“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”


In case you missed it, as I almost did the first time I saw his name, Pilates the fitness routine is named after its founder Joseph Pilates. Joseph had studied and worked in fitness and wellness, before creating the Pilates method around the time of the First World War.

He dedicated his life to learning about health, wellness, fitness and inner awareness and has left a lasting legacy for anyone interested in fitness and health. The long list of benefits that can be gained is why it remains accessible to this day.

Whether you are a Pilates beginner or a Pilates veteran, you will want to read this list to find out all about the fantastic benefits of waiting to unfold for you in your practice.

The Mega List Of Pilates Benefits
Pilates Is Suitable For Each And Everybody. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Mega List Of Pilates Benefits

  1. Pilates Is Suitable For Each And Everybody.

What do an 85-year-old grandma, a professional gymnast, a 5-year-old child, an overweight CEO of a company, a skinny model, and you (yes you reading this article) – All have in common? All of you are perfect to practice Pilates and gain the maximum benefits. Pilates workouts are not fussy about who shares its benefits. Whoever you are if you are willing to put in the work then Pilates will work for you. It is the workout that allows everyone to realise that they can do it.

  1. Pilates Is A Kind Of Resistance Training That Offers A Complete Work Out.

Whatever targets you have for your body Pilates will go to work on them straight away. But unlike some forms of exercise where you can exercise just one area of your body for maximum impact. Pilates goes to work on all of you, you will reap the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Pilates works to rebalance your mind, body and spirit to allow you to live a life of better health.

  1. Pilates Doesn’t Create Bulky Muscles

Let’s face it, many of us want to exercise but avoid it due to being worried about getting that bulky bodybuilder look. Pilates works hard to keep us healthy and lean, without adding any of the bulk. This point is essential for lots of women, dancers, gymnasts and people who generally prefer long, lean limbs.

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Pilates goes to work on all of you.
Pilates Is A Kind Of Resistance Training That Offers A Complete Work Out. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Pilates Focuses On Increasing Your Core Strength.

Having a strong core is one of the key outcomes of practising Pilates. It is also the primary focus within many Pilates fitness classes because when you have a strong core you are able to release tension from your other muscles, have a better range of movement, create spinal alignment and tone up the area which can eventually give us a flatter stomach and slimmer waistline. Pilates uses the core area which is often called the powerhouse, as a centring starting point for all exercises.

  1. Pilates Will Increase Your Flexibility.

Not only does Pilates work at increasing flexibility it will also protect you from over developing or over stimulating your muscles, which tends to hinder flexibility. With increased flexibility, you will be able to elongate your muscles and improve your exercise technique. In the long run, you will notice decreased aches, injuries and stiffness in your body.

  1. Pilates Will Improve Your Posture.

Good Posture is central to the Pilates philosophy, which focuses on creating a strong core. One of the primary effects of strengthening your core is that it can help with building strength, healthy spinal alignment and better posture.

  1. Pilates Will Increase Your Energy.

There is no denying that when you exercise that you open up an unlimited supply of energy. The more you exercise, the more blood and oxygen that gets pumped around the body. This increases your cardiovascular health and fitness and improves energy levels within the body. Add the action of proper breathing to your practices, and you will feel remarkably energised.

  1. Pilates Creates A Lean Body And Can Promote Weight Loss.

When practised regularly Pilates is very beneficial at fat burning, improving your circulation and increasing your metabolism. You will benefit from the inside out, improve muscle tone, burn calories and trim your waistline all at the same time. Pilates is an optimal way to safely burn fat, sculpt your body and lose weight in a healthy and balanced way. The result of your total body workout after some dedication will be a toned, strengthened, lean body.

Pilates Doesn’t Create Bulky Muscles.
Pilates works hard to keep us healthy and lean, without adding any of the bulk. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Pilates Is Incredibly Adaptable For Every Body At Any Level

In a Pilates class you can find the old and the young, the stiff and the flexible, males and females, even pregnant women, obese individuals and people with extensive injuries. This is because Pilates offers a full body work out that can be tweaked to suit each individual personally. Also, a great bonus is that however you would like to study Pilates, there will be a different way available to you including private classes, group classes, online training, workshops, Pilates holidays, Pilates DVDs, private study, and teacher training.

  1. Pilates Encourages An Awareness Of Body And Mind.

Pilates is a full body workout focused on posture, breathing and building a strong core. The range of motion is always mindfully controlled and done with awareness and concentration. Alignment is purposeful and filled with energy, It is this focus, and knowledge that reveals Pilates as an efficiently strong exercise program to encourage body awareness and balance the connection between your body and mind.

  1. Pilates Can Support Problems With Lower Back Pain.

Pilates is good at helping to alleviate aches and pains in the body when doing Pilates you may find that initially, the pain does not subside. But over time and with dedicated practice you will see that your back pain or other ailments subside and no longer return. Pilates encourages strong and flexible joints, alignment in the spine and core, and conscious breathing. When these things work together to condition your whole body stress is lowered, muscles are relaxed, and your body becomes balanced. Pain cannot live under the conditions that Pilates creates in your body. So if you have pain within your body, no matter what age you are and no matter your level of fitness. You can adopt Pilates into your lifestyle to free your body from pain permanently.

  1. Pilates Workouts Are One Of The Best Ways To Reduce Stress.

If you suffer from stress you will know that you will be plagued with low energy, headaches, have a negative worldview and be susceptible to every passing cold. If stress is allowed to escalate, you may find that you begin to suffer from more serious stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. When practised regularly Pilates can give you back power over your life. You can reap the rewards of this from as early as your first class. Pilates can help you to experience a feeling of freedom and disconnection with anything that creates stress in your life. And a stronger connection to yourself and the things that create joy in your life.

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  1. Pilates Classes Create Balance And Coordination.

When practising Pilates with mental clarity, proper breathing techniques and correct placement of your body. You will find within your flowing movements that you find a place of improved posture, improved balance and improved flexibility. If you are not the most body aware person, who has an awkward range of motion. You will be thankful for a body-mind connection that Pilates is well known for creating. After practising a mindful regimen, you will find a better balance and coordination are automatically incorporated into your life.

Wow well, that was the mega list; it really is mega isn’t it? Not just mega long but also mega cool. To see just how many benefits you can reap from your Pilates practice. If you are not signing up for your next Pilates class right now, after all of those mega benefits you probably never will.

You don’t have to have the grace of a dancer to practice Pilates. Although it was in fact dancers who first adopted Pilates when it was invented 100 years ago. Now Pilates is one of the primary forms of resistance training in the world available and accessible for everyone.

With all of the stress, emotional and physical imbalances that people are suffering with daily. Pilates has come to the rescue as one of the leading fitness regimens, and it is continuing to gain more and more popularity annually.

Remember practising Pilates is like having your own personal physiotherapist, Zen master and personal trainer with you at all times. No matter what your fitness goals are: muscular strength, increased flexibility, weight loss, mindfulness, improved posture. Pilates connects your body and mind to support you to reach them.

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