Finals are just around the corner and you're worried your academic level isn't there yet? 

Or maybe you want to start the school year off right and dazzle your teachers and classmates alike...

Don't worry, there's one amazing solution that will meet all of your academic needs: tutoring near me!

Hiring a tutor is a mature step in the right direction. It means you are open to confronting your limitations, realizing your potential, and admitting that you have to take things into your own hands.

There is no shame or embarrassment in taking private tutoring lessons--whether it's math lessons, homework help, preparation for the SATs, or simply finetuning your skills.

The important thing is that your private tutoring lessons pay off, and that you keep your motivation and spirits up, otherwise you risk losing all desire and autonomy in your work.

It's also important that the tutor who teaches your private lessons doesn't do your homework for you but acts as a good educator and assesses your progress while identifying your problems.

If you're persistent, really want to pass your exams, raise your academic level in a particular subject, then tutoring is for you!

Have a look at our Parental Guide for Tutoring, in which we answer all of your questions regarding tutoring...

How to Evaluate Competence During a Tutoring Session

Ten or fifteen years ago, our first reflex in order to find an online tutoring class or private home tutoring class was to consult tutoring ads in the daily newspaper or to go to the town-hall, local gym, or other places where people posted ads and one hoped to find the tutoring class he or she needed.

Since, the internet and social networks have come into existence and turned the market upside down. Students can find a mathematics, English, or Spanish class in just a few clicks.

Tutors have become very trendy and the number of tutors have increased with demand.

But with more and more available math tutors near me, how does one know where to start?

How can you know if a tutoring course is right for you?

From a Tutor's Standpoint

For tutors who have previously worked in schools on the national level, private tutoring at home is a great way to gauge a student's level throughout the year.

Regardless of the course's progress, regardless of where the lesson takes place, tutoring allows for a quick assessment of the student's competencies and an assessment of his or her academic level.

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making progress
What do you need help with in class?

Here are the objectives of the lessons from a tutor's standpoint:

  • Consolidating learning in various subjects: English, math, foreign languages, chemistry, history, geography, biology, etc.
  • Teaching students one or more methods of work and organization according to their strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to change his behavior by making him more independent.

How do tutors evaluate their pupils' skills and optimize their tutoring lessons?

  • By making a brief academic assessment of the student during the first course: this will help to identify the student's possible difficulties.
  • By explaining concepts that have not been understood. The work will then be to working on the basics and memorization for example.
  • By proposing useful exercises.
  • By verifying that theoretical and practical knowledge has been understood and revising regularly.

Please note that the teacher can mix homework help with academic support, for example.

From the Student's Standpoint


On the student's end, he or she can also check the tutoring's competence as well as how the tutor was recruited.

To make sure, you can either contact the private tutoring company directly to learn more about their work ethic and recruitment methods or ask the tutor directly.

You can agree to have a first private tutoring session, which is usually free and will allow you to ask all of the questions necessary to evaluate if the tutor is right for you.

The primary skills of a good tutor who gives quality tutoring lessons are the following: a mastery of the subject in question, a great teaching approach, methodology, open availability, a lot of patience, and the possibility to adapt easily to your needs, tied to a real gift for listening.

How to Ensure the Quality of your Tutoring?

Testing Students through Exercises and Comprehension Exercises

To check a student's competence, the teacher will have to test him or her with exercises relevant to his or her current course in order to also to check his or her level, ensure effective knowledge acquistition and application.

It's also the opportunity to uncover any gaps in understanding.

If the student responds positively to all of the tutor's requests, this demonstrates his or her investment and desire to succeed, as well as an ability to receive good grades.

It's not so easy to test the quality of private tutoring lessons at home.

Often, students or their parents do not dare to be fussy with the tutor or the tutoring company, yet one has to remember that the student's academic future is at play--whether the student is in K-12 or at the university level.

Take Your Time

Before you decide whether or not you want to continue private tutoring lessons: allow yourself the benefit of time and give yourself time to get your ducks in a row.

Being tutored by a stranger is not one of the simplest situations to manage.

time ticking
Find the right schedule for your tutoring lessons.

The tutor must adapt to his or her student in order to try to understand the student's work method, fears, doubts, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses.

A good tutor is a professional with a lot of experience in listening to students and being patient with their difficulties, repeating exercises until lessons are mastered and as necessary.

There is always an adaptation phase when two unknowns meet. The key is to let time do its work and even if there are some difficulties at the beginning (communication, concentration, the definition of objectives), your chances are that everything will work out.

Tutor and Student Feedback

The best way to improve a service--especially if you go through an intermediary such as a tutoring company or an online tutoring platform--is to give feedback regarding the student-teacher relationship.

The importance of tutoring also lies in these exchanges!

Allow for communication between you and your tutor.

Whether it's the student or the teacher, it's essential for there to be communication and that one or both constantly evaluate the situation as to highlight what's working and what needs improvement.

Tutoring has one objective: to have the student advance in the subject in question. It is important to keep this goal in mind at all times.

As a professional, the tutor must not waste any time, and must constantly work towards that objective. In order for the student to succeed, the tutor must make regular appointments with the student.

It's important for the student to give feedback regarding the tutor and his or her competences. On the one hand, the student has to know whether the tutor is suited to his or her needs, on the other hand the student could possibly recommend him or her to other students.

The Added Value of Tutoring is to Steer a Student Towards Success


Private tutoring is there to have the students reach his goals of academic success.

But parents can also guide their children's tutors!

Often, successful and regular tutoring can serve as a wake-up call and open the doors to a blossoming education.

With a good refresher course, a child receives help with effective note taking, organization, and concentration, etc...

A tutor could help your child get a real handle on reading!

You can contact a competent private tutor via a tutoring company or an agency specialized in after-school help and academic support. The student chooses the subject matter with which he or she needs professional help, and it is usually the student who determines the duration, frequency, and scheduling of lessons with the tutor.

Obviously, all this must be in accordance with an initial assessment made by the teacher based on the needs of his or her student.

To guide the student towards academic success--whether he or she is in K-12 or university--tutoring must take place in an environment the student is familiar with and works well in. This is why home is the ideal place.

The tutor comes to the student and adapts his working method according to the needs and personality of his or her pupil.

These private lessons are tailored to the student's pace in order to guarantee the most effectiveness possible.

Tracking Grade Evolution

Tutoring ensures that the student has a privileged relationship with a tutor who understands him and can help him on specific issues.

Depending on what is at stake, the tutor can propose re-reading exercises and lessons tailored to his or her difficulties and shortcomings, such as vocab lists for the English portion of the SATs.

It is a pedagogy that works hand in hand with the teaching going on in class.

As the course progresses, the teacher can follow the progress of the notes in the classroom and make sure that the pupil has correctly assimilated the notions in progress or if it is necessary to review some bases.

Tracking the Student's Behavior


Tutoring is a perfect solution to understand and track the student's behavior and reactions: is he or she lost during class? Does he or she understand everything? Is he or she distracted? Did he or she learn his lessons by heart? Does he or she want to communicate with the tutor during the lesson? Does he or she have difficulties with math?

There are all behaviors that can help improve the tutoring.

It's important to believe in a child's learning capacities!

If the student knows he is being supported, helped, and encouraged in his efforts, once he has his own project, he will find the motivation and even regain the joy of learning he may have been lacking until now.

If this works with one subject, why not allow the renewed energy and enthusiasm to overflow into other subjects?

With the help of a new work method and relevant help in math, for example, a student can quickly gain self-esteem and no longer feel the pressure of his classmates.

He or she will finally let others in, ask questions during group exercises with other students, as well as to his or her teacher in class and tutor during private lessons.

The student will regain a taste for discovering new things, applying the concepts he or she learns, as he or she progresses along the way.

Academic support is truly essential to a student's academic success.

But it's important to find a tutor who corresponds to the student's expectations and personality.

Whatever happens, the work is done as a pair: the student will progress only if he or she trusts the tutor and, in return, the private tutor will have to adapt his teaching to the student in order to have him or her reach academic success.

So, you think you might need a catch-up session?

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