So, it has got to that point. After many failed resolutions, you have finally risen on two feet and decided to take the first step to develop your singing voice.

Your voice shall no longer be confined to the walls of your bathroom and instead will carry forth into the distance of the summer's night.

Well, maybe that was put a little too dramatically, but there are multiple reasons as to why people search for professionals to help develop their voice.

Trained vocal coaches are often responsible for educating politicians, public speakers, audio narrators and much more.

In a world which many working professionals attend seminars and specialist talks, the individual responsible for conducting these has often received support within their vocal delivery.

But, as someone who is looking for the assistance of a vocal coach to develop their singing voice, there are boundless options across the country for those looking to develop and impress others with their singing abilities.

As discussed in the following articles, here at Superprof, we have identified a number of considerations to assist those who are in search of such services.

From price range to finding the best vocal teachers, there is an abundance of opportunities from specialist music academies to private vocal coaches across the USA.

15 Great Reasons to Take Singing Lessons

It may be a little surprising upon your first read to realize the large scale of benefits that one can incur when taking singing lessons.

Not alone are their physiological advancements, but emotional/psychological benefits that can improve the overall health of an individual.

Firstly, it is a worthwhile vocation. How many times have you found yourself in a social situation, and when someone has stolen the show with a perfectly pitched rendition of a crowd-pleasing song?

Everybody loves someone who can perform off the cuff and it can be a great socializing mechanism to impress those around you!

It is also an effective way to make new friends. Thousands of younger children and adolescents across The States flock to summer music camps and specialist music academies to connect with people similar to their age!

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There are several approaches to finding the best voice coaches. (Source: Visualhunt)

How Much do Singing Lessons Cost?

There certainly isn't a straight answer when it comes to this question.

The price of a lesson is dependant on several factors. Below is a brief summary of these:

  • The experience level of the voice coach
  • Where you are in the country and if you are choosing centrally located coaches or those who offer their services in the suburban areas
  • Academies vs private voice coaches
  • General vs niche coaching programs
  • Paying per session or paying in bulk.

These are just a few examples of what can affect the price.

If you are looking for the cheapest possible sessions, it is worthwhile contacting student teachers who are still enrolled in music colleges and universities.

This helps to make the price for payment more competitive as multiple students may well be offering similar services and they have yet to gain as much experience as those coaches which have finished their studies a long time ago.

Of course, the area is important. For example, central New York has multiple academies and large scale companies offering such services, but specialist voice coaches from these platforms could set you back almost $200 bucks an hour.

How to Find the Best Vocal Coaches

The obvious approach most will have would be to scroll the internet and analyze reviews and testimonials from ex-students of voice coaches - this is certainly a great way to start!

A number of private singing teachers have their own website and can be found on any standard online search engine.

The only consideration here is that a number of the high profile companies will invest a significant amount of funds into their online presence making their websites and general services more prominent online.

Due to this, some coaches which may be perfect candidates may well not be as visible, and it is, therefore, important to persevere and compose an in-depth online search to ensure you identify all of the possibilities within your area.

Singing groups are also a fantastic way to find worthy recommendations from fellow singers. Conversing with as many people as you can is a great way to find out about potential coaches within your locality.

Also, many coaches offer their first sessions for free so you can, therefore, trial as many coaches as you wish until you find the perfect choice!

Where to Find the Ideal Vocal Coach

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Professional voice coaches can be found across all cities in the US! (Source: Visualhunt)

Across the United States, there are multiple opportunities for aspiring singers.

In Southern California, we have carefully identified a number of these opportunities in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

Attractive and highly populated cities like these two have an array of options to choose from.

Music academies are incredibly popular, especially with a younger crowd. A number of these establishments also offer lessons for various other instruments including the piano and guitar.

The difference between music academies is that the general aura is that individuals will attend these in the hope of collaborating with fellow artists whilst developing their contact base.

If you are setting out on the journey of one day becoming a professional musician, then academies are a great way to start! Several of the establishments discussed each have trained coaches who impart their knowledge on a one-to-one basis as well as hosting opportunities for group-based practices.

There are also several options when it comes to both Austin, Texas, and Chicago.

Two cities recognized for their musical prowess and history, both cities have a high concentration of artists and therefore there is a demand for private voice coaches.

Prices certainly vary and there are cheaper options outside of the city, just make sure you have a good idea on your price limits before contacting a coach!

Practicing Singing Outside of Your Singing Classes

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Practice makes perfect! The more effort you put in, the quicker the results will show. (Source: Visualhunt)

Multiple studies have taken place to identify the wealth of benefits when it comes to regular singing, but regularity is the key to development.

It is important that regular voice coaching sessions are scheduled as the consistency helps with overall improvement. However, it is also down to the singer to ensure that you are regularly practicing in between those times periods in which they wait for their next lesson.

We may all not have the accessibility to sing loudly at home so it is important that a safe and comfortable environment is established to allow regular practicing sessions.

This is what makes music academies stand out. As discussed in our critique of The School of Rock, they effectively have a number of soundproof rooms within their studios to accommodate the high number of students who attend their music lessons.

This allows not only the chance to collaborate, but it gifts the opportunity of self-improvement from regular practice sessions within a professional environment.

How Great Do You Wish To Be?

It goes to say that the amount of effort and dedication exerted within a given task almost always reflects the end goal.

Reading this means you have every intention of developing your singing voice, and the most sensible first step is to look out for those who can teach you the fundamental techniques to ensure positive singing techniques are embedded within your practice.

The most respected singers, from Adele to Bruce Springsteen, have all received support from professional voice coaches.

Ron Anderson is a prime example of what the media often label as the 'megastar' of voice coaches.

His portfolio consists of working with the likes of Adele, Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue and most recently Harry Styles.

Some of these performers are regarded as some of the worlds most recognized singers yet they all frequently revert back to support from trained professionals.

So, whether the journey of finding a vocal coach is for personal reasons or it is in fact because you want to be a megastar yourself, all singers from a variety of levels and popularity 'go back to school' to develop and hone their singing skills as a performer.

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