By population, New York is the biggest city in the United States. Housing more than 8 million residents, New York isn’t just a dynamic city in terms of population, but especially with regards to what this population accomplishes.

New York state alone has an economic output that is almost equal to that of Canada’s, so it’s no surprise that the economic output of New York City accounts for 8% of the entire nation’s GDP.

Looking towards the education system, New York offers as many advantages as disadvantages. While many progressive legislative actions have pushed forth elements like online pre-schooling courses for lower-income students and mandatory mental health education, the city has also been on the receiving end of harsh criticism.

While New York is one of many cities in the US that have undergone controversy over questionable practices like grade inflation, one of the most important factors that keeps driving thousands of Americans to the city each year is linked in one way or another to academic success.

Whether you’re trying to search for free tutoring to get through your exams on the college level or want to improve your grade student’s study skills, finding a tutor in a city of millions can be complicated. Here are some tips to ensure you find the best tutors for your personal and academic achievement.

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Preparing for the GMAT or simply need some pre-algebra help? A tutor can help you organize your goals (Photo credit: Tim Gouw via Unplash)

Qualities to Look For in a Private Tutor

Regardless of whether you’re on the hunt for a tutor to assist students academically or one that helps you fulfill your own personal goals, there are some general rules to apply while on your search. The first element in your quest to find the best tutor should be to set up a goal.

While you may be used to goal setting in terms of school or work, this type of goal setting should be related to what you’d like to get out of your tutoring experience. Some examples of this can be increasing your academic performance from the grade of a B- to a B+ by the end of the semester.

Creating a goal before diving into your search for private tutoring doesn’t just do a great job of acting as a scheduler, but it can also help you handle your time management better. This will also help you determine, at the end of being tutored, whether or not the experience has been effective or not.

Another tip for finding the best tutors involves deciding on a price range. Budgeting beforehand will both give you a better idea as to what types of services are available in your given price range but also help you determine the total cost of accomplishing your goals.

Used in tandem with the above tips, establish a list of characteristics that you think are most important in an educator. These should include what kind of education certification or background they’ve achieved if you’ll need to make an appointment with them on a regular basis, and what kind of relationship they have with either you or your child.

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Online Tutors and Resources

The US population is becoming ever more connected to the internet, which makes finding a tutor online one of the most affordable and accessible ways of searching for personal or academic support. For student concerns, there are may ways to start achieving student success if you’re in New York City. Here are some of the subjects where you can get the most out of online tutoring.

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Test Preparation

Test prep can be one of the most expensive forms of tutoring in the city of New York. Test prep ranges from the SAT and ACT to AP and state exams. If you’re looking for free SAT prep or ACT prep, CollegeBoard has free practice tests and guides at your disposal.

If you’re looking for student test-taking online tutoring, there are dozens of websites online dedicated to providing guides and exams for AP tests. Barron’s, for example, has online test preparation tests in subjects like AP Calculus that go along with their study materials.

Online tutoring with individualized courses and experienced tutors can also be found in a variety of prices. With over 7 million tutors, many of who are also available to teach online, Superprof offers can often be the solution to finding an online tutor for all budgets.

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Looking for academic departments or live workshops? New York city is teaming with opportunities (Photo credit: Andre Benz via Unplash)

Supplemental Instruction

Student services aren’t just limited to academic skills and academic resources, tutoring jobs have also grown to cover those looking for tutor training, professional shadow programs, and personal abilities. Whether you’re interested in sharpening your excel skills or want to learn photography, finding an available tutor in New York City is often just a click away.

One online resource that can help you regardless of your ambition or capabilities is Eventbrite. Particularly great if you’re interested in workshops, this website posts hundreds of events every month in various different cities. Using dance workshops as just one example of the events you can find using this platform, everything from Congolese to Bollywood dance is at your disposable for a range of prices.

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Tutoring Programs and Institutions in New York City

For those looking for a resource center that includes more support services like disability services, want more long-term courses or simply have a higher budget, tutoring programs at trusted institutions can often be a fitting solution. Here are some institutions for tutoring by the two most popular subject areas.

Math and Science Academic Tutors

While it isn’t often the majority’s favorite subject area, science and math courses and skills are required at every stage of life. If you’re looking for a math tutor at the elementary and middle school level, start by searching for a tutoring program that your school provides.

Often, a student and teacher-led math lab are created at schools around New York City for the very purpose of providing support with math skills in algebra, calculus, trigonometry and basic elementary school math. Math Academy Tutoring, for example, offers a variety of different services including one-on-one, in person tutoring starting at the middle school level.

Math Academy Tutoring can also provide a math tutor from high school math to the graduate level, where the price of a 2-hour lesson starts at $80 and can go up to $90. The Launch Math + Science Centers is another NYC institution that offers K-8 science instruction through classes, summer camps, and private tutoring.

Foreign Language Tutors

If you’re looking for a foreign language tutor in New York City, whether it be for an English tutor or French tutor, you’re in luck. Home to over 800 languages, NYC is arguably one of the best places to improve your comprehension, reading and writing skills in a new language.

While study groups and language exchanges are a popular way of connecting with foreign languages in the city, there are also a number of institutions dedicated to language progress.

One example of this is the Instituto Cervantes in New York. Backed by the Spanish Government, the Instituto Cervantes is dedicated to facilitating the advancement of those wanting to learn about the language and culture.

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At Home Tutoring

Whether you’re working with a tight schedule or simply want to learn in the comfort of your home, finding a tutoring service that comes to you can often be the best option. At home tutors are tutoring jobs that involve reviewing course materials and providing real-time advice in a safe environment.

At home tutors can be found from a variety of different institutions, including Care, Varsity Tutors and Superprof. One example of the kinds of services they can provide can be seen through writing tutors.

On all three platforms, you’ll be able to find a writing tutor that can provide you with personalized advice on your writing assignments as well as work on improving your writing skills. The average rate for these courses are anywhere between $15 to $90 per hour lesson.

Regardless of where you call your home, here's some more advice on how to find the most experienced and best quality tutors throughout the US!

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