Finding a violin teacher is going to be central to your success as a violinist. It is an important decision to make, and not all tutors will be right for you. So how do you know which violin instructor will have the correct teaching style and experience, to lead you to become the best violinist possible?

Let's take a look at some of the essential things to know when on the search for your violin tutor.

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Different Kinds Of Tutoring Available

When you are ready to start learning to play the violin, you will need to understand what options are available to you. There are lots of different curriculums and also many different methods to learning violin.

The Most Popular Methods For Learning The Violin Are:

  1. The Suzuki Violin method, invented by Shinichi Suzuki, works by using the natural educational instinct for learning that all humans have. He surmised that if babies can learn their native language without being taught, then the same could work for music or in fact anything else that someone wanted to learn. This is a common violin method focused on helping students of ages and abilities.
  2. The traditional violin method is only defined as such because Mr Suzuki created his popular way. The classical training provided by the traditional method believes in the student being able to read music straight away. Although they may teach this differently if you work with this method you will immediately begin to learn to read music.

The Most Popular Places To Learn To Play The Violin Are:

  • Self-study is a popular way to learn to play the violin and great for students who have a good foundation in music or string instruments. Self-study has no cost and has access to thousands of great free resources. It is important to be highly devoted to your learning if you chose this method, as learning alone taking time and comes with little encouragement.
  • Online study is an excellent way to study violin if you love to travel, or want to have access to violin teachers that do not live in your local area. Online violin lessons can be taught from anywhere in the world and to anyone who has a Strong Wi-Fi connection, compatible internet equipment and a clear webcam and microphone.
  • Online violin tuition has a cheaper cost attached than privately taught violin lessons. These lessons are more affordable and have much of the same benefits as one to one private lessons. Online lessons are taught through online conferencing software like skype or google hangout. You will be required to have the high-quality equipment and a good space to practice with bright lighting. You can get great value by taking a music class online.
  • Studying violin privately with a local teacher is a great way to get someone to one attention and perfect your violin technique. One to one violin classes are the traditional way that many successful violinists have learnt to master the instrument. This can be extraordinarily powerful for the younger student but is an invaluable way to learn for all ages. Private lessons attract a higher cost, but that is for a reason. If you want to excel in violin having a private violin tutor can extinguish bad habits and implement great strategies for musical fluency.

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Become the best violinist possible
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Why Get A Music Teacher

When you have decided how you want to learn to play the violin and thought about what goals you have for your learning. You will be able to begin thinking about choosing your music teacher. No matter how you decide to learn to have a music teacher or someone that you follow will be a guide to supporting you to become a better musician.

If you follow the self-study route, perhaps you will follow the owner of a blog or YouTube channel. If you take classes online, maybe you will work with a few music teachers from around the world who specialise in different forms of the violin. If you chose private classes, then your tutor will be the one who supports you, but you can also study other musicians as well.

You violin teacher is the one who will listen to you and give you honest feedback, they can hear the small mistakes and help you to correct them, and they can give you all of the tips for how you can improve and step into the shoes of the musician that you were meant to be.

Having an idea about the styles of music you want to make will also go far in helping your music teacher support you in realising your goals and releasing your talent.

How To Find A Teacher For Violin Lessons

There are many ways to get a music teacher, but you, of course, don’t just want any violin tutor you want the best violin instructor for you. One who will be dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and nurture your talent. Your violin teacher will not only need to teach you how to play, but they also have to demonstrate passionate teaching methods, show discipline, inspire dedication, encourage focus and create tailored tips to guide your music lessons.

How To Find Your Perfect Violin Teacher

When you are ready to select your violin teacher, you must choose someone who is talented, patient and who has had other music students. Experience in teaching music goes a long way, as even the most talented professional musician may have trouble teaching how to use a musical instrument. Teaching the violin as a successful violinist is a mix of knowing the instrument and also having a useful teaching method to share successes with your students.

  • Get Recommendations

Personal recommendations from other students are an ideal way to find your perfect tutor. Once you have a short list, you will want to interview them and find the one that you feel you have the best connection with.

If you don’t know any other people, who are taking music lessons go to your local college of music. There you should be able to find students or teachers who have recommendations about violin tutors who can help you reach your musical goals.

  • Compare Rates

Most tutors are independent contractors so their prices will be entirely different. While private lessons can begin at £35, you may be able to find cheaper lesson with an outstanding violin instructor or perhaps you will want to pay 3 times that to study with a talented musician.

Prices can vary massively, make sure that you look around and compare prices to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Remember you are likely to be working with the violin teacher for the next few years. As such paying the best price over the long term with be better for your pocket.

After few violin lessons with the teacher, if you are sure that you would like to work with them, long-term see if you can negotiate a ‘long-term student discount’ or deal that works for both you and the teacher.

  • Teaching Style

Before you hire your tutor, you should get an idea of how they teach. Discuss with them the goals that you have for learning the violin and organise ideas about how you will get there if you work together. Understanding the teaching methods of your teachers are very important, and they should suit your learning style and your musical goals.

If you can find a tutor, who ticks all the boxes and also teaches you in a way that makes it easy, engaging and exciting to learn. Playing the violin will become a pleasure, and you will be able to go from beginner to expert in faster succession than if you study with someone who teaches in a boring way and has you switching off before you even pick up your violin.

  • Search For Tutors Online

There are thousands of violin teachers online and many of them can either teach you online or come to meet you for a private one to one session. When you use the internet as a resource, your options become endless, and you will have access to the best professional musicians.

You may also seek music schools which already have lots of teachers on their books. This can be an excellent option as they may have facilities for violin lessons and equipment for their students which can help you to save money in the short term. Always check reviews of anyone you decide to work with to make sure that they have the required skills.

Learning to read violin sheet music
The traditional method believes in the student being able to read music. Photo Source: Unsplash

Tips To Ensure A Safe And Quality Learning Environment

  1. It will be recommendable to choose a violin teacher who has had either a teaching career or who has experience in teaching.
  2. If you tutor has qualifications for a school of music or has graduated as bachelor of music etc. it will confirm that they have the required expertise to teach music.
  3. Always get a Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB) for privately taught lessons to young or vulnerable people.

All students learn to play the violin differently if you can find an experienced violin teacher who can make learning the violin accessible, easy and enjoyable. Then you have made the right choice, and you will be on the road to becoming a talented musician. Although becoming a talented violinist is a mix of study, hard work, practice, passion and patience. Working with the right instructor can quickly elevate your levels of success and be just the right encouragement that you need to keep going.

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