Drawing is one of Britain’s most beloved art forms.

Just like music, drawing stimulates your creativity and imagination, both focused on the right side of the brain. This, in turn, helps develop concentration and patience.

For if there is one thing you need to learn basic drawing skills, it’s patience. Whether making simple line drawings or realistic oil paintings, you will be using up a lot of blank paper to get to the result you want.

But where can you learn to wield pen and brush?

There are a lot of art teachers offering drawing classes throughout the UK.

  • How do you know how to choose a teacher?
  • Where can you find good drawing teachers?

Here are some tips on finding the perfect art teacher

What Makes a Good Drawing Teacher?

You have a good eye and a good hand, but want to take some drawing lessons to improve? Even if talent can’t be taught, drawing techniques can and must be learnt.

When taking visual arts classes, and most particularly drawing, you will learn two-point and three-point perspective, how to blend and compliment primary colours or how to master the different drawing mediums (charcoal, chalk, coloured pencils, sanguine, pen and ink, oil painting…)

The first step is choosing the right teacher!

But how can you define a good drawing master?

A good teacher, whether he is teaching piano, French, graphic arts or drawing, first has to have a good grasp on what he is teaching.

He doesn’t have to know all the drawing techniques or the whole of art history, but he has to know the basics and master more than one art style before teaching it to others. A good teacher has to be able to teach his students both theory and practice.

learn perspective in art
A good drawing teacher will teach you the basics of line drawing and perspective. Photo by thebristolkid on Visual hunt

But simply having the knowledge - and practice - doesn’t mean you can impart it. He also needs to be a good pedagogist. Not everyone can do this intuitively; many only acquire it with experience.

To be a good pedagogist means to go at the student’s rhythm. Everyone learns in his own way and at his own pace… Someone trying to teach you everything at once is probably not the right art teacher for you.

What’s more, your drawing instructor should be capable of giving you constructive criticism during your art lessons. It is important for his feedback to allow you to progress, improve and develop your artistic instincts.

A good art teacher supports his students and introduces him to different techniques and different artistic styles.

And, of course, the proper drawing supplies!

From Antiquity to the present day, various artistic styles have moulded and defined art history - dadaism, impressionism, romanticism, neo-classicism, Nabis, fauvism… By discovering the culture of art, you will find inspiration. This is why art is taught in schools since grade 1.

Learning Drwing at a young age is beneficial.
Art classes in school are good for the proper development of childen's abilities. Photo by Lee Fenner on VisualHunt

A good teacher will know how to select artworks from different periods and styles of art history and encourage you to reproduce them in different techniques. However, a good teacher will never force a student to produce a drawing that doesn’t inspire him.

A good teacher will propose several subjects over the course of a year - but leave students free to refuse and propose an alternative reproduction or personal project. The best way to make progress is to stay motivated. This way, you will never feel pressured to draw.

Also, be sure to choose your drawing teachers based on your wants and needs. Some are more competent in some areas than others, such as classical oil painting, manga style or figure drawing. You just have to find someone that suits you in that regard.

Take Art Lessons With Superprof Private Tutors

When drawing, it’s important that you enjoy yourself.

There are many reasons to take drawing classes. But finding the right teacher is not always easy. And the best teachers are not always those offering art lessons near you.

And while intensive drawing courses or weekly classes in an art studio are a good way to wet your feet and discover new mediums, they are hard to fit into a tight schedule.

Learning how to draw with a private art teacher might be a good alternative.

It’s important to get along with your drawing tutor and be on the same wavelength ´to give you a good atmosphere to work in and develop your confidence. The best way to do this is to choose your teacher yourself.

Private art classes are more intensive.
Private art teachers can focus on your needs and help develop your creativity. Photo by Len Radin on VisualHunt

In fact, Superprof offers drawing teachers throughout Britain. You can choose between 493 drawing tutors on our website.

As you surf, you will realise that their profiles are all slightly different.

Whether you want to study acrylic painting, watercolours, landcapes, pastel drawing, still life, portrait painting or anatomical drawing, you are sure to find the right teacher for you! Every one of our private tutors introduces himself on his profile page. Potential students can immediately see what their specialities are.

Take the time to really think about what aspects of drawing you want to learn and choose your drawing teacher carefully based on those criteria.

Choosing your tutor on Superprof also means you have a wide range of prices available to you.

Most one-hour lessons cost between £20 and £30 - meaning there is something there for every budget.

And private lessons are a great way to make sure your drawing classes fit into your timetable. Rather than taking weekly courses that tie you down to a certain time, take advantage of the freedom of drawing lessons at home.

If you are not a great fan of the internet, Superprof might reassure you. It’s the foremost platform for sharing knowledge, with many people using it happily every day - its tutors make its reputation.

If you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to tour the profiles and look at the comments left by other students.

Learn about online drawing classes on superprof.

Finding Drawing Teachers Among Art Students

Painting lessons, sketching techniques, live models, illustration, landscape drawing… Art students are used to all sorts of visual arts classes!  They are usually well-versed in all aspects of the Fine Arts. And they often make very good drawing teachers - because they are passionate about what they do.

But who are they?

There are different types of art school depending on what profession you want to go into:

  • Fine Arts schools to become an artist
  • Architecture schools to learn to draw buildings
  • Graphic arts schools to learn design and layout
  • Universities to become a professor or get a degree in Art History or Museum Education

These students learn all about three-point perspective, the different techniques (pastel, coloured pencil, pen and ink, tempera, digital painting…) and master the basics - such as sketching or still lifes - perfectly.

In short: art students master both theory and practice. That's why they often give beginner drawing lessons or intermediate art classes to earn some extra money.

They are often very versatile and can even introduce you to other artistic mediums such as sculpture, modelling or collage.

Since they are still studying, their own lessons are still fresh in their minds, which often makes it easier for them to pass on what they have learnt, since they still have an intimate understanding of the learning process. They might have fresh ideas about how you can perfect your drawing skills on your own.

Art students make good drawing professors.
Art sutdents can give very good drawing lessons as they are very much immersed in the learning process themselves. Photo on Visualhunt

They are also very passionate and will enjoy teaching you how to draw. It’s a way of going to art school by proxy.

Don’t hesitate to contact art students for a beginner drawing class or to improve your technique.

The prices for their drawing lessons are often more advantageous than those of an art studio near you.

Where Can You Post to Find Affordable Drawing Lessons Near You?

Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find a drawing teacher on the Internet, but you can also put out a classified ad if you are looking for something specific.

You can advertise for an teacher either on the Internet or in shops. You simply need to set down on paper what you want to learn and what you expect in terms of artistic skills.

Once you have written your ad, you just need to find the place to post it.

Classified ad sites

On the Internet, you can make use of classified ad sites such as Craigslist or Locanto. They have a “jobs” section and it only takes a few minutes to upload your ad.

Social networks are also a great way to pass the message along.

Twitter and Facebook might be your best allies. But putting your request in your status you can reach not only your friends, but your friends’ friends and all their contacts.

Shop windows and corkboards

Don’t forget shop windows and corkboards - especially if you have an art supplies shop near you. Art students and teachers come in regularly to buy materials and will see your ad. Or put up a sign at your local art school or university. There is certain to be someone interested in making a few pounds by giving drawing lessons…

After that, you only have to decide on a date for your first drawing class! Take basic drawing classes with a private tutor from Superprof.

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