Everybody knows how important writing is for a child's education. By signing up for free, you will have access to the resources that could make you a better student and a better writer.

For some parents, it's difficult to help their children to do better in school. No matter how hard they try, in-home private lessons and academic support can cost too much.

Nothing worse than seeing your child facing academic difficulties! Especially if he or she is very young and you have no clue how to help.

Rest assured: alongside paying academic support, there is the possibility of a totally free online academic support.

Let's take a moment to thank the internet and its incredible resources.

  • What websites should you turn to to get your child's grade average up?
  • How can you help him or her effectively?

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A List of Free Academic Support Websites

With a little internet research, you'll see the web is full of free websites for academic support!

Online academic support exists from K-12. You just have to have a look around to really see how many options are available to you...

Even if online academic support can never replace in-home private lessons, we have selected the staples in online academic support.


Sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project, Writing Fix provides a place for young writers to improve their craft. Site resources include free prompts, lessons, articles, and other writing resources.

Math Playground

This site is intended for elementary and middle school students. Site visitors can play math games, solve logic problems, watch math videos, and much more.

Lure of the Labyrinth

Created specifically for middle school students, this free online math game guides students through a digital labyrinth of math-based puzzles. Players must solve prealgebra problems to save their missing pet and win the game.


GeoEdu is an atlas and an educational game that helps players learn geography. The game contains more than 100,000 questions and allows players to choose from multiple levels of play.


ARKive is a lively science site devoted to the conservation of endangered species around the world. Educational resources include news, photos, videos, article, reference materials, and more.


Designed for middle school students with an interest in visual and performing arts, this site displays important works of art and allows users to build their own portfolio of artwork. Artopia users can also critique art, watch movies, and view student art.


This UN World Food Program site teaches civic responsibility while quizzing visitors on everything from English grammar and vocabulary to chemical symbols and prealgebra. For every multiple choice trivia question that site visitors answer correctly, the UN donates ten grains of rice to help feed the hungry.

Book Adventure

Book Adventure is a free online reading program that welcomes children in grades K-8. The goal of the program is to get kids to read more and improve reading comprehension. Site visitors can use the site to create their own book lists, get reading recommendations, take quizzes on books they have read, and earn points and prizes for reading efforts.


Created for students in grades three through eight, Bookwink publishes short audio podcasts and videos designed to get kids excited about reading. The site offers book recommendations by subject, grade level, author, or title.

Read Print

Read Print is a free online library that contains thousands of novels, poems, plays, and stories in the public domain. Site visitors can search for books by author, title, or genre.

Book Builder

Middle schoolers who visit this site can create, publish, and share their own digital books online. They can also read free digital books created by other people.


Stage'D is a free online tool that can be used to create animated comics. New backgrounds and animations are constantly being added.


iLike has combined music with social media to create an application that connects music fans with their favorite artists. iLike can also be used to share music and learn about new artists.


Glogster makes it easy for middle school students to get creative and express themselves through posters. Site users can create their own online posters using text, images, music, and video.


Twrivia combines trivia with Twitter. A new trivia question is posted each day. Twitter users who answer the question correctly and quickly can earn a place on the site's leader board.


This site streams popular full-length documentaries and educational films. No download or registration is required.

Free Online Classes: A Good or Bad Idea for Elementary School Students?

In elementary school, it's not always necessary for your children to have in-home academic support.

Indeed, as a general rule, it is enough for them to find a playful approach to better their academic skills. The internet has the solution to this.

Your child could get an enormous amount from using the internet has a study tool.

We believe free online courses are interesting in more ways than one.

First off, they help meet the needs of parents who cannot afford an in-home private tutor.

These websites also allow you to initiate your children to the computer at a young age. This may be the opportunity to show them how to use a computer and how to pay attention to what's online. A child is very curious and working with him or her on the internet is an excellent educational exercise.

On the other hand, it is obvious that this type of resource is not intended for pupils who are failing classes. If that is what is going on, it is necessary to identify whether the problem has to do with a lack of work on their end, or whether it is linked to another part of the student's life (family environment, school environment, attention problem, etc.)...

Although online exercises help your child become self-sufficient, we recommend that you stay close (or at least nearby).

Accompany your child as he or she discovers the internet and amasses learning techniques.

If you have no time to dedicate to him or her then this solution will not work.

Some Tips for Using Online Academic Resources

Above all, to help your child get better in school, you should always talk to his or her teachers. They are in the best position to help young students succeed.

They will tell you exactly what to work on.

Did you know that adults can only concentrate for 1 hour at a time? For children, it is more around 15 min maximum (Kindergarten and First Grade) and 20 minutes maximum (Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade).

A happy child means a happy learner! Don't underestimate the power of a smile.

Allow your child 45 minutes after he or she has come home from school before he or she has to start homework (though it's important to work before dinner time if possible). This will allow him or her to rest and have a snack, for example.

Get him started with a simple schedule that will allow him or her to work regularly.

This will help him with everyday work. You can of course add some online exercises to help him get better in school.

The first thing you'll need to do in order for this to happen is install a computer in the living room.

It can be dangerous to leave a child to the internet alone. Activate parental controls, always.

Later, try and figure out what your child's difficulties are and look for a solution together. 

You can also use discussion forums to help him or her ask questions or write messages (without writing in text message language of course).

It's a good way to learn how to use a computer.

Keep in mind that academic help should always be an add-on to a lesson. It shouldn't replace the class altogether.

You now know everything about free online academic solutions. Don't forget that online help can be quite beneficial to your child when it comes down to his academic difficulties. However, it is important not to leave him or her alone when he is working on the internet.

This could discourage him more than anything! And it also could get him or her in trouble if the wrong websites start to pop up around him or her.

If you follow our advice, you will be able to help your child succeed through an easy tool that could earn him more As and positive comments from those unlikely teachers.

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