Houston, with a population of about 2 million, ranked third in the United States for population growth just last year. Adding about 250 residents a day, Houston’s metro population is projected to reach 7 million by the end of 2020.

Houston is infamous for its many contributions towards science and space – in fact, Houston was one of the first words to ever be spoken from the moon. These accomplishments, however, have had a tough time translating over to the city’s school system.

Over the years, the city has become one of many in the US up against the national education system’s budget and safety issues that were the central topic of this month’s NEA Democratic candidate forum.

Regardless of where you stand in the broader debate over the state of education in the country, academic success continues to be a vital tool in the search for financial stability and personal progress. Each year, hundreds of Americans choose to find individualized tutoring that can facilitate the journey either towards academic or private achievement.

Whether you’re looking to increase your academic skills, enhance your academic performance or want to become a master in a new hobby, finding the right tutoring services can be overwhelming in a city of millions. Here are some tips on how to find the right tutor for you by subject, price and teaching methods.

A tutor can offer assistance in rock climbing
Move beyond the student handbook and start learning new skills through private tutoring! (Photo credit: Rachel via Unplash)

What Qualities do the Best Tutors Have?

Whatever your goal is, whether you’re looking for a tutor that can assist students with heavy course materials or simply need to find language tutoring centers, there are a couple of qualities you should keep in mind when on the hunt for a great tutor.

Before you start your search, make sure to outline your objectives for your tutoring experience. Being tutored, despite what many students picture, is a two-way street. In other words, you will only get as much as you yourself put in – the reason why it’s important to outline how you’d like to reach personal or student success.

Doing this will also help you keep track of whether or not your tutor is helping you meet your goals.

While perusing through tutor profiles, there are three main characteristics you will come across: level of education, price, and personality. You will have to decide what education certification or background you’d like your tutor to have, but a general rule you can follow is that your tutor should have at least twice the amount of experience as you do in a particular subject.

Setting a price range can also narrow your selection. Whether you’re only able to afford free tutoring or if your budget is more flexible, you will be able to find a range of tutors willing to work for a plethora of prices.

Most tutoring services, whether it be online tutoring, at home tutoring or otherwise, will charge an hourly rate which can sometimes be higher for tutors with more experience.

The last aspect to keep in mind is the relationship you have with your tutor. While some people prefer a by appointment basis approach with a request form, others prefer a more informal, no appointment, conversation-based style. Whatever your chosen method, your tutor should create a comfortable, professional environment.

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Math and Science Tutoring

Science and math skills are not one of the nation’s strong points, which is why many people choose to seek out help for math and science related struggles. Whether it’s for elementary school math and science or college level and high school math, here are some of the best academic support resources for finding a tutor in the Houston area.

Online Tutors for Math or Science

There are a couple of different student services at your disposable depending on what kind of science or math courses you’re struggling with. If you’re looking for science or math tutoring for advanced placement courses, like AP Calculus or AP Physics, there are a number of websites and tutorials online that walk you through basic concepts and provide free practice exams.

If you need help with subjects like elementary school math for a grade student, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, organic chemistry and more, WolframAlpha is a great tool geared towards explaining mathematical and scientific concepts.

Adult personal and student support Houston
Houston houses plenty of options for personal or academic excellence for adults (Photo credit: Carlos Delgado via Unplash)

Houston Public libraries

If your school doesn’t happen to have a math lab dedicated to guiding students through complex concepts or can’t afford science and math tutoring, Houston Public Library offers free online tutoring through Brainfuse. Whether you’re looking for a chemistry tutor or math tutor, this service is tailored for student progress.

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Tutors for a Foreign Languages

Regardless of whether your motivation is personal or school-related, finding a tutor to help you improve your oral comprehension, reading and writing skills should be easy in Houston.

According to the Houston Chronicle, more than 145 languages are spoken in the metro area, where a third of those older than five speak a language at home different from English. Here are some resources to check out.

One-on-One Tutoring

For many, one-on-one tutoring is the best way to progress in learning a new language. According to the top ten languages spoken in Texan households, you should have no trouble finding anything from an English Tutor or French tutor to a Spanish tutor or Vietnamese tutor.

With over 570 tutors in Houston alone, Superprof hosts tutors of all backgrounds available for face-to-face tutoring in a plethora of foreign languages. Another great resource to check out is Preply, which lists tutors with a range of skills and prices.

Language Resource Center

One of the most popular languages to learn not just in Houston, but throughout the US, is Spanish. While there are many languages with centers in and around Houston, few are as encouraging and involved as the Crossing Borders Language Center.

With a couple of locations throughout the Houston metro area, the center offers Spanish language learning services for both children and adults.

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Test Preparation Tutoring Programs

Whether it be for time management help, test taking or study skills, thousands of people each year seek out test prep for the SAT and ACT. Here are some sources to check out if you’re thinking of taking the SAT, ACT or similar standardized exams.

Online Support Services

SAT prep and ACT prep alike can be found online for free on dozens of websites that provide guides and practice tests. One of the advantages of finding this type of service is that you don’t have to make an appointment with a tutor online or otherwise and there are no inconvenient office hours to deal with.

Studying with free materials from online can allow you to study only what you truly need to focus on as well as figure out what level you’re scoring at. You can also combine this self-teaching method towards forming study groups based off of specific concepts you’re struggling with.

Tutoring Center Courses

Some of the options available to you in the Houston area include Superprof, Varsity Tutors and the Manhattan Review. While the Manhattan Review offers a month and a half course totaling 28 hours for about $1,600, Varsity Tutors gives price estimates out individually but generally stay between $70 to $95 per hour. Superprof, on the other hand, offers tutors with an average price of $15 per hour.

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Make sure to set up an appointment with your tutor in advance! (Photo credit: NeONBRAND via Unplash)

Private Tutoring for Supplemental Instruction

Tutoring jobs aren’t just limited to academia but extend to cover everything from professional shadow programs to fitness and nutrition. One example of this can be in the field of creative writing. With a bustling writing community, finding writing tutors can mean more than just help with writing skills or writing assignments.

A writing tutor can also help you develop by providing feedback for a novel, screenplay or poem.

One great writing center in Houston is the Writespace Writing Center, which strives to support writers regardless of genre by providing workshops and personal editing services for adults and teens alike.

If you’re searching for tutors in other subjects, Eventbrite posts hundreds of workshops and events each month touching every hobby from Zumba to Concerts.

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