From a certain standpoint, in-home tutoring can see as a real benediction. It does, however, cost a certain fee.

It can be lived as a total prison by children who are not used to it.

But it is so useful...Where school has no time to hone in on the problems of a student, the in-home private tutor can take all the time he or she needs.   

In order to adapt his teaching.

Furthermore, parents can also rest easy knowing their children's education is in able hands.

These able hands will tailor a program for the child, and the parents will feel more at ease knowing they have direct access to their children's tutors.

Tutoring is about regaining control.

Too many people are used to seeing in-home tutoring as a solution for students who have difficulties. This is not the case. 

It's quite reductive, also, as in-home tutoring can go much further...

Resorting to In-home Tutoring in the Face of a Declining School System

It's easy to gauge all around us. Especially with the parents we know.

With our closest friends. Resorting to in-home tutoring, homework help, or private lessons is more and more frequent.

Much more than a simple phenomenon, in-home tutoring is now the number one complementary solution in school.

Obviously, at Superprof, we have been able to see that month after month, year after year, the in-home tutoring lessons is becoming more of a staple in the homes of Americans everywhere.

How to explain it? In our opinion there are two principal reasons.

In-Home Tutoring or the Ideal Complement for School

Whatever the hour, it's always a good time to hit the books and get ahead in school!

In a time where American education is undergoing many transformations, parents may have a few questions about the quality of the education their children are receiving.

Most parents are not exactly happy with having to criticize the system but they are starting to ask themselves whether their child will go far with the teaching at hand.

However, it is impossible to deny that more and more parents these days are resorting to in-home tutoring and this shows how weary they are with the American system.

Parents no longer trust math classes, language classes (French, Spanish, German), physical science classes, English, and other academic subjects for tutoring that their students undertake at school.

Is in-home tutoring the solution to the fall of national education?

It's a hard pill to swallow for most. Rather, in-home tutoring and other homework help programs are used as a complement to primary school, middle school, high school, and university teaching.

A child is not always lucky enough to fall on a serious, well organized class at the beginning of the year. And, when this is not the case--whether it's in 12th grade, high school, during the SATs, elementary school, or at some other stage--is it necessary to write off a whole year?

Obviously not.

The solution often presents itself through in-home tutoring.

Also, national education teachers are obligated to follow an academic program during the whole of the school year. This is a program they can't really linger on, because they have to get through the whole thing.

It's normal. And so your child may not have retained everything.

So, when your child has a blockage with some element of his or her classwork, academic support may be totally indispensable!

In-Home Tutoring as a Replacement to Parents

If today's academic support is democratized, it's also because of some changes in society. Parents have a different sort of life. A more active one.

Mothers, compared to previous generations, are working more and more. Both parents spend more and more time at their workplace. Once home, these parents have less time for the math lessons their children learned that day.

Academic support is the appropriate alternative for parents take control of their children's schooling in different ways that actually work.

Even if the parents have real skills in modern languages, international trade, physics, chemistry, other scientific subjects, English, grammar, history, geography, they have much less time to devote to studying.

Using a tutoring professional seems logical.

In-home Tutoring: Useful Resort for Students in Difficulty

When it comes to in-home schooling, there are two types of profiles for students.

Some students love sitting down to their homework after school!


The first are those who have no major difficulties and, on the contrary, have great ambitions for their higher education academic careers (business school, engineering school, university, international trade, ivy leagues, valedictorian...).

And then there are those students who find it difficult to not fall behind in their grade.

For in-home tutors, the latter represent the real challenge. These students experience real difficulties at school and find themselves drowning in the rhythm that is imposed on them. Parents often watch them unaware of what is happening and allowing too much time to go by.

It's at this crucial point that in-home tutoring becomes useful. Through customized in-home tutoring sessions, interactive exercises, different teaching methods, and adapted revisions, the student learns to see school and a specific subject differently. As we said above, academic support is also about discovering a new kind of pedagogical freedom.

What your child may quickly realize is that two pedagogies are in fact better than one when it comes to finally understanding a math course, an English lesson, or a chemistry concept, etc.

Is that not the truth? Having intensive academic support does not necessarily promise academic success to students in need, but it does promise a bit of an upgrade.

Thanks to tailor-made teaching, the online tutor can spend time on the student's blockages in mathematics for example, or other weaknesses of the child.

Things that seem impossible begin to look quite possible and there aren't 30 students to compete with for the teacher's undivided attention.

Academic Support in Order to Enter an Ivy League School

The other student profile we mentioned earlier is the teenager who excels in school and wants to shoot for the stars. Someone not only looking to achieve something specific at that moment in time, but a student who has high aspirations for the future such as entering an ivy league school.

Often pushed by their parents, this kind of student needs some help.

Unless their intelligence even outdoes the tutor's! But if not, the support of an in-home tutor can be especially useful.

The latter will help the student to go further in his understanding of his subjects:

  • The tutor will help him or her to learn more foreign languages ​​than are offered in school for example,
  • To delve deeper into physics or maths in order to ace honors subject tests,
  • To implement an effective methodology for studying,
  • And, the tutor will give him or her a personal and regular school follow-up to track whether there is progress thanks to the new methods being implemented.

The use of an in-home tutor is therefore not only reserved for pupils in difficulty. On the contrary. However, think twice before using a tutor for your kid in kindergarten!

When there are real big deadlines, you do have to think ahead!

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Homework Help and Personalized School Support At Home

Let's face it. Middle school is tough, and high school only gets tougher. Though days are relatively short and the student has the whole evening to catch up on those problem areas he or she encountered during the day: it's still a constant battle.

And sometimes uphill.

High school can be a tough place for some students.

Even if in high school, lessons often feel condensed--they are still extremely rich. That's high school for you; there is no getting away from the truth of the matter: high school is a lot of fun, but very hard.

Homework help and personalized academic in-home support are therefore often lifesavers. Colleges, high schools, universities, and/or ivy leagues mean more and more homework, until you don't know what to do with yourself.

At this point, homework becomes more important than ever. Individual work done outside of the classroom represents a large part of the student's grades and averages.

But kids of a young age don't always have the discipline necessary to study at a steady rate.

This is also why home school support and homework help are so useful at this and any other stage. We even find it important to mention an academic support triptych which includes the parents, the private tutor, and the student. The three must then work and progress together.

It is important to note that in-home tutoring is not restricted to exceptional students. It can also be seen as a long-term form of educational support to help students back on their feet, educationally speaking.

In-home Private Tutor: A New Kind of Academic Coach

It's important to see the in-home private tutor as a different kind of teacher. He or she does not have the same kind of hierarchy as the teachers at school do. However, the in-home tutor is not a friend either. Even if he or she makes his or her way to the child's home.

The in-home tutor's role is unprecedented when it comes to the teachers your child knows. The child addresses the tutor as an equal--even if his or her school teachers do not encourage this kind of familiarity.

The purpose here is not to impress the in-home tutor and move on quickly.

The main goal is to make the course at hand 100% understandable to the child or adolescent.

His or her work is measured in the following way: has the lesson been learned or not?

To achieve this goal, he or she will have to take on the role of a true academic coach. In some ways, that's the definition of academic support and in-home tutoring. The teacher hands over theoretical information to the student and lets him handle the practical keys. But there's more.

To achieve good results, the in-home private tutor must sometimes break the psychological barriers imposed by school on the child. He has to probe him in order to understand the ins and outs of these barriers, and how to break them.

This applies in many subjects such as math, English, history, geography, Spanish, French, chemistry, physical sciences, etc....

In-home Tutoring: A School of Life

Academic tutoring: a sure way to succeed?

This is also the reason that we believe in-home tutoring (as well as online tutoring) is just another school of life. School--real school--is one that brings education, socialization, and prospects for the future.

However, again, academic support is just another complement. It fills the gaps left in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, or university.

Its purpose is to intervene on the small details of the life students live at school. Intervene and help with those learning materials students often have a hard time with.

When the teen is feeling lost and unable to make progress in a class or subject, he or she needs tailor-made instruction to get ahead.

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