Phoenix is a city formerly known as an agricultural community but today, it's known for many things but music is a big element to the city. Phoenix also houses the largest musical instrument museum in the world.

Phoenix holds bountiful music schools giving you a wonderful choice to take singing lessons.

Phoenix has a thriving music scene and some great musicians have come from Phoenix and Arizona state including Stevie Nicks, Courtney Marie Andrews, Fine China, and Alec Benjamen.

Like in other famous cities such as Houston or New York, the jazz scene in Phoenix is particularly well known with venues such as The Nash Jazz Club, Char's Has the Blues, and the Rhythm Room to name a few. It is rare to be in Phoenix downtown and not be drawn in by jazz music.

As a singer, Phoenix is an ideal place to find your very own style of sound and places to practice.

Find a Singing Tutor in Phoenix

Everyone has a singing voice. It's just a matter of finding your range and style.

Thomas Collett

Thomas Collet's voice lessons include helping you to discover your voice range and learn vocal techniques, vocal exercises such as breath control and warm-ups. These lessons also prioritize your vocal health.

Thomas Collett is not just an amazing vocal coach but also a singer who has over 21 year's experience. He offers private singing lessons not just in Phoenix but all around the country.

Thomas Collett gives you total confidence in his teaching techniques by providing his own singing samples and videos of coaching sessions with his students. He continuously studies new voice techniques to get his students updated methods to achieve singing success. You can also take online lessons with him.

Woman recording and playing the guitar
Put your skills to the test as a singer in Phoenix - (Source: Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash)

Lindsay Bair

Lindsay offers singing lessons focusing on the passion that inspires us to sing and how it makes one feel. She understands that it is not easy finding our voice but is determined to help you find it!

Lindsay has been singing most of her life and believes in singing as a therapy not just about the technical method. She pushes her students to express themselves and worry less about how it sounds but how it feels which builds your confidence to really improve as a singer.

Lessons start at $70 per fifty minutes and her studio is based at 800 N. 19th Ave. What are you waiting for? Let Lindsay bring out your true potential as a singer in Phoenix!

Sommar Nelson

Located in North Phoenix, Sommar specializes in musical theatre singing especially preparing for auditions. Although she caters for all singers in this area, if you are in need of fine-tuning for your audition piece or even deciding on what piece to sing, Sommar is the person to contact.

She has been a singing coach for over 20 years and fully believes that sight singing, vocal tone, and performance, in general, will help give you that edge in your audition.

Lessons start from $30 for 30 minutes lessons with a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Learn to Sing Rock in Phoenix

Rock singers are often known to not look after their vocal health not just in the way they sing but also the lifestyles they lead.

It is also not uncommon to find that many classically trained singing and voice teachers don't work with rock singers.

Yet, excellent rock singing technique is similar to classical music techniques and even opera music.

To sing rock, you need to develop an intense emphasis on your personality to blend with this genre of music and to create that rock stage presence.

Woman on stage sining
Find your singing style in Phoenix - (Source: Photo by Eduardo Balderas on Unsplash)

The School of Rock is in the heart of Phoenix. They combine private lessons with group lessons (usually a group band practice). One of the School's top programs is the Rock 101 program for children between the ages of 6 to 10 and beginners.

In this program, adult students get a weekly group setting rehearsal where they learn to play classic rock music with others. This program also gives students performance opportunities, created to get students on stage performing with the aim of confidence building and overcome stage fright.

Music lessons at the School of Rock also include guitar lessons. Can you really sing rock'n'roll without knowing a little about the guitar?

The key concepts of the School of rock include techniques, solos, chords, and theory.

It might interest you to know that rock is a grandchild of the blues.  Blues became heavy and danceable and then it started to just rock, and this when rock'n'roll was truly born.

As rock continued to grow, it became rougher and edgier and through that, varieties of the rock genre naturally grew.

Whether you're based in LA, Chicago or even Philadelphia, it is important to prepare yourself for this world of music. It can be intense but worth it!

So, how do you prepare yourself for rock sessions? First, don’t be afraid of your voice's power. Dare to give it your all, which is harder than you think. Try singing with a wider range. Go from whispers to healthy shouts to practice this.

Remember, priority should be given to your vocal health. You don't want to damage your voice because it can set you back weeks or even months. But also don't be afraid to try out different vocal flairs like a little growl at the end of your song sections.

American’s 20th-century iconic king of rock, Elvis Presley brings to mind a unique kind of rock. He defined rock in a magical way and he left us begging for more rock music Though we have lots of rock artists today, it never fades in popularity.

Singing Courses in Phoenix

Phoenix Music Lessons

The Phoenix Music Lessons have been in existence since 1991, offering professional music instruction to both individuals and groups. They are a local team of professional and highly trained music teachers.

They offer guitar lessons, voice lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons, and even string lessons.

Why you should consider Phoenix Music Lessons:

  • They are are all locals with top-notch credentials, university degrees, and recording experience;
  • You get two free recitals every year;
  • You can have your lessons at home or in their music studio;
  • There is no registration fee;
  • Their prices are very fair;

With Phoenix Conservatory of music, you can unlock your musical potential.

A rock band performing with various musical instruments
A rock band performing with various musical instruments. (source. Imcreator)

Phoenix Conservatory of Music

This school has a record of serving over 2400 rock stars annually. What can possibly beat that?

PCM is a community music school founded in 1998. Its aim was to provide high-quality music education and experience to students. Annually, Phoenix Conservatory of Music provides music education to nearly 2,000 students.

These 2,000 students have had access to a music education that is also very affordable. They offer group classes, private lessons, and a college prep program and after-school programs in the community. As well as singing lessons, you can have lessons in the instrument of your choice and in any music style.


With such a big variety of singing lessons in Phoenix, if you're serious about your singing goals, Phoenix is a great city to live. There is plenty of support from tutors and credited vocal coaches.

Superprof is also a great place to find a singing tutor. As tutors work independently, you can find lessons to fit around your schedule and budget across the USA.


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