’t need to find a home studio or find one-on-one lessons in a music school, you can have them when you want from anywhere with an internet connection.

Where can you learn to play the drums online?
You can learn a lot online. (Source: Free-Photos)

Online music lessons have been becoming more popular in recent years. To start learning how to play the drums (regardless of your preferred music style), you just have to get in touch with an online music school. There are many different plans available from jazz drumming to rock drumming so everyone will find something that works for them.

You should be aware of the difference between free drum music schools and music schools with fees. This will depend on:

  • The type of class.
  • Additional classes: bass lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, etc.
  • The frequency of the classes.

There are several advantages to online lessons:

  • There are different online lessons from drumming tutors which you can choose from.
  • They’re flexible and can work around your schedule.
  • You can learn almost anywhere in the world (even if you’re on holiday on the other side of the planet!).

How much do private drum tutorials at a school cost?

They usually start at somewhere around £20 per hour but there are subscriptions and plans available depending on how many lessons you want and the kind of payment frequency you opt for.

Thus, some schools are more effective than others:

  • iMusic School. There are hours and hours of drum lessons available and over a thousand videos.
  • Drumeo. This resource is thought to be one of the best for learning how to play the drums.
  • Drum Channel. This is a great blend of entertaining and educational resources.
  • While more so for learning guitar, My Music Teacher is useful for finding passionate music teachers.

If you’re not convinced by online music schools, which you often have to pay for, there are also sites you can visit to study music.

Don't forget that you can also get online drum lessons and video tutorials!

The Sites for Private Percussion Lessons

Schools aren’t the only way to get a drum lesson. While they often have a blog (which will be educational) and a way to get in touch with tutors, there are also other ways to learn how to play the drums. For example, you could:

  • Watch video tutorials on sites like YouTube.
  • Find lessons on websites dedicated to drumming.
  • Consult professional drummers’ websites for advice.

Take exceptional drum lessons here.

Where can you find drum teachers and tutors?
Your tutor doesn't need to be in a band to teach you how to drum! (Source: facundowin)

The best thing about the videos on YouTube is that you can watch them anywhere at any time, especially if you have a smartphone. There are also useful video tutorials teaching children how to play the drums. Some of the best channels include:

  • Mike Johnston’s Drum Lab
  • BoomBoomTV With Jen Lowe
  • Alex Ribchester’s Fun Free Drum Lessons
  • Stephen Taylor

In terms of drumming websites, you’ll find some that are free and others that you’ll have to pay for:

With most of these sites and channels, you can get in touch with drummers offering lessons. Each lesson usually focuses on a specific aspect of learning how to play the drums.

I love that YouTube channels and drum websites are “online private tutorials” where you feel like you’re the only student in class (even though you’re watching the same video as everyone else). You can also go back over something you haven’t understood whenever you need to. It’s ideal when it comes to learning music!

Getting Online Private Tutorials with a Drum Tutor

When we talk about private tutorials, the first thing we think of is private tutors; trained musicians (ideally) who are experts in a number of different musical styles and familiar with various aspects of drumming. There are a number of different ways to do online private tutorials:

  • Pre-recorded video tutorials
  • Via instant messaging
  • Webcam lessons
How much do private drum tutors cost?
If you want to become a drummer, check out the tutors on Superprof! (Source: MatanVizel)

On Superprof, our tutors are used to teaching people from all over the country and can meet you virtually several hours a week, if needed. Many of them are also skilled instrumentalists and can teach other instruments such as the cello, piano, guitar, etc.

How much does this cost?

An online drum tutorial can cost anywhere from £15 to £50 per hour depending on the type of tuition, the tutor’s experience and qualifications, and how long the lesson lasts.

What types of private drum tutorials are there?

There are lessons to help you learn more about music. For example:

  • Music theory for drummers
  • Lessons on different musical styles, from funk to hard rock.
  • Introductions to music and music theory in general.
  • Lessons on famous drummers and their styles.
  • Taster sessions and beginner drum lessons to get you started and to work out what kind of lessons you’ll need.
  • Lessons for different levels and ages.

Whether you’re looking for fun lessons or serious lessons, you should get in touch with the tutor first.

So are you ready to learn about playing the drums with professionals?

You should also find out more about drumming blogs and different drum beats!

Extra Information on Drum Tutorials

Where can you get drums?

If you’re going to learn how to play the drums online, you’ll need the instrument itself:

  • A drum kit with a bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat and cymbals.
  • Accessories like drumsticks, a metronome, and practice pads.

You’ll either need to visit a brick and mortar or online music store. You can get a drum set starting at around £200. Of course, when you first start learning to play, you won't need to by an extensive kit with a variety of cymbals and toms. The advantage of the drums is that you can buy every part separately so you could always just buy a bass drum, hi-hat, and snare drum to get you started with a basic beat.

Once you've got the hang of some simple rock beats, you can get yourself a crash cymbal and a couple of tom-toms as you start adding fills and licks to your music. Your drum kit can grow at the same rate as your own drumming abilities.

Finally, as you get better and look for better components for your kit, you can always sell parts of your kit onto other aspiring drummers!

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