Philadelphia, popularly called Philly, is home to a vibrant musical heritage dating back to colonial times.

The city has earned itself a reputation for music styles including dancehall, Irish traditional music, folk music. But Philly has earned itself national and international recognition through its innovation in opera music, classical music, jazz, R&B, and soul.

Does Boy II Men ring a bell? This American R&B vocal group defined the music scene in Philly back in the 90s.

What about Chubby Checker from the twist? And the Fresh Prince, Will Smith? The list cannot be complete without DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diplo, and Meek Mill.

If you live in this beautiful city and you want to sing, there are plenty of diverse choices. Whether you need to improve your singing technique, require vocal coaching, vocal control, improve your range, read or sight music or just practice, Philly has some great picks.

Like in cities such as Phoenix, Houston or Chicago, in this city of brotherly love, you can find your distinct sound.

Take Singing Lessons Online

Woman being taught online
Taking singing lessons online with a tutor (source: Visualhaunt)

To learn how to sing better or to indulge in the service of a singing teacher doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be physically present. A lot of things might make it impossible for you to walk into a music academy and be taught how to sing. A busy schedule or your physical health, for example.

Good news is, you can have online singing lessons.

The world has advanced so much that we can’t be held back by little hurdles that stop us reaching our dreams and aspirations.

For online lessons, all you need is to register on telecommunications application and a webcam headphone. Simple!

Superprof is one of the places to look into for your online singing classes across the USA.

With over seven hundred voice teachers to choose from, Superprof singing teachers are there ready to give you online lessons.

Superprof teachers offer their first lessons free. This gives you the chance the determine whether that music teacher is the right fit for you.

Philly based, Emily Anna Bridge, offers online music lessons in her voice studio, La Voce Mia.

She is a composer, a singer and a vocal coach with nearly two decades of vocal coaching experience. She specializes in developmental singing and speech level singing.

Her teaching style can be described as holistic and health oriented. She focuses on ways to keep your voice healthy for auditions, performances or even your own bathroom performances. Like the body, the voice also needs exercise. It needs to be trained.

Beginners take note:

  • Focus on professional singing techniques. Train your voice like you would train your body. Rest and eat well, an do a moderate form of exercise. When singing, maintain a disciplined practice schedule with intervals of rest and recovery to perform at an optimal level regardless of the genre you may be working on.
  • Practice the right breathing.
  • Avoid phonotraumatic behaviors: don’t scream, don’t yell, don’t talk loud. All these put a strain on your voice. Prolonged pressure on the vocal cords makes it swollen or red and causes change and sometimes, vocal nodules. It might even make you sound hoarse.
  • Drink lots and lots of water and try to avoid too many non-caffeinated beverages where possible.
  • Try not try to imitate or copy other voices or singing styles. You can simply watch the way a professional singer sings but find your own style.

This is all certainly easier said than done! Singing can be quite a task but very fun.

A few more tips:

Sing in smaller increments of time, that is, 30 to 45 minutes each day.  As you make progress, increase the amount of time each day. Your tone quality should greatly improve. Finally, believe in your vocal power.

Find the Right Singing Course in Philadelphia

A choir with red uniform singing harmoniously
Classical choirs are a great place to start (Source: stockvault)

New School of Music, Philadelphia

New School first originated in 1943 as an all strings school. Later, in 1974, it received its accreditation and awarded its first Bachelor of music degrees. As early as the 1980s, the school gained a reputation of graduating famous singers.

New School's curriculum includes private instrumental institution, ear training, music theory and history, chamber music coaching, music reading and many performance opportunities.

If you want to be an opera singer, New School is a highly recommended academy to reach this goal.

Settlement Music School

Another music academy worth looking into for your singing classes is Settlement Music School.

The Settlement Music School has been in existence since 1908. Its aim is to provide exceptional music art education to everyone. It is an inclusive creative community that brings years of professional experience to the classroom.

They offer individual instructions, classes, ensembles and performance opportunities for more than 20 instruments! Can all those instruments be at your disposal and not help you find your exact sound? Probably not!

Philly Music Lessons

Philly Music Lessons help to connect students regardless of their age and skills. Their approach to teaching is tailored to meet the needs, interest and learning styles of each student.

Do you have special needs as a student? This is a great place to take singing lessons if you're unsure of your ability and have self-doubt. You will in doubt find your voice here. They offer voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, bass lessons and a lot more.

You can have your singing lessons at their music studio or at home singing classes.

Man singing and playing guitar
Learn to sing rock in Philadelphia - (Source: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash)

Learn to Sing Rock in Philly

If your passion is singing rock songs, you can improve your voice with School of Rock.

The School of Rock has a House Band music program that gives students under 18 the opportunity to join a gigging band composed of great singers from their school. Their program also involves artist development.

Performance is at the core of the School of Rock approach. Students are given the opportunity to perform on stage to learn to create stage presence characteristic of a rock singer. This program by the School of Rock is available for students with various skill levels and ages.

You can also have your guitar lessons, drums, bass guitar, and keyboard lessons here.

Tips for Upcoming Rock Singers

Here are a few tips to help you reach that rock singing dream; from New York to Los Angeles, the technique is universal:

  • Part of becoming a rock singer requires more vocal control that singing karaoke songs. You need to learn to control the pitch and tone of your voice;
  • You are required to sing from the stomach, not from the throat;
  • Learn how to change pitch. Try opening and closing your throat. Closing your throat adds the hoarse character while opening your throat increase volume and improves timbre;
  • Rock singing should be ambiguous in lyrics, rhythm, and pitch;
  • Take your guitar lessons seriously. If you are a one-man rock singer, you need it. But if it’s a group band, well, the whole concept of rock music could be split;
  • Being a rock singer means singing with passion;
  • It’s usually loud and with a lot of energy. The pain, the anger, the excitement, all the emotions channeled into a song. A rock singer usually emits all these emotions during a performance.

School of Rock takes you through all of these processes and much more.

The City of Philly is filled with a love for music and the general music scene inspires so many on a daily basis.

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