Many of us have dreamed of singing on the stage at some point in our lives, whether as children or as adults daydreaming while doing our regular day jobs. Inspirational stories like those of Susan Boyle makes us want to participate in talent shows where we may just get a chance to be under the spotlight and make a name for ourselves.

Whether you are serious about performing onstage one day or you simply want to have a good time and sing your heart out, it's always a good time to start taking singing lessons. From the age of three to sixty three, you can take singing lessons in LA at any age and find a tutor who will meet your needs as a music student.

If you are unsure about taking singing lessons because you do not think that you can ever become a good singer, that is not true! While many people believe that singing beautifully is something many are born with, you can still learn to sing well through careful practice and training. What is innate is the physiological differences between our voices, and some basic vocal training can make a big difference between a beginner singer and someone who is more experienced.

Learning How to Sing in LA

If you are not a good singer, or if other people have told you that you don't sing well, don't fret! You can still get a chance to become better when you learn from the professionals. Finding a singing tutor who can coach you from a total amateur to an experienced singer is important, and no amount of self-learning can replace the advantage you will get when you enrol in proper and professional singing lessons.

Lady singing on a stage in a dark room
A good singing coach can help you become an experienced singer. (Photo by Glenn van de Wiel on Unsplash)

If you have always been an amateur singer, hiring a singing coach in Los Angeles can be a great way to level up and get more serious with your singing game. Everyone's voice is different, so some advice to improve that you find online or in a book may not work well for your voice type. This is where the benefits of having a voice coach comes in - you will get personalized feedback on how to sing properly.

Living in the city of Los Angeles also means you have access to an endless selection of great musical performances. With the city being one of the major arts hub, Los Angeles is home to some of the highest caliber of performing artists, including singers. Whether you are a beginner music student who just enrolled in singing lessons or if you are an experienced singer looking to improve your skills, you are bound to find a singing coach to meet your needs. Below are some local studios near you where you can enrol in lessons.

Michelle Ostrove Vocal & Piano Studio

Master vocal coach Michelle Ostrove also teaches piano, in the case that you are interested in refining your piano playing skills along with your voice. For her music education, Michelle studied music at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science in Tempe, Arizona, the same school where she also holds a Master’s Degree. Throughout her teaching career, Michelle trained with many vocal coaches living all across the U.S. Her vocal students have appeared on well-know T.V. shows such as  American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

When you take voice lessons with Michelle, in a few short lessons you'll improve your singing abilities. Additionally, Michelle also teaches songwriting courses so you can learn what it takes to raise your songwriting capabilities to the next level. Songwriting is a generative art and if you are unsure how to start, Michelle Ostrove can help you to explore the fun side of singing and songwriting to grow your own songwriting skills and abilities.

two women singing on the streets with a guitar
Explore the fun side of singing and songwriting with a good singing teacher. (Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash)

Jane Chen Vocal Studio

Vocal teacher Jane Chen holds a degree in theater studies from Yale University. As a performer herself she has 32 years of singing experience while as a teacher she has 19 years of teaching experience. Some types of singing lessons that you can sign up at Jane's vocal studio include an introductory at a cost of $70 for 55 minutes, proper voice lessons where you learn how to breathe and work on other techniques for $80 an hour, and a foundational training program that is highly tailored to the learner and ideal for singers of all levels.

Voice by Melissa

Melissa offers voice lessons from her own home studio in Los Angeles as well as services where she travels to your home for in-home sessions. She is a passionate teacher and tailors lessons to the needs of each individual student. Originally from Chicago, Melissa herself is a mezzo-soprano singer and during her work as a performer, she was in a featured ensemble for Grammy award winning production of The Ghosts of Versailles. As a teacher she is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, The Voice Foundation, and the American Guild of Musical Artists.

​​Resources for Singing Students in L.A.

If you recently moved to Los Angeles or if you have never met anyone who is interested in singing like you are, you may be at a loss as to where to find a singing coach to meet your needs. One way you can make the connections is to visit your local music shop and ask where you may find a singing coach. The music shop may even have a bulletin board where tutors will post their ads to look for new students.

Besides the music shop, using the internet can also make your life easier when it comes to finding a singing coach. Try looking for local singing groups in Los Angeles on social networks such as Facebook where you can make a posting to look for a singing coach. You can also directly message members of the group to ask if they are interested in tutoring you as a signing coach. And of course, websites online such as Superprof can also help you connect with singing tutors near you in Los Angeles.

Music students in L.A. also have access to the thriving community of local singers and musicians that perform nightly in small venues around the city. To become a better performer, a singing student can listen to these small-time performances to improve their own performing skills. Some performers often have guest vocalists who they will invite to sing with them. To start your singing performance career you can consider being a guest vocalist to gain experience performing.

Two ladies singing together next to a microphone.
You can find a community of local singers that perform in small venues around the city. (Photo by Kristina Paparo on Unsplash)

Good Lifestyle Practices for Singers

If you made up your mind to dedicate a significant chunk of your time to the art of singing, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to help you improve your craft. Similar to how football players require regular conditional training to stay fit, and how police officers and firemen need to regular cardio training to stay fit for their jobs, singers are no different. With singing, your voice is your most important asset, and it takes time and resources to take good care of it.

We've all heard of the phrase "drink lots of water" before, but when have we followed this advice to the letter? It's common knowledge that water does wonders for our health but did you know that it can also help you improve your singing? That's because drinking lots of water avoids drying out your throat, so it's a good habit to get into by taking water throughout your day and before you start practising your singing.

The next lifestyle change is to practice daily. Despite what many people might think about how having a good voice is simply an innate talent, it also requires a lot of practice to hone your voice. This is where hard work and dedication comes in as there’s no getting around a lack of practice. You can’t sing better by just reading a guide or listening to music, you have to commit to practising daily to get better.

To get past mental roadblocks, it's a good habit to remind yourself everyday to not take yourself so seriously in the beginning. It's completely ok to make mistakes and it is not the end of the world if you make a mistake in front of a small or large audience. Your life isn't over and you will eventually recover. Like most hurdles in life, you are bound to overcome them and grow stronger with the experience.

Remember to Find Singing Buddies

Football players will have their football friends with whom they can talk about football with. Dancers will have their dancing friends with whom they can talk about all things dancing and even practice and perform in shows together. Singer are no different.

If you are taking solo singing lessons, it may be difficult to meet others who also sing as a hobby or professionally unless you want to be friends with your singing coach. This is why it's a good idea to join hobby groups for singing and you can find these groups online or through your singing coach or music school.

When you make friends who are as into singing as you are, they can also introduce you to music and other connections in the singing world. You can also have a support system for when you are feeling unmotivated to practice. So it is a good idea to make these friends a part of your life if you are serious about your singing.

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