Los Angeles is a large and multicultural city. Like many large multicultural cities in the United States such as Boston and Philadelphia, there are many opportunities for students interested in studying a second language other than English, such as Arabic. Taking language lessons in a program or a language school can help a new student to reach a high level of fluency. Taking lessons in a group setting introduces students to not only meet new people but also have others to practice their growing language skills with.

For those trying to learn Arabic but working around a busy schedule, it might be easier to work with a private teacher rather than attend a group class. When you learn with a private tutor you have more flexibility to tailor your tutoring sessions to meet your needs. For example, you can choose the length of your class, where and when to meet, what materials you want to study, and the pace at which you decide to go.

No matter what option you choose to pursue when it comes to your Arabic language education, you can succeed with hard work and determination.

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You can learn Arabic in a group setting or a private setting, depending on what makes you more comfortable. (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)

Arabic Study Tips

When taking Arabic classes as a student, expect to put in a few hours a week to keep up with the course work. The key is to be consistent with your studies and focus on getting the work done without getting distracted. Below are some of our other study tips for the beginner Arabic language student.

The first tip is to keep yourself interested in finding new ways to engage with the material. For example, are you a movie buff? Then one way you can incorporate your love for movies into your learning is to watch Arabic films. If there aren't many that you know of, consider watching a favorite movie with Arabic subtitles or watching it dubbed in Arabic. This way you can practice both your listening and reading skills while enjoying your favorite hobby!

If you are a fan of music, then similarly it is very possible to incorporate music into your Arabic studies. Some ways you can find Arabic language music is on online websites such as Youtube or using applications such as Spotify. If there is a particular song that you like a lot, then you can even lookup the lyrics to try and memorize how to write it and sing as well!

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You can find Arabic music on websites such as Youtube, some may even have the lyrics posted! (Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash)

The next tip to remember is that when you first start learning anything, from hobbies to new languages, the first few months are always more fun and interesting than the rest. But it is the later grind that matters. When you are having a hard time remembering a specific vocabulary list, it is not all fun and games. But if you find a way to motivate yourself to push past the grind, you will feel very rewarded when you reach the fluency level that you desire.

One more tip that you can use to motivate yourself is to set actual concrete goals. If your general goal for learning Arabic is to become fluent but you have no solid learning plan on how to achieve it, then you will feel discouraged easily with every single setback. Setting and sticking to small but concrete goals such as "I'll memorize and learn 5 letters of the alphabet today" will help you stay on track and reach your end goal faster.

Places to Learn Arabic Around LA

So now that you have some tips that can help you succeed in your learning, you may feel ready to research and enroll in actual Arabic lessons to make a full commitment to becoming fluent. Being in a large city such as Houston, Chicago, New York, or LA, you have the benefit of having many resources that could help you with your learning.

Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute is a reputable school that has been in operation for over twenty years with a diverse offering of language lessons. Students enrolled at this private language school enjoy flexible class schedules, engaging teachers, and a campus in a prime location in Los Angeles.

Teachers at the school believe in the power of personal development through language. The language lessons here are designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of lifestyles and life stages ranging from working professionals and corporate executives to stay-at-home parents and children. Most lessons here run for 80 minutes per week with 10-15 minutes of homework each night. The school also focuses on making the classes engaging, as their goal is to make the language lessons the highlight of a students' week.

At the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, Arabic classes are offered to all levels of students with teachers from highly educated, native-speaking backgrounds. One Arabic course you can take here is called Beginner's Arabic. The course has a limited enrolment of 10 students, runs on Mondays starting from 7:35 PM at a cost of $245 per single term of eight weeks.

Pasadena Language Center

The Pasadena Language Center is dedicated to providing the best quality classes for adults and children around the Los Angeles area who want to learn a new language and or want to improve one of their foreign languages. The instructors working here are carefully selected based on their teaching experiences, their passion for sharing their language and culture, and their dedication to working with students of all ages and backgrounds.

The language school offers Arabic lessons at all levels and for people of all ages. When you enroll in a lesson at the Pasadena Language Center, you will be learning Arabic in a comfortable and casual environment. You can relax and have fun while improving your Arabic skills.

One Arabic class a beginner student can take here is called Beginner A. In this course, the main learning material used is called "Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds" by Georgetown University Press. In this course, you'll learn the sounds and letters of Arabic and participate in exercises aimed at developing your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. At the end of the course, you will know around 150 basic vocabulary words in Arabic.

Santa Monica Language Academy

The ​Santa Monica Language Academy is a private language school located in a prime location next to the Santa Monica Pier. Classes here are designed for both adults and kids and students can choose from over 20 languages to learn, including Arabic. Each class has a limit on the number of students so each student will receive the attention they need to succeed in their language learning.

For the Arabic language, classes are offered for all levels ranging from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. Each lesson also focuses on teaching new vocabulary and grammar as well as applying it to actual conversation. Students also enjoy learning Arabic in a comfortable and casual environment while at the same time being engaged and having fun.

One such Arabic lesson you can take here is called Arabic Beginner A. This lesson uses the texts provided by Alif Baa and introduces students to the sounds and letters of Arabic. Each student will participate in a variety of exercises aimed at developing their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.

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Group Arabic lessons are a good way to save on costs and meet other students that are learning the language just like yourself. (Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash)

Arabic at UCLA

Students who are studying Arabic at University level can enroll in an Arabic-focused program at the university level. In UCLA's program, several varieties of Arabic language instruction are offered with at least three years of studies focusing on modern standard Arabic.

Egyptian Arabic is also taught here as it is the language of daily life in the most populous Arab country in the world. And of course, other Arabic dialects are also taught here as well as other Arabic related courses such as Islamic Spain, Arabic sociolinguistics, Arabic-to-English translation, and anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa. Graduate students at the UCLA Arabic program are encouraged to take a course on teaching Arabic as a second language so they have the skills to work as teaching assistants at the university.

How to Succeed in Your Studies

If you have never learned a new language before, remember that the key to becoming fluent in a new language is regular and consistent studies over long timelines. Like life, learning a language is not always easy and you will be going through periods of fast and major progress as well as periods where you will feel stuck and lose your motivation.

One way to keep the Arabic language fresh in your mind is to learn frequently used texts and phrases first. If you are using tutors to assist you with your learning, try asking your tutor to create a list of frequently used words that you can work off of. Once you master this list, move on to another list, and continue your way.

Lastly, don't wait too long to practice your spoken Arabic! Speaking in a foreign language will always feel strange at first, and you may even be a little shy to start. But like with anything practice and repetition is key to mastering a new language. After speaking the same words over and over and actually using them in context, you will remember them better.

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