There is certainly no right answer when it comes to how much a biology tutor should cost.

The price is usually dictated per hour and there are a number of factors which can influence the overall price of a biology tutor in the USA, these can include:

Experience Level

The overall experience of the tutor can largely affect the overall price. Naturally, the more experienced the tutor, the higher you would expect the hourly rate to be.

If you are looking to pay the minimal amount for a tutor, a good idea is to approach undergrad/postgraduate students that are looking to earn an extra buck by parting with their knowledge!

You will get students that have a stronger level of knowledge within particular study areas and utilizing this can help to support you in your own personal studies!

Although they may well be educated in such areas, they may not necessarily have the fundamental skills to make the tutoring lessons engaging and memorable; so, this is the chance you take when hiring an inexperienced tutor (the lack of actual tutoring experience).

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Experience level can often reflect a tutor's overall knowledge within the study of biology. (Source: Visual hunt)

Online/Face-to-Face Tutoring

As discussed in how to find a biology tutor, online and face-to-face tutoring can have a direct effect on the overall price of hiring the right tutor for you.

Finding a competitive tutor who can conduct lessons online is often easier than finding a tutor who is willing to conduct cheaper lessons face-to-face.

This is because the process of online tutoring prevents both tutor and student from having to commute which saves money on travel costs.

It also means that the tutor can conduct additional tutoring sessions instead of spending time traveling! The time saved can also be used to complete longer tutoring sessions.

Online tutoring has become increasingly popular over the years, this is also down to the fact that students can have an online biology tutor from any part of the world and are therefore not restricted to options within their locality.

Time of Year

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Finding a tutor at the start of the academic year helps to inspire positive studying habits. (Source: Visual hunt)

The time of year you wish for lessons to be conducted can affect the overall price but also the availability of the tutor.

Of course, it is much harder to find a biology tutor when examination periods loom around the corner.

This is simply down to the fact that there will be hundreds of students in the same situation and it is likely that a majority of them will be seeking additional help to prepare them for their exams.

What is most advisable is to begin your search for a biology tutor well before the end of the year.

This alone doesn't increase your chances of beating the rest of the crowd to the best tutors out there, but it also allows the student to get into good studying habits at the start of the academic year.

Students have often been known to save things to the last minute so don't be that person!

Busy examination periods can cause great anxiety and pressure on students so one way to relieve this is by being prepared. Finding a tutor well beforehand will allow a sense of calmness for preparations for exams that have been completed in a good time.

Paying in Bulk or Opting to Pay Per Lesson

A number of tutors offer different ways to pay for their services.

The more conventionalist approach is paying after each lesson is completed. This means that the hourly rate will usually remain the same; there can however be ways around this.

A number of biology tutors offer the chance to pay in bulk. They incentivize this because it is often better for the tutor to receive the funds all at once, and in doing so, deals can be made to benefit the student!

Tutors will generally offer a free lesson or alternatively, they will reduce their hourly rate if, for example, ten lessons are bought at one time.

Another benefit associated with paying all at once is that it allows the chance for regularity and consistency within your tutoring sessions.

If you organize your lessons so that they take place at the exact same time and date every week, you will be sure that personal and professional responsibilities will not get in the way of this set time.

If you are always having to make excuses to reschedule your tutoring sessions, then you are more likely to lose this consistency resulting in sporadic learning sessions which then reduce the effectiveness of the learning process.

Preference - Specialization

Apologies in advance to postgraduates/P.h.D. students but tutoring sessions do tend to cost a little more when you are at this stage of your education.

The simple reason? Well, not everyone embarks upon continuing education after their undergraduate program and postgraduate programs require the student to study a particular area of biology in greater depth.

Because of this, there are naturally fewer people with such levels of knowledge in particular areas of academics and it, therefore, makes the market of tutors more competitive.

So, whether it is life sciences or molecular biology, a rigorous search must be conducted to find likely candidates who have both extensive knowledge and experience within this area.

Let's Talk Prices

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As a student, you must firstly identify the maximum you are willing to spend on a tutor. (Source: Visual hunt)

There are a number of great reasons to take Biology lessons and tutoring sessions, and a quick search online will present a number of options to choose from!

Using the search option on the Superprof website will present over forty options of biology tutors and we have used Chicago as an exemplar location.

You will see that there is quite an extensive range of prices and the student must distinguish a tutor's background and experience level to establish if it would be the right fit in alignment with their preferences.

From as little as $15 per hour, you are able to hire a P.h.D. student offering help in biology, chemistry, and pharmacology within the Chicago area.

Most of the tutors on the website also conduct their first lesson for free to help the student identify if it is the correct fit!

If you continue to look at the various options, you will soon be able to see a range of differing prices from tutors with contrasting educational experiences.

From high school science teachers to P.h.D. students, from lecturers to biologists currently working in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a huge range of options to choose from.

The more experience the person has of tutoring, the higher the price tends to be. Also, tutors with more reviews from people who have used their services on the website have a tendency to increase their rates - this is, of course, dependant on the quality of the feedback (rating out of five stars).

Some tutors do offer a more excessive hourly rate of $60 but their online reviews and educational experiences are impressive. Check out this testimonial from a tutor on Superprof that has received optimum reviews on her profile:

After receiving my help, all my former students received either an "A" in the subject they were struggling with or boosted their grade by at least 2 grade levels. I have also helped students earn admission to the colleges of their choice by assisting with admissions essays.

As you can see, not alone does this tutor offer her services to assist students preparing for exams, but she also imparts her knowledge and academic experience to support students with essays and coursework.

The various options as well as effective reviews of previous students that have accessed her tutoring service seems to justify the price!

Find below a testimonial of a student who had recently used this tutor's services:

Natalie is an excellent tutor for Math and English. She is patient, understanding, explains things well, and ensures you are prepared and confident for exams. I would highly recommend her!

Before making your choice, it is also important to consider that most of the tutors offer their first lesson for free. This helps the student to establish if the hourly rate accurately reflects the service which is being provided by the tutor!

The more tutors you trial the higher the chance you have of finding the perfect tutor so both resilience and patience are required if you want to find a tutor most suited to your needs.


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