In Miami, over a third of the population is old enough to be in school or college. There are around 350,000 students in Miami public schools and there are also a number of colleges including (but not limited to) the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Miami Dade.

Some students fall behind in their studies and require academic support and homework help to help them catch up. With this many students, there's a high demand for tutoring and it's not hard to find a private tutor in Miami. However, we often wrongly think that academic support is only for failing students.

Which are the best colleges in Miami?
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In fact, academic support is also a great way for students to improve their grades, do better in standardized tests, deliver better assignments, and inevitably get into the best colleges. There are plenty of gifted students also being tutored!

That said, once you get into a good college, your private tuition doesn't need to stop there. A lot of students get college tutoring to make sure their grades don't drop.

Miami and the surrounding area is home to almost 6,000,000 people. With this many people and a lot of students, it’s hardly surprising there’s a lot on offer when it comes to individualized private tutoring.

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How much does a private tutor in Miami cost?
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Are you looking for learning support in Miami but don’t know where to turn? Whatever you’re looking for in terms of academic support, you’re likely to find it in and around Miami.

Even though are a lot of tutoring programs and one on one tutorials about, it can sometimes be difficult find a tutor that works for you. If this is the case, don't worry! Superprof is also here to help you achieve academic success.

Tutoring Organizations in Miami

There are plenty of tutoring organizations in the US with years of experience. They tend to offer, in addition to private tutorials, small group classes for those who don’t want to learn on their own or get an online tutor. There are also intensive courses offered during the summer vacation.

Whether in elementary, middle, or high school, you can benefit from home tutoring or online tutoring in a number of subjects. If you're having trouble with numbers, a math tutor can help you with algebra, geometry, calculus, or trigonometry. Is science a bother? Have a look for science tutors and get yourself a chemistry tutor or a biology tutor, for example.

Where can I find math tutors in Miami?
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You could also learn a foreign language with a French tutor or a spanish tutor, study math and science, or just get a better grade on an important assignment. There are plenty of these types of organizations in Miami.

Here are a few places where you can get supplemental instruction:

  • Varsity Tutors, Little Havana, 2026 NW 3rd St

  • Sapneil Tutoring, 1405 SW 107th Ave

  • Omega Learning Center - West Kendall, 10201 Hammocks Blvd

  • Wise Choice Tutoring Center, 10481 N Kendall Dr

We’ll look more closely at them later. Generally speaking, when you work with these types of organizations, you’ll pay a signup fee and decide how many classes you’d like.

It’s common that there’ll be a level test as well to ensure that the student is studying at the right level. You usually pay either by hourly session or by course. These types of establishments exist all over the country so they’re quite easy to find!

Get Ahead in a Specific Class

Some students may excel in one subject while really struggling in another. In Miami, there are local tutors and organizations that specialize in a given subject and offer tutorials with qualified professionals.

Get Math Tutoring with the I Hate Math Group

When it comes to math, there’s a lot of students who hate it. The I Hate Math Group offers both virtual tutoring and tutoring from their center in Miami. They also offer a free 10-minute evaluation for their virtual tutoring. The rates for classes vary according to how many sessions you get.

For example, a regular session costs $45. However, a 5-hour package costs $185 (that’s $37 per session) and a 10-hour package costs $350 (that’s $35 per session). They also have YouTube video tutorials available. 

They offer tutorials for a variety of different levels as well as preparation for a number of different tests and exams.

You can find their center at 1673 NE 123rd Street, Miami, FL 33181

How much does a private tutor cost in Miami?
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Learn Languages with Berlitz in Miami

Learning languages can be a pain for a lot of students. However, in today’s world, knowing a foreign language can open a lot of doors for the future. As a parent, it’s normal to want the best for your child and for them to learn a second language. Berlitz in Miami offers classes in a variety of languages.

Languages offered include:

  • English as a foreign language

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

On-line self-paced courses start at $99. Group courses are $375. In fact, there are a huge number of different class types at different prices.

You can find the center on 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 502, Miami, Florida 33131.

Classifieds in Miami

Your local grocery store will probably have a notice board with classifieds offering private tutorials.

Academic Support On-line and in Businesses

You can also find classifieds for private tutorials on-line as well as local businesses. However, this method can be hit or miss. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, there are plenty of places you can find classifieds on-line.

Craigslist, for example, is a quick and easy way to find tutors that work near your home. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to guarantee the quality of the tutors on Craigslist. This is why Superprof decided to create a dedicated platform where tutors and students can find one another.

Find tutors in Miami on Superprof

Thanks to the feedback of other students and tutors that have been verified by Superprof, students can choose a tutor for private tutorials that meets all their expectations while safe in the knowledge that they’re a consummate professional.

There are plenty of different types of people providing private tutorials. They include:

  • Qualified teachers who normally work in schools

  • Students providing academic support

  • Retired teachers

It won’t be hard to find a math, French, history, or geography tutor that works for you. With Superprof, there’s no sign up fee giving you the chance to find the tutor that works for you. A number of tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour to see if you like them.

In Miami the average rate for a math tutoring services is $46. In home Spanish tutorials, on the other hand, are $27 per hour on average.

Superprof is available all over the US. You can use it to find private tutors no matter where you live.

Academic Support in Miami

Some organizations focus on private tutorials. We mentioned a few tutoring centers earlier. Let’s have a look at a number of them and some of the services they provide.

Sapneil Tutoring

Sapneil Tutoring offers test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GRE, as well as study skills.
Courses are available most afternoons of the week as well as on Saturday morning and afternoons.

They also include private one on one tutoring. In private tutoring, a tutor can tailor every session to work with the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

For more information, check out their website or call 786-899-0365 or 305-968-6364.

Omega Learning

Omega Learning offers K-12 tutoring for a large variety of different subjects including math, reading, SAT/ACT prep, Spanish, as well as homework help. Homework help can be hugely beneficial for students being let down by the work they do outside of school.

Tutors are there to help students with their homework and help them to improve the overall quality of the homework they do, not do their homework for them!

In terms of test prep, Omega Learning offers students 12, 22, or 45-hour packages to help them get ready for the SAT/ACT.

You can find them at 10201 Hammocks Blvd.

Where are the best catch up classes in Miami?
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Wise Choice Tutoring Center

Wise Choice Tutoring offers both one to one tutoring and group tutoring for a number of different subjects. Tutorials start at $25 and there are no assessment fees, registration fees, textbook fees.

They offer math, reading, writing, spelling, science, and history tutorials as well as test prep. There is also special needs tutoring and lifestyle therapy for adults with learning challenges.


We obviously saved the best for last!

You can find a variety of tutors on Superprof. In addition to the traditional subjects taught by private tutors, Superprof also has tutors offering SAT, ACT, and GMAT exam prep as well as subjects that other tutoring companies don't tend to offer like cooking, arts, and crafts.

If you're looking for a tutor online, just change your search filter and you'll be able to find the best tutors from all over the world! Check out our website!

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