According to a new study, the private tutoring market in the USA is expected to grow by 7% during 2018-2022.

The rising number of children in schools, colleges, and universities, has put significant stress on our current education system that is simply unable to cope with the mounting need for teachers, educational material and instruction in the classroom.

This is generating a huge demand for private tuitions to help students cope with courses they find complicated.

An excellent private tutor will assess your level and tailor their lessons according to your needs as long as they have the necessary cognizance of your abilities and expertise in a particular field of study.

Thankfully, private tutors are available in abundance if you only know where to look. However, it is essential that before hiring any tutor, you understand your learning needs for that course.

Know Your Expertise Before Hiring A Personal Tutor

There are three levels of proficiency – these reflect the typical steps in the acquisition and improvement of your learning and academic skills:

  • Beginner Level – This marks the first stage of learning in any course. At this point, students have had no previous knowledge of the subject.
  • Intermediate Level – At this level, students possess basic knowledge of the course. Still, they aspire to improve their comprehension and get a stronger grip on the subject to unlock their potential.
  • Advanced Level – By now, students have acquired maximum information and skills on a particular course, and they are now ready to put these skills to test.

Private Tuitions For Beginners

A female teacher reading out a book to a young girl as she looks at the book
Tutors bring a wealth of teaching experience that can benefit a young kid. Source: Unsplash

Beginners require maximum guidance, instructions, and attention. They have no previous knowledge of the course to expand their skills, and a personal tutor can introduce them to new perspectives and goals.

For example, in the beginner level of mathematics, a student starts with basic fractions, algebra, four operations and geometry to provide the foundation of mathematical concepts.

Elementary tutoring carries a vast potential to impact a child's learning ability. If you crave more information on this topic, make sure to read our blog on how elementary private tuitions can help children.

Benefits Of Working With Personal Tutors

Following are some ways a beginner can benefit from a private tutor:

First Step Towards Mastering A New Course

People learn new courses to keep up with the advances in their jobs or to develop new skills in their education process. But to achieve that, they have to start from somewhere and a beginner’s level is from where they should.

A new course can widen the scope of success and value for the student. With a new credential earned, a student can offer a lot to their education and goals. This thirst for knowledge motivates a student to remain persistent in their path to acquiring more information.

A private tutor can motivate you during the initial stage of learning a new concept and help you in making the most of educational opportunities.


Beginner courses are less costly since they provide an outlook on the course you are interested in.

They are the starting point towards your dream job or acquiring information on a particular topic.  For the beginner’s level, private tutors usually charge a lot less than for an intermediate or advanced course.

An Overview Of Your Topic Of Interest

You might have selected a course to scrutinize the topic and your interest in it, or you were forced into choosing it.

No matter what the circumstances, personal tutors at a beginner’s level provide the biggest advantage by giving the student an outline of the course they want to master.

This helps the student in evaluating their interest in that course and if they will continue to develop their expertise in it.

Personal Tuitions For Intermediate Level

A man pointing to a laptop on the table and a boy watching the laptop
Private tutors can make students self-reliant by providing them with the right skills. Source: Unsplash

At an intermediate level, the students have already mastered the basic concepts of a course and they require further knowledge to understand more complex theories with enhanced skills and confidence.

Private tutors assess the student’s knowledge and design the curriculum in a way that best suits their interests and goals for further qualifications.

Benefits Of Private Tuitions At An Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level, students start to become confident in their abilities and understanding of the coursework.

By now, they decide whether they want to continue learning about it or abandon it for a different pursuit – the right tutor will have them excited and interested in further education.

A private tutor can help them in the following ways:

Help In Self-Evaluation

To affirm his previous knowledge, a personal tutor encourages the student to evaluate himself on the command he has over what he previously learned.

This evaluation might be through discussions, projects or tests.

Assists In Overcoming Problems From Beginner’s Level

A private tutor with a strong background in that course will explore their issues and help the student overcome shortcomings with a well-devised plan that focuses on the problem areas.

That's not all! High school private tutoring comes with a wide range of benefits. Read our blog on high school tutoring to gain more knowledge.

Advanced Tutoring For Students

At an advanced level, the student is just a step away from becoming an expert on the course.

They can make a good impression for college admissions during high school which will increase their chances of entering a credited university or college. This encourages students to hire a personal tutor to make sure they don’t fall behind in any way.

Private tutors for advanced levels are highly experienced in their specialized courses and they know how to deliver superior learning when the stakes are very high.

That’s why you can ensure a successful academic future under the mentorship of someone who understands your learning patterns and requirements.

Benefits Of Personal Tuitions For Advanced Levels

Private tutoring becomes imperative for students who have set high personal targets – it gives them the push they need to get ahead in life. For university students, private tuitions can provide them with the expertise required. You can gain more knowledge about it by reading our blog on university private tutoring.

Score A Good Job

Private tutoring can help the students to get a thorough understanding of their courses and pave the way to their dream jobs.

The level of competency required for advanced courses filters out the best students from the rest – and recruiters recognize such exceptional talent as significant assets for their corporations due to their expertise.

Personal Focus

Professors who teach advanced courses in universities and colleges are usually too busy to provide personal attention to each student.

On the other hand, a private tutor is flexible enough to work with you and help you solve your problems at your own pace until you get familiarized with the topic.

Two women sitting around a table, engrossed in a discussion
A private tutor is also a mentor in times of need. Source: Unsplash

Finding The Right Personal Tutor

Look for expertise and competence above all else when hiring a personal tutor.

This way, you can count on them to provide personalized learning sessions according to the requirements of the student.

Following are some characteristics of an excellent tutor:

Customized Teaching Methods

Private tutors recognize the student’s potential and dig deeper into their strengths and weaknesses.

No matter the student’s level of expertise, a private tutor will provide tailored lessons according to the learning methods and abilities of the student.

Tutoring creates a strong foundation of knowledge that will help the student become familiar with a topic in an effective way.

Tutor’s Level Of Experience

Just like students, tutors also command a certain level of expertise over the subject matter and they must be paired with a student of an appropriate level.

For example, if you are a university student, you’ll be better off under the tutelage of a Ph.D. candidate so you can be sure that they have the necessary skills to help you.

In Conclusion

There are three levels to mastering a course: beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can hire a personal tutor at any of these levels to ensure that you get the right guidance and encouragement to excel at all that you do.

Hiring a private tutor can positively impact your competency and boost your confidence – which will undoubtedly show up in your course work as well.

Students at any level can hire a personal tutor who matches their abilities and level of expertise for customized learning.

If you need help finding a tutor, visit the SuperProf website for timely assistance and guidance.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our private tutoring programs available on all levels for multiple courses.

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