Personal and academic success seems to be an ever more important indicator of financial success and great mental health. While this idea is being contested by mounting student debt and increasing rates of depression amongst young people in the United States, the global market for tutoring remains at an all-time high. To be precise, the global market to assist students and individuals through tutoring is set to generate about 177 million dollars by 2026. Whether you’re looking to be tutored in order to accomplish a personal ambition or simply need some extra help on your course work, finding a tutor can often be a solution to your academic and individual worries. From whether your tutor has an education certification to what kinds of subjects they teach, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind while looking for a private tutor in Chicago.

Free, no appointment necessary tutoring in Chicago
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Find the Best Tutors Through Goal Setting

While it may sound odd, goal setting can be an important and effective first step on your journey towards academic success. Not only is setting a goal a great scheduler, as it allows you to draft up a time frame for completing your initiatives – it will also act as a great litmus test for whether or not your tutor is helping you meet your goals. Some examples of specific goals you can set are:

  • Complete three trigonometry homework assignments with a perfect score;
  • Score ten points more on your next exam;
  • Understand the basics of portrait painting by the end of the month.

Whether you’re setting a goal to improve your academic performance or simply want extra guidance to complete your personal goals, this step can be made easier by determining what subject area you’d like your tutor to be experienced in. Interested in learning more about setting goals for tutoring? Check out this LA tutoring guide for some more advice!

Finding Tutor by Subject

With an estimated population of around 2.7 million residents in the city proper alone, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Needless to say, finding the right tutor for you can often be an overwhelming experience. One of the easiest ways to narrow the field is by setting your goals for a tutoring experience by the particular subject you’d like to improve in. Here are some of the most popular types of tutoring subjects in Chicago, with examples of the types of targets you can set and where you’re most likely to find the tutors to help you accomplish great things. Step out of your comfort zone and learn more about tutoring options in cities like Philadelphia or Los Angeles.

Math and Science Tutoring

From the infamous Everyday Math program to low teachers wages – Chicago has struggled in providing both students and teachers with an adequate learning environment. While this movement echoes the narrative of many US cities, finding a tutor to help at any level of school math can often be the solution for achieving success in the classroom. Some of the academic skills you can look for in a math tutor are:

  • General science and math tutoring for elementary school: fractions, long division, word problems;
  • Middle school math courses: algebra, earth science, biology;
  • Upper level, college level or high school math: a calculus, AP calculus, AP physics, organic chemistry or chemistry tutor.

Any goals you set for a math-related tutoring experience should involve increasing your math skills in a particular subject area. Varsity Tutors offer everything from elementary to university level math tutors and can be a great resource if your particular school doesn’t have a teacher and peer-led math lab.

Writing Tutors

A writing tutor is someone who can help you or your child with short writing assignments, writing skills in a particular subject, or help with crafting research papers. Setting goals in this area can involve something like having your tutor help you draft a list of references for a paper. Many of the major Universities in Chicago have writing centers at your disposal.

Foreign Language

Whether you’re looking for an English tutor or a French tutor, wanting to develop your reading and writing skills in a foreign language can involve goals like reading and completing a novel in a foreign language or improving your oral comprehension through conversation practice. Many popular world languages have their own language schools in Chicago. For example, the Goethe-Institut Chicago is geared towards learning German. New York City tutoring can also give you great results in you're looking to learn a new language, writing and more!

Chicago help for different academic departments
Practicing with a school tutor a couple of hours a week can make a huge difference (Photo credit: Angelina Litvin via Unplash)

What Price You Can Expect to Pay for Tutoring Services

Whether you’re searching for free tutoring or have an unlimited budget, Chicago has options for every different type of price range. One of the reasons why tutors vary so much in the prices they offer is because of their different levels of experience or qualification. Here are some of the different competencies you’re likely to find as well as the price you can expect to pay for each.

Test preparation

Test prep is one of the most common types of tutoring you can find, where the two main test-taking courses are for the SAT and ACT. Whether it is for the SAT, ACT or other standardized exams, the prices for these lessons will depend on how long you’ll want to participate in them. For example, SAT prep at the Manhattan Review will cost $1,590 for a once a week, month and a half course. SAT and ACT prep can also be done for much cheaper by buying a new or used guide book. These can be found from around 20 to 60 dollars.

Academic Support for a Grade Student or at the College Level

Whether you need to boost your study skills or need help in time management, tutors can be found for all grade levels at varying prices. While something like a community or school writing center will often offer courses for cheap or for free from volunteers, a tutoring center like Varsity Tutors will offer help in writing for between 70 to 90 dollars an hour. If you’re on a tight budget, check out your local library for after-school tutoring programs.

Supplemental Instruction

Take Lessons is a great online resource to find everything from painting to photography lessons and tutors. Photography lessons, for example, can cost everything from $100 per 30 minutes to $30 per hour. If you’d like to learn for free, check out online resources like webinars or for skill exchanges with locals. Houston tutors and private trainers can also help you master new life skills. Take a look at what they have to offer!

What Qualities to Look For in Tutors and Tutoring Programs

Whether your goal is student success, finding education support services like disability services, or simply want individualized training in a particular field, there are a couple of different tutoring characteristics to keep in mind on your quest to find the perfect tutor. Here are some of the qualities that can help you determine what type of tutoring experience will be right for you.

Different Types of Private Tutoring Experiences

Some of the key elements to evaluate when looking for a tutor will be whether you’ll have to book them by appointment if they’ve undergone a background check, or what kind of personalized or office hours they have. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different tutors you’re likely to encounter.

Study Groups

For student learners, study groups can often be the best choice out of all academic resources. Not only will these kinds of peer-based student services offer an experience geared towards a particular project or subject, but it most often free. If you go for this option, one thing to be wary of is that because study groups have no appointment or qualification structure, the quality of the experience often varies based on the kind of people involved.

Online Tutoring

Finding a tutor online can often be the solution with adults with tight schedules or for parents who cannot drive their children to and from a tutoring center. Often, getting an online tutor involves getting an appointment with specific tutors and it can often be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the relationship until multiple sessions.

Improve your personal and language skills
Chicago tutors are available for assistance everything from language to yoga (Photo credit: Pedro Lastra via Unplash)

Institution or Home Tutoring

Whether you hire a tutor from a resource center for tutoring at a particular institution or for at home lessons, this type of tutoring often offers the best of one-on-one tutoring. The price for this type of tutoring can be higher than the other options. Whether you’re looking into tutoring centers or community services around Chicago, improving academic skills or attaining achievement in personal goals doesn’t have to be difficult. Many organizations try to make the process as transparent as possible. For example, with a community of over 450 tutors in the Chicago area, Superprof details qualities like average hourly price, certifications and client reviews. Learn more about the state of tutoring throughout the US with this guide!

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