As you become a tutor, there are many steps to consider before you can launch a full-fledged business. One of them is how you will go about publicizing your business and get new students. Advertising yourself as an online tutor can be quite tricky, and you might not be reaching your desired audience.

For starters, you need to make a profile where you list all your relevant qualifications as a tutor. Adding your experiences and successes to this list will highlight you to prospective students and their parents. If you have had previous experience in teaching or an appropriate professional position in your subject, you will stand out from your competitors.

Maybe you have had practice preparing students for specified exams like SATs or GMATs. Perhaps you have helped students with their college applications. All of this is worthy of mentioning.

It might do you good to share success stories of your previous students, such as turning low-performing students into high-achieving valedictorians. Or perhaps if you are a language, helping a student move from A2 proficiency to C1 proficiency will help your profile stand out.

There are many ways to promote your services and broadcast yourself to a broader audience. We will show you how you can utilize community spaces to advertise your teaching jobs.

Using Social Media

This is pretty obvious, but many tutors underestimate just how good social media is at advertising their tutoring jobs. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the most common social media avenues used for advertising today.

Make a professional page for your business on Facebook and create a professional account on Twitter to give your business more reach and give your business added legitimacy.

Facebook pages and groups are an excellent way to get a start. Search for local community groups in your area and join them! Stay active by commenting and sharing posts related to your business. Many groups feature a buy and sell option where you can advertise your services.

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to a broader audience and not just on Twitter. The hashtag serves as a link to related posts on similar topics that share the same symbol.

You can use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to target larger audiences searching for similar posts.

LinkedIn is another career-specific social media site. You can make a profile with all your qualifications, experience, and relevant information and follow people from the same field to make connections. This way, you can pursue opportunities that are relevant to your career field.

Social networks are a great place to advertise!
Utilize social media sites to lift your tutoring business off the ground. Source: Visualhunt

Prepare Material To Advertise Yourself For Tutoring Jobs

To advertise your tutoring business with a professional flair, you can design some attractive flyers and business cards to distribute. A creative design with all your relevant information listed will help catch the eye of prospective clients.

You can find many companies that design flyers and business cards for reasonable rates or you could create your marketing material using websites like Vistaprint.

Make sure you include your price, credentials, and contact details clearly in your advertisement material.

It would be wise to include the links to your social media business pages to give your readers a better idea about your business.

A very crucial point to keep in mind is where you place your advertisements. Local community boards such as local libraries, town halls, coffee shops, and churches are an excellent way to reach your local audiences.

Whenever you meet prospective students or parents, hand them your business cards. This is an excellent way to build a personalized connection with them, and it’ll help them remember you better.

You can go for a personalized logo unique to your business. This will make your business more memorable to whoever sees your advertisement and grant you that added legitimacy.

Always make sure that there are no spelling or punctuation errors in your advertisement material. Your material should be as professional-looking as possible. Even small mistakes or errors will send a wrong impression to your audience. Given the scope of your business, you must keep an eye out for any such errors.

When advertising for your business, make sure that your material is suited for the right audience. Keep in mind your client’s age, interests, and qualifications. You do not want to be advertising for SAT tutoring in an elementary school.

Where can I advertise my private tutoring business?
Advertise in local community areas such as libraries, schools and cafes. Source: Visualhunt

Use Networking To Advertise Your Tutoring Business

Being friendly, sociable, and approachable will go a long way in helping you attract clients for your business. Maintain a warm persona and cultivate a good sense of humor. People tend to remember warm, friendly personalities and want to reach out to them more.

We at Superprof cannot stress enough the value of being likeable and friendly to connect as tutors.

The more people you talk to, the larger your network will be. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful ways of promoting your business.

People trust their friends and family’s advice way more than they trust advertisements. Word of mouth may not get you achievable results in the beginning. Still, satisfied students and referrals can bring you many clients.

Be sure to include testimonials from previous clients who are satisfied with your work in your advertisement. You can mention how you motivated them and pushed them to succeed.

Posting On Classified Websites

Posting your classified websites is an excellent way to advertise your tutoring jobs. People advertise for all types of businesses on classified websites. You, too, can advertise for any online teaching jobs or tutoring jobs, whether you are a French tutor or a chemistry tutor.

Sites like Craigslist are a great place to advertise your tutoring services. It is free to sign up and post an advert, and you can post all relevant details and your photo.

Be sure to include keywords in your advert title to help your advertisement attract a bigger crowd. You can even post advertisements in your local newspapers, magazines, and yellow pages to find clients in your local area.

Once you have a steady flow of tuition clients, don’t forget to register your company and declare your income.


Making a YouTube channel these days is quite a common way of reaching out to a broad audience of prospective clients. Many tutors have moved onto YouTube channels and post tutorials and informative videos for their students to enhance their tutoring jobs.

YouTube is not only an excellent way to market yourself, but you can also make a steady income with it.  Additionally, you get to have a global reach with YouTube. You can opt-out of the conventional method of one-to-one coaching and make tutorial videos like many tutors have done.

It doesn’t cost you anything to register on YouTube. You just have to make your videos interesting and engaging. And you’re set to go. We at Superprof feel YouTube is an avenue online tutors must consider to market their business these days.

You can post your advertisements on YouTube and market yourself to students watching videos and tutorials similar to your subject.

Build Your Website To Market Your Tutoring Business

These days, you have at your disposal sites like WordPress and Wix to help you set up your websites easily. You can choose your design template, color scheme, layout, and all the information you choose to display on your website. Also, you will need to decide on a name for your website and buy it from domain websites like

You will find many tutorials and videos online to help you set up your website, buy a domain, and expand your website’s reach. You should consider using keywords and blog articles to expand your reach online.

Make your business more established and professional
Attract more clients with a strong online presence. Source: Visualhunt

Using Tutoring Agencies To Find Tutoring Jobs

Lastly, tutoring agencies are also an excellent way to reach out to prospective students.

You may search and join local tutoring agencies in your area, or you can register with regional or national peer tutoring services online.

Online tutoring centers are quite popular with students these days. They certainly have a more comprehensive range of choices of tutors to choose from and a broader audience of students for tutors to reach out to.

Some tutoring agencies may charge a commission, so be sure to explore agencies that offer tutor-friendly policies that work best for you.

You can find many worthwhile tutoring agencies like Superprof that do not charge you anything. We let you run your business solely between you and your student.

To get the best out of an online tutoring platform, make your profile as detailed and professional as possible. Create your profile in such a way that it looks attractive to prospective students, list all your qualifications, experiences, strength, and positives. Make sure your profile stands out from the rest.

With a vast online community like Superprof, your profile will reach a broad, varied audience.

All you have to do is register on Superprof and start building your profile.

Now that you have a full understanding of how you should advertise your tutoring business and find students, learn about the types of insurance you can invest in as a tutor and the legalities of one to one tuition.

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