A number of colleges and universities have a plethora of prerequisites when submitting college entry applications. Common prerequisites and or requirements include high school transcripts, several written essays, extracurricular activities, and school involvements, SAT or ACT exam scores, and subject-specific SAT/ACT exam scores.

When it comes to subject-specific SAT exams there are a variety of subjects to choose from including foreign languages. Within the foreign language spectrum of SAT subject tests to choose from are the SAT Spanish Subject Test and the Spanish Language & Listening Subject Test. Either of these two exams is a great way to showcase your Spanish language skill set and interest in foreign languages. 

It is crucial to assess the exam's format and difficulty level, along with your own Spanish skillset before taking the exam. Once you have done an assessment, taking a month or two to study key material and reinforce your Spanish comprehension is the key to success. Yet, with so many resources available it can be a bit daunting to pinpoint where exactly you can find the best SAT Spanish revision materials. From online tools and test prep to your local library and exam tutors, let’s cover the best sources to study. 

Local Libraries

Great resources that are starting to get fairly under-utilized are local community and high school libraries. These sources of knowledge are always free for anyone in the community and resources can be taken home with absolutely no cost with your very own library card. 

Despite local libraries having a variety of great SAT Spanish revision guidebooks, these resources can’t be written on them. A key thing to remember is that the resources provided are also for the use of the whole community. Yet even though you cannot write on these resources you can always make copies of any pages you need to write on. Printing out practice tests is a great way to practice time management and also get you ready for test day by helping you get familiar with the exam format.

SAT Spanish prep
The Boston Public Library offers a variety of SAT and SAT Spanish Subject resources. (Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash)

Guidebooks for the SAT and SAT Spanish Subject Test are not the only resources available at your local libraries. Most community libraries also offer free test prep help for a variety of college placement exams including the SAT Subject Tests. 

The Boston Public Library for example offers the Boston community free online practice tests via Kaplan, as well as fee-based test prep tutoring services. Additional resources and after-school programs are also available at the Central Library in Copley Square Boston. Programs at Copley Square offer prospective college students with college aid including college selection, college guidebooks and resources, college exam prep, and career planning services.  

Every local library also has a large variety of foreign language books, magazines, and resources including in Spanish. Checking out easy-level novels in Spanish will be a great way to increase your comprehension and learn new words that you haven’t been familiar with. Reading out loud also helps with diction and with Spanish word memory. Studies have shown that reading out loud helps absorb words better into one’s skillset. 

Online Tools

There is a large array of online tools available for any exam or skill you are looking to enhance. Yet, the best tools come straight from the source. In this instance, the College Board has some of the best online SAT Spanish practice tests for free. A great aspect about these practice tests is that it also includes recorded audio elements to practice both your reading comprehension and your listening comprehension. 

Along with the interactive practice tests the College Board also has a free pdf study guide so that students can know exactly what to expect on test day. The study guide includes preparation tips, what context will be covered on the exam, and a few sample questions and reading passages to get to know the exam skillset. 

Perfecting your Spanish conjugations is also crucial, yet online tools like Live Lingua can help! Live Lingua is just one of many online tools that helps Spanish students perfect their conjugations, while also enforcing verb tenses from regular to irregular verbs. 

If you are looking to strengthen your Spanish vocabulary, then flashcards are your saving grace. But save your paper flashcards and your time by using ready-to-use online interactive flashcards. Study stack is a great online tool that has a great variety of Spanish revision tools and flashcards. Tools include action vocabulary word practice to flashcard sets that help you reinforce your adjectives and pronouns.

SAT Spanish with Listening
Spanish podcasts and practice audio files are great tools to reinforce your Spanish listening skillset. (Photo by Blaz Erzetic on Unsplash)

Online videos are also a great way to study for the SAT Spanish Subject Test. YouTube for instance has a large dataset of Spanish study channels and videos that will help you engage even further into the subject. The great part about videos on YouTube is that it is cost-effective, and you can pick videos that are right for your Spanish level. 

Additionally, most SAT prep companies have their channels on YouTube where they post guidance on how to prepare for the Spanish Subject Test and the Listening exam as well. If you are preparing for the SAT Spanish Listening Subject Test, then online videos and online audio files are the perfect way to start training your ear. Start by listening to the video and trying to interpret them back to a friend or sibling. You can move on to another level by listening to passages in Spanish and answering a few key questions about the passage including the narrator’s tone, style, main objective, conclusion, etc. These listening and answering drills will get you ready to ace the Spanish listening exam. 

Exam Tutors

Online tools and local libraries are just a few ways to access free Spanish revision resources without any additional costs. If more reinforcement is needed, perhaps a more rigorous study schedule or compiled study guide can aid your studying. Yet, at times a great study schedule and/or revision guide is not enough to get you ready for an exam. 

Hiring a private tutor can reinforce your SAT Spanish knowledge. Along with getting exam-ready, a private tutor comes with a myriad of benefits and study resources. Your tutor will focus on your Spanish skillset from faults to learning style. This is a major aid because every lesson will be geared to your specific needs.

Think about your tutor as your very own Spanish editor. A tutor will diligently give you work that they will then correct and review with you. Review sessions will improve your skills in targeting language errors in your basic Spanish writing and verbal.

SAT Spanish prep
Hiring a Spanish language tutor is a great way to keep study accountability and on a set schedule. (Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash)

Even though hiring a tutor comes with its costs, most resources are included. So, in most cases, you won’t have to worry about any additional material and resource costs. Most tutors give you all worksheets and books with no added cost. 

Another benefit to hiring a language tutor is that they are great at keeping you accountable for your studying and learning. You will also realize that the endless feedback and constructive criticism will increase your motivation to do the work and keep study sessions going. 

Regardless of hiring a tutor or using the countless resources available online or in your community libraries, there is SAT Spanish preparation aid for you. So do not limit yourself to one or two resources, use them all to your advantage. Keep motivation high, stay on top of your study schedule, and ace the SAT Spanish Subject Test. 

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