The education system in the United States can be difficult to navigate by yourself. Finding student resources or personal trainers in Philadelphia for the subjects you need or want to improve shouldn't be a stressful experience.

With thousands of different local tutors in the Philadelphia area, it doesn't hurt to have a bit of advice to help you choose a tutor tailored to your needs.

Here is our guide on everything you need to know about finding tutoring services in Philadelphia, from what types of tutors are out there to the prices you can expect to pay.

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Try out both informal and formal education methods with Philadelphia tutors (Photo credit: Chris Murray via Unplash)

What are the Different Kinds of Tutors You Can Choose From?

Home to the second largest population on the East Coast, the delicious Philly cheesesteak and the infamous Liberty Bell, Philadelphia is one of the most dynamic and historically important cities in the United States.

That being said, the idea of finding a tutor in a city with an estimated 1.5 million residents can be daunting.

While many different elements of a tutor’s profile should be taken into account when trying to find the best one for either you or your child, the price of a course is often the most important determining factor.

While the city’s bustling economy and community is a testament to its eponym, the city of “brotherly love,” many have lamented at the state of education in the city. Roughly 70% of children in Philadelphia’s worst-performing schools are African-American – of which 79% live on the poverty line.

According to the Pew center, this trend follows the more than 26% of the city’s whole population who live in poverty, a sobering reality that hasn’t gotten better in the last decade.

What these socio-economic movements mean for Philadelphia's education system sees many attempting to search for extra academic support, often times at the lowest cost possible. Whether you’re interested in boosting your study skills or need help in your time management, finding a tutor should be an empowering enterprise. Here are the basics on how to find the best tutors for your every need.

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Tutoring Programs for Test Preparation

Over the past decades, test prep has dominated the market in tutor jobs. Looking at 2018 alone, more than 2 million people took the SAT, a figure that has shown no signs of slowing down. If you’re searching for test taking instruction and guidance, chances are you’re probably looking for SAT, ACT, or AP preparation.

AP, SAT prep and ACT prep can vary in duration, level of guidance and price. If you’re looking for SAT and ACT preparation for free, CollegeBoard actually has online resources for free practice.

The advantage of preparing for the SAT and ACT this way is there’s no need to get an appointment with a tutor as well as offer you only the preparation you actually need.

For free AP practice, there are also plenty of websites online that offer practice tests, notes and study guides. If you’re on a budget but can afford to spend a little extra on test prep, a great option would be to buy new or used practice textbooks or borrow them for free from your local library.

These guides should range from about 20 to 60 dollars no matter what area you live in.

One of the cheaper options if you’re in the Philadelphia area is to take SAT or ACT prep courses at the Community College of Philadelphia. While many other tutoring centers offer this sort of package starting at $70 per hour, this community college offers a 6-week course totaling 24 hours for $99.

For Advanced Placement tests, Varsity Tutors offers free AP subject diagnostic tests ranging from AP Biology and AP Calculus to AP Physics and AP World History.

If you’re looking for a more individualized experience and have a flexible budget, one-on-one tutoring at home tutoring or online can be a great option.

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Philadelphia private tuition for writers
Looking for a writing academic achievement center? Philly has a lot to offer! (Photo credit: Green Chameleon via Unplash)

Tutors for Supplemental Instruction

Often, when people think of private tutoring, they tend to think of tutor jobs as only extending to cover academic skills and academic performance. Every year, however, thousands of people across the United States hire tutors for the achievement of personal goals.

No matter what age, people are always trying to improve and become masters in new skills – the most popular of which include disciplines like photography, fine arts, nutrition, and dance.

Whether you’re looking to shadow a professional, looking for tutor training in a specific field, or simply want a new hobby – finding a tutor in Philadelphia can be easy.

One great resource for finding a tutor online is Eventbrite, which lists the photography workshops happening all over Philadelphia. While some events require a request form, others need no appointment or registration and will also vary in the supplies that they will provide. Another factor that will fluctuate depending on which even you’re interested in is the price.

While some workshops are free, others can go anywhere from $10 to $200. This website is a great forum if you’re looking to be tutored in anything from art to fitness. Whether you’re trying to reach new fitness goals through Zumba or want to want to acquire a new skill like self-defense, finding an experience in Philadelphia can be affordable and accessible.

With over 250 tutors in Philadelphia alone, Superprof is another source to find tutors in a plethora of subjects with an average cost of $15 per hour. Whether you’re looking for support services, like disability services, or want to increase your knowledge in social policy – getting home and online tutoring for student success doesn’t have to be restricted to the world of academia.

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Academic Support for a Grade Student Through to the College Level

Finding academic resources for student improvement in any grade level can best be accomplished by determining what subject area you or your child are struggling the most with.

Whether you’re checking out an online tutor from a tutoring center or browsing study groups at your university, many tutoring experiences are organized by subject. Here are some of the most popular academic subjects that you might be interested in if you’re in the Philadelphia area.

Math and Science Tutoring

If you’re looking for a private tutor in order to work on enhancing math skills, ranging from elementary school math to college and high school math, the best option for those working with a strict budget is to first look at school resources.

Regardless of whether you’re struggling with the basics of earth science or the complexities of calculus and organic chemistry, many schools in Philadelphia should have a peer and teacher-led math lab you can reach out to. Another resource center for math concerns that often gets overlooked is your local public library.

Libraries often engage local youths in volunteer work involving tutoring children in subjects as diverse as trigonometry and algebra to basic science concepts.

Science and math tutoring, if you’re looking for private tutoring, can range in prices. One resource offering anything from a basic math tutor to a chemistry tutor is the Care organization. Starting at about $17 an hour, these tutors will provide either you or your child with help in math courses at differing levels.

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Writing Tutors

If you’re on the hunt for a writing tutor for children needing to improve their writing skills or needing help with their writing assignments, Spells Writing Lab in Philadelphia is a great option. This writing center, a non-profit started in 2009, offers workshops in everything from creative writing to professional development for teachers.

Foreign Language

Developing oral comprehension, reading and writing skills in a foreign language is a difficult, but rewarding, journey. Whether you’re searching for an English tutor or a French tutor, Philadelphia has a wide range of options for those looking for a speaking or reading tutor.

While most private tutoring courses will start at around $30 per hour, conversation exchanges in dozens of languages can be found all over the city for free.

Philly language student services
Learning a language through tutoring can be fun in a city of millions! (Photo credit: Gibson Hurst via Unplash)

Tips to Find the Best Tutoring Services

Finding a tutor that best suits your goals isn’t just about drawing up a price range. Regardless of whether you’re interested in free tutoring or want to buy private lessons, here are some of the qualities to look out for in a tutor.

  • Goal: is the tutor willing to assist students in achieving their education or individual goals?
  • Schedule: do lessons happen by appointment, through office hours or through some other scheduler method?
  • Qualification: what education certification or background do they have?
  • Relationship: do they have a good student to teacher rapport?

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