The United States is the third largest country in the world by area and houses a population whose numbers are exceeded only by China and India. While the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment ranks the education system in the United States around the average for all OECD countries, many civic movements within the United States have served to emphasize the poor state of students and teachers across the nation. Regardless of what your stance is on academics or teacher and student resources, the private tutoring market is projected to continue growing at a fast rate well into the next decade. Some have argued that the rise of shadow education can be attributed to both the increasing, global pressure for student success as well as a tool to combat poor quality education. This, coupled with the innovative trends in technology-based learning have left thousands of Americans turning towards private tutoring. Covering everything from test prep to creative writing, here are some tips on how to find the best tutors all over the US.

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The education system can often be a burden that tutoring help with (Photo credit: Claudia Mi via Unplash)

Find a Tutor in Los Angeles

Located in California, LA is the largest city on the West Coast. Boasting great weather and some of the nation’s best universities, LA is home to thousands of tutors looking to help improve personal or academic performance. If you’re searching for tutoring services in the area, here are some of the best ways to find which one best suits you. Two methods to employ while on the hunt for tutoring programs is searching by either the grade level at which a particular tutor teaches or by the subjects which they teach. Often, this can help narrow your options down. One example of searching for a tutor by the level at which they teach is by identifying which personal or academic skills you would like to target. For example, if you’re in need of time management, study skills and test-taking advice for standardized tests, your best option would be to look into test preparation tutoring centers. The next step would be to decide what subject area you need to focus on. The most common fields of interest for test prep involve SAT prep or ACT prep. While the SAT and ACT are two of the most important tests for high school level students, standardized tests occur at every grade level. Regardless of whether you’re searching for math help for a grade student or need supplemental instruction at the college level, LA tutors can offer academic support at a range of different prices. Study Hut tutors, for example, are located throughout the LA area and offer deals involving summer workshops, ACT/SAT prep or individual subject help from the elementary to high school level. For more advice on how to find a good tutor in your area, check out our guide on LA tutoring.

How to Find a Tutor in Chicago

Online tutoring, individualized tutor training and more – searching through individual and academic resources to find the best tutor in Chicago can often mean getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. The first task you’ll need to complete on your hunt for the best personal and student services is to set a goal. By making a detailed outline of what you’d like to accomplish with your tutor with an estimate of how long you think this achievement will take, you will be able to get the most out of being tutored. The next task will be to decide what subject, personal or academic skills you need help improving and what kind of education certification or background you’d like your tutor to have. Chicago has a diverse array of options when it comes to both of these aspects; here are some examples, by subject area. If you or your child are struggling to accomplish academic success for math and science, Chicago has many options related to science and math tutoring regardless of whether you need a calculus or chemistry tutor. From elementary school math to high school math, Varsity Tutors offers a math tutor in math courses such as AP Calculus, trigonometry or basic algebra. Being one of the biggest cities in the US, Chicago is also home to dozens of different languages. For example, one option that requires no appointment is the Goethe-Institute for those interested in German learning tutoring centers. From organic chemistry and Spanish to writing and Zumba, searching for a tutor by subject in Chicago is made easy with this guide on how to find a local tutor in your area.

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Find a Local Tutor In Philadelphia

Whether it be for personal or academic success, there are a number of reasons why you might be seeking out online, home or one-on-one tutoring in Philadelphia. Which choices ranging from a math tutoring center to at home tutoring for nutrition, finding an option that will assist students or individuals in unlocking their potential has never been easier. If you’re interested in learning new skills, Eventbrite might be the perfect solution for you. With workshops, events and courses that range in price from free tutoring to $200, this platform posts experiences and support services for every budget. On top of hosting hundreds of events each month, Philadelphia is also a great city for writers. The Spells Writing Lab is a non-profit organization that acts as a local resource center for student, adult or individual writing progress. The Spells Writing Lab conducts workshops and events related to creative writing and providing professional development training for teachers. Need more information on how to find a tutor in Philadelphia? This guide will walk you through the most common tutoring subjects in the area as well as the prices you’re likely to pay for them.

Find a Private Tutor in New York City

New York City is, by far, the biggest city in the United States. Offering a varied assortment of tutoring services, finding an experienced guide to teach you anything from reading skills to capoeira should be easy. However, the sheer volume of tutors and trainers available in the city can be enough to set anyone back from finding and engaging in an amazing tutoring experience. For example, the city of New York is home to a population that is actually the most linguistically diverse in the entire world. Finding someone who can help you improve your oral comprehension, reading and writing skills in any foreign language you desire to learn is entirely possible. If you’re looking for a French tutor, English tutor, Spanish tutor and more, one of the best options can involve finding a language institute for that particular language. Centers like the Instituto Cervantes, along with many other institutions in the city, offer resources in a given language and have the advantage of running workshops every month. If you’re searching for a tutor in subjects like AP physics, specifically want a tutor online or need a writing center, check out this guide for everything related to getting extra education in New York City.

New York City tutoring companies
The "Big Apple" is a hub for academic tutoring and learning (Photo credit: Oliver Niblett via Unplash)

Find a Private Teacher in Houston

While Houston is known for its contributions to the nation’s space and science programs, it isn’t exactly known for housing one of the widest selection of tutors in the country. However, finding a private teacher or instructor in Houston is possible for a vast array of disciplines and subject areas. One great resource involves the Writespace Writing Center. Whether you need extra help on school writing assignments, need to work on English writing skills as a foreign language, or simply need a writing tutor to help you edit your novel – this center provides all of these services and more. More than being a great city for those learning English and for writers, Houston also has a large network of quality public libraries that offer to tutor children and adults alike in topics such as social studies, math, and science. Test prep in Houston is also easy to find. Providing quality support, such as practice exams and lessons, there are a number of tutors that can help you or your child attain a high score on ACT, SAT and other standardized exams. If you’re interested in learning more about what kinds of personal tutors and guides you can find in Houston, click here.

Tips on How to Find a Tutor Near You

Regardless of where you live in the United States, you should never feel at an academic or social disadvantage. Here are some additional methods you can implement or resources to check out if you need help mastering a subject or skill:

  • Local public libraries;
  • Free online practice exams, tutorials and games;
  • University webinars and courses, which are often free;
  • Lectures and course materials posted online from Universities;
  • Language or knowledge exchanges;
  • Ads at your local coffee shop.

Finding a tutor in the age of online connectivity can be a positive experience facilitated with a little advice. Any of the above guides can provide some tips on what qualities to look for in a tutor in order to ensure your learning environment is safe, professional and comfortable.

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