Among ancient artistic fields, painting is the oldest. Many past civilizations have used drawings on cave walls to leave behind records of their history by means of painting.

You’d be surprised to know that recently discovered prehistoric paintings date back to as far as 31,000 plus years. Painting has stayed with us for our entire history and it’s not going anywhere.

Even today, it is one of the most in-demand fields. Whether you’re an art enthusiast intending to learn how to paint or you’re an expert who knows their way around a brush or you’re a legend painting one masterpiece after another to exhibit and sell, painting is an integral part of your life.

Here is some food for thought…

Wouldn’t you like to be remembered for centuries to come, with your names and paintings on display in museums and on monuments?

Do you remember the awesome four in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Did you know that apart from their weapon-holding and maneuvering skills, they were famous for something else?

It was their names!

All four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were named after four well-renowned artists from the Italian Renaissance — Leonardo Da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.

These artists have been famous for the past few centuries, and it won't be surprising if they stay relevant for millenniums to come.

Painting may be your hobby or you may have God-given natural talent as a painter but painting lessons in the States, in LA or elsewhere can help you paint like a legend and produce paintings you can exhibit and sell.

Not to mention, painting has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

However, make sure to learn how to paint from a credible painting teacher and not just anyone you see holding a brush. Search for painting classes near me or oil painting classes near me on Google to find painting classes in your vicinity but do assess their credibility by checking their reviews and ratings.

A variety of paintbrushes in a holder
Paintbrushes come in different shapes and sizes designed to fit the specific needs of painters. You will use many of these brushes when you learn how to paint. Source: Pixabay

Mastering the art of painting is fulfilling in more than one way.

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can reap if you learn to paint.

1.      It Gives You Creative Growth

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. As we grow up, we begin depending on one more than the other until finally we pick a side and stick to it. If you use your right hemisphere, painting comes naturally to you!

On the other hand, the rest of us left-brainers are known to be more analytical, but with patience, focus, and practice, we too can be great artists.

The most intriguing part is that while painting, both hemispheres work simultaneously.

With painting classes, you can polish your skills and enhance your creativity.

2.      It Strengthens Your Memory

The right side of your brain gets your creative juices flowing, whereas the left side brings logic to the table. That said, it is unanimously agreed upon by experts that painting is an excellent choice for brain development.

Painting sharpens your mind and it develops recollection skills. Before you begin painting, you envision what the final piece should look like and do your best to paint closest to your imagination.

This is why people who paint, draw, or write, are least likely to get Alzheimer's and lose their memory.

In painting classes, when you repeatedly follow a pattern designed to produce stunning paintings, your brain develops patterns to retain memory and you can apply this process in all areas of your life.

3.      It Gives You An Outlet to Express Your Feelings

Painting is a perfect outlet to depict emotions and feelings, without uttering a single word, making it a viable option to express feelings for people who lack confidence or are too shy to speak their minds.

Spectators can then pick up on what the artist wants to say; and what emotion is delivered by the artwork — happiness, sadness, anger, and so on. In some ways, you can see the heart of the artist in their paintings.

4.      It Develops Rational Thinking And Motor Skills

Painting lessons in the States, whether in New York or elsewhere not only increase your creativity they also give a boost to your ability to think critically.

An artist may come up with various ways to deliver what was envisioned. However, when the actual artwork begins, adjustments are made, owing to unforeseen circumstances and limitations of colors and textures.

The painter's vision advances while handling the bush, making them better problem-solvers and strengthening their creative side as well.

A tight grip on the brush and on-point firm brush strokes improve your motor skills.

This's why many artists do not lose their gripping and handling skills as they get older. Their brain gets used to the newly improved motor skills they possess.

5.      It Has Therapeutic Benefits

Stress is part of our daily lives. As children, we face it because we have homework, we’re bullied, or we live in troubled or underprivileged families. As adults, the stress goes up a few notches because now we have responsibilities at work and commitments to fulfill. As we get old, we stress about depending on our children to survive.

It goes without saying that for healthy living; we need an outlet to vent out and release all the bottled-up stress we experience in every stage of life; to avoid potential mental illnesses.

Art is a known source to deal with your emotions and handle anxiety. When fully immersed in curating the image in front of them or from what they imagined, the painter gets lost in a zone and forgets about all their burdens, emotions, and stress-ridden situations.

As an added advantage, when your stress levels are in check, you develop an optimistic approach towards life and start making better choices, leading to improved mental health and living conditions.

The emotional bliss painters experience is undeniable. People pour out their heart and soul while painting – they might be holding their emotions while communicating owing to social construct – but they can’t hold back when brushing away. 

No wonder many therapists recommend painting or coloring as a road to recovery, especially to people with PTSD, as they can express their feelings in vibrant colors.

Plus, it helps people figure out their true self and their triggers — what gets them engaged, happy, sad, or heightens their emotions in any way.

6.      It Improves Your Attitude

Obviously, if you are Googling for painting lessons near me in Chicago or anywhere else in America; you are looking to learn from scratch or further polish your skills.

Bravo! You are heading in the right direction, but make sure you hire a credible painting teacher, so you are taught adequately.

As soon as you begin learning to practice and perfect your craft, you will feel better and lead your life with a positive approach.

Your self-esteem and drive will improve. You will stay away from negative emotions that were holding you back. But the learning curve does not stop there; there is always something more you can master, so keep at it.

The more you achieve, the happier you get, and you will become more fun to be around.

Why Children Should Enroll In Painting Classes

Many schools put aside a sizeable budget for arts and crafts. You can observe any educational institution in Boston or other cities across our great nation.

We have touched on a few of the therapeutic benefits above for people of all ages now let's see the benefits our young ones can have. Children can use painting as:

  • A gateway to express what they feel, without saying a word as many children tend to be shy
  • A fun-filled educational opportunity
  • A tool to improve the hand-to-vision ratio. This improves a vital skill: hand-eye coordination
  • A way to improve motor skills
  • A way to improve focus and pay more attention to detail
  • An activity for parents and children that allows them to bond over a pleasant activity
  • A way to improve decision-making
  • A therapeutic activity
  • An activity that enhances creativity.
  • An activity that helps in differentiating between shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and patterns
  • An activity that helps them in performing better at the arts and craft class at school

And so on!

Things spread around on an arts and crafts table
Different paints are mixed to create new colors. There are many supplies one can use in painting classes to deliver a good painting. Source: Pixabay

Lucrative Benefits Of Opting For Painting Lessons Near Me

Some people are naturally talented, whereas others learn and grow by taking painting classes. If taught by a credible painting teacher, the sky is the limit on the many earning opportunities you can tap into as a professional painter. You can take online classes to teach painting as well. For instance, if you live in Philadelphia, you can still take classes worldwide via the internet.

In the beginning, you may be earning from small gigs here and there, unless you create a masterpiece like none other. But with time, the take-home income would be beyond your wildest dreams.

That said, here are a few of the many ways you can earn as an artist:

  • Selling original pieces online and offline
  • Selling prints of a few of your greatest works
  • Getting registered on stock photo websites, so people pay you for using your paintings as their own
  • Becoming a painting teacher and providing individual or group classes
  • Creating online tutorials, personal blogs, and videos — and earning from AdSense
  • Creating and selling eBooks based on paintings; so others can learn from your experience
  • Working for other people's blogs and magazines
  • Selling your art on third-party marketplaces
  • Selling your art in galleries
  • Carrying out exhibitions so that people can view and buy your paintings
  • Becoming a consultant, etc.
A man admiring different paintings in an Art exhibition
Many art students usually visit galleries or museums to observe and take notes on artists, their painting styles and works of art. You too can have your paintings featured like this in a gallery once you become a painter. Source: Pixabay

Why Take Private Painting Classes

If you have made the wise call of taking painting lessons in the States or you have enrolled your children in one—it would be best to find a painting teacher who gives you personal sessions, rather than grouped.

During formal classes, you will learn all concepts at a pace that you can manage. All material is customized as per your needs. In individual sessions, all queries, concerns, and doubts are cleared on the spot, plus all creative criticism is given in real-time, so students know where improvement is needed the most.

You can opt for private sessions by either calling your tutor to your place or going to the teacher's place or attending a virtual class with the help of a webcam.

For instance, you may be living in Houston, and your teacher lives in another city. In this case, you can have a class as long as both parties can easily see what's being done on the other side.

Painting Classes Near Me In The States

Hopefully, now you know why taking painting lessons in the States from a good painting teacher makes sense.

Superprof can help in finding a good teacher and that too in your area. Simply visit our website and enter the subject and your location in the text field.

Within seconds our software will reach out to the painting teachers available in the selected location, and you will be happy to know that most of our teachers come with a 5-star rating. If you join us now, we will make the first session free of all charges for you.

For more on this, get in touch with us today!

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