This city, popularly known as the capital of world entertainment is one of the most important cities in the world within the film industry and it is considered a very important place for the recorded music industry especially in the United States.

When it comes to music, if you make it LA, you're pretty much set!

Take a Degree in Music

There are plenty of accredited programs available in LA including the Los Angeles College of Music and the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music. LA is also home to a huge variety of independent voice coaches and tutors.

Let's start with the well-known institutions that offer degrees in music which include singing classes.

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A music degree is a good option for those wanting to become professional singers - (Source: stockvault)

Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music

Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music, offers a diverse field of contemporary music programs.

The degrees offered include Bachelor and Master of music, Associate of Arts and other certificate programs.

Its Bachelor's in music is divided into two subdivisions: Bachelor of music in composition and Bachelor of music in performance. The latter is an academic degree that specializes in instrumental performance, music theory, ear training, musicianship, music history, Alexander techniques and more.

The Musicians Institute prepares graduates for a career in two fields: Guitar Craft (Luthier program) and Music Business.

The music business program features in-depth training and interactive learning experiences with seasoned music industry professionals. So, whether you are an aspiring music business professional or an artist seeking a comprehensive music industry education, the Musicians Institute covers it all!

This college of music also focuses on artist development. A big part of achieving singing success and becoming an internationally renowned singer is developing your artistic personality. This goes all the way: from songwriting and live performance to branding, image, and marketing. How to overcome stage fright and performance anxiety is also addressed.

Los Angeles College of Music

The LACM is at the heart of the music industry in LA and is one of the top music schools today.

It offers Bachelor and Associate degrees and diploma programs in music performance, music production, songwriting, and music business.

You can take a variety of singing courses here.

Do you want to create, record, perform and promote record-breaking music? LACM can help you achieve your goals.

You have the opportunity of working with diverse talents from around the world and trained by highly skilled, handpicked music coaches. The school prepares its students to be leaders in music. So taking singing classes at LACM is will take you from good to great!

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Get yourself behind a professional mic at an LA music school - (Source: Photo by Prince Abid on Unsplash)

Angeles Academy of Music

The most noteworthy part to Angeles Academy of Music is that it is owned by Emmy Award-winning composer Nathan Pangrazio.

His accomplishments in the music field, combined with his years of passion as a performer, a composer and music educator make him the best person to own and operate a quality music school. Unlike other academies of music, they are open all year round so you can begin anytime.

You can have your singing lessons with any musical instruments. These lessons include piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, cello lessons, and drum lessons.

Interestingly, their music lessons are available seven days a week ranging from early mornings to midnight classes. These classes, therefore, accommodate all kinds of schedules. It means that your work schedule is no excuse not to attend your singing lessons!

Do you want to sing in LA? Angeles Academy practically begs you to reach your potential.

Learn How To Sing In a Voice Studio

Singer and singing coach
Singing and recording in a music studio - (Source: visualhunt)

Just like other cities across the US such as New York, Houston or Chicago, LA is full of music studios!

What voice type are you? A voice type classifies a singing voice by vocal range, vocal weight, vocal transition point, and vocal register.

Voice classification is a tool usually used in a music theatre for singers, composers, and listeners to categorize voice properties and associate roles with voices.

Choral singers are classified based on their vocal range, solo singers are classified based on tessitura.

A singer will choose a repertoire that suits his or her musical instrument. Diverse voice types are used in vocal pedagogy (the art and science of voice instruction) in the voice classification system. They are grouped into seven major voice categories.

Usually, for women, there are three groups:

  • Soprano
  • Mezzo-soprano and
  • Contralto

Usually, for men, there are four groups.

  • Countertenor
  • Tenor
  • Baritone and
  • Bass

In a choral group or band, the lead singer or soloist is usually the person with the most prominent voice. Now, this will be based on the vocal range of the individual.

Would you consider your voice to be a warm voice or a bright one? This is known as tone quality.

Treno and soprano singers tend to have brighter voices while altos and basses can be edged towards the warmer voice. Popular singers and Broadway stars tend to have brighter tone quality than an opera singer and often choral singers.

This is what your voice trainer or singing coach will help you define in your voice or singing lessons.

Do you want to sing the blues? Or do you want to have a voice that can compete in today’s music industry, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist?

Amber Light Voice Studios

The Amber Light Voice Studios, located in the heart of Hollywood can help you reach your maximum potential as a vocalist. Amber Light instructors were trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and have a unique vocal training method derived from a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Amber light specializes in giving students a major label quality of sound while emphasizing vocal health.

Amber Light Voice Studios offer the following services:

  • Vocal lessons;
  • Performance opportunities;
  • Songwriting;
  • Ear training;
  • Product recording;
  • In studio coaching.

Ingrid Vocal Studio

Ingrid Vocal Studio is a vocal company owned by Ingrid Schnell, a singer, songwriter, and vocal instructor in Los Angeles.

Ingrid creates a student-centered environment that allows students to work on their personal goals as a vocalist and artist. She emphasizes vocal strength, vocal health, and flexibility within their personal artistic style and genre.

Ingrid works with anyone from beginner to advanced singers and all ages, coaching each as to their specific needs and goals. Voice lessons, artist development, performance coaching, vocal production are among the services she offers.

Micah Pro Vocals

With over 20 years of experience as a successful professional vocal coach in Los Angeles, it's all you need to step up your game as a singer. They have mentored many clients for big performances, Tv and film, major vocal development and so on.

Micah as a vocal coach covers many musical styles in the music world. He uses his vocal techniques to bring out your tone quality. He gives 1-hour voice lessons in a top of the line hybrid recording studio in Los Angeles where he not only works on techniques but records you singing so together you can monitor your performance growth.

Micah also locates your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you things that will give you an immediate breakthrough.

He creates a tailored CD that focusses on your areas of need so you can work on your voice on a regular basis to facilitate the momentum of your vocal development.

It will be a waste to take lessons and not actualize your dreams. Make sure you get heard.

Don't think the only way to make it big is to live in LA. Depending on what music you want to create there are opportunities all over the US including Philadelphia and Phoenix.

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