Why start the guitar...? The reasons are often different according to guitarists.
But without wanting to make fun of men, many of them do it to dredge, don't they? It can't be denied. Perhaps that's your case, you who are just beginning to take guitar lessons?

The phenomenon is perhaps not so exaggerated... We've all seen women literally melt before a guitarist and talented singer. For his artistic, musician, sensitive and creative side that appeals to the most intimate artistic fibers.

So why not you?

Learning the guitar isn't that hard if your goal is to start the guitar with the simplest chords (a chord dictionary can help you). This might be enough to play some of the 10 songs we listed to seduce a woman with the guitar... Which most beginners can play.

Learning the guitar: a massive seduction weapon?

Where does the legend of the seducing guitarist come from?
Is it a legend invented by men to enhance themselves or can it actually promise you many successes with girls?

It must be admitted that there is truth in it: many men - and this has been visible for decades - have charmed dozens of girls with the string instrument and their guitar lessons.

Guitars are historically an objectif used to seduce
You and your guitar, in line with the great history of the serenade.

How many times have we seen a whole group of girls gazing lovingly at a guitarist-singer in a bar, while we, poor, talentless brethren, waited for him to crash and break his strings?

How do we play in such a beautiful way? All we have to do now is sing No Woman, No Cry with Bob Marley's singular rhythm...

Does it come from any talent or innate genius for music theory, for reading a score or a tablature? From technique? Of the musical object in itself? From the artistic side that emerges from the guitarist? His ability to produce beautiful notes, a song and sing over it?

Definitely a bit of it all.

According to McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, who conducted a neuroscientific study, playing the guitar releases dopamine. The famous hormone of happiness!

Perhaps this is the secret of the success of guitar lessons and guitarists: radiating happiness and self-confidence when making music! According to the Canadian study, learning the guitar and playing the guitar provide the same sensations as listening to good music.

From his first major chord, the beginner in classical guitar can experience this brain's well-being. Besides seduction, here is one of the many benefits of the guitar!

The guitar's seduction power: let the girls talk!

Rather than blabbering between men about the guitar's attraction power, why not let the ladies give us the end of the story?

To learn the guitar and love songs: is this a concrete way to get it on with someone?
It's cliché... but it's the idea. Don't forget that the composer of a beautiful song gets the good points!

For having asked the question myself to an excellent friend, here is the answer: "A man who plays the guitar, it makes the difference right away. He can be common without the instrument but when he plays it immediately gives him an irresistible appeal."

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Serge Gainsbourg is known as a great singer but also a great seducer
Serge Gainsbourg had women thanks to his guitar!

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You want more proofs to give you a real opinion before learning the guitar, to go to school of music and to learn music theory or musical composition?

Okay. Let's go fishing to the answers on an anglophone forum specializing in relations between men and women.

A beginner guitarist asked: "Taking guitar lessons and playing the guitar, does it attract girls? "

Here are the comments he received from women:

"I like musicians as a rule. They're sexy. "

"I like when a man plays an instrument, because I like a man to have such a cool hobby. "

"I like a man playing guitar or music because it takes a lot of work and guitar lessons. Moreover, a man who can learn the guitar and play can then sing you the serenade... "

"As a rule, all girls like guitarists. It's not that it attracts us, it's just a huge plus that shows that the person is devoted to his art and sensitive. "

"It's not the fact of playing the guitar that is seductive, it's just that it shows that the guitarist has the ability to work hard on something that interests him. "

Note to remain chic: the rudeness of bawdy songs are to proscribe!

Conclusion: the real passion of the guitar will always charm a girl more than a piece of song learned to dredge.

Learning guitar to seduce: a false good idea?

In view of the few quotes we gave above, we can all draw some conclusions. Of course, some women like "the image of the guitarist". All the more if he's passionate of his instrument and sings as well.

Of course, women will love the artist in you – the creative side. Author-composers occupy the top of the podium in her mind.

Find the seducer within you
Some guitarists are closer to Jimmy Page, others to Julio Iglesias...

And obviously your ability to work hard and learn the guitar after several hours of guitar lessons will tell a lot about you.

This will prove that you are passionate and transcended by music. That you're hard working. That you're willing to make many efforts with your guitar teacher to finally succeed. A music score, it's live!

The authentic passion and sincere love you have for music will succeed in seducing your listeners.

The fake guitarist, who one day set to learn the guitar with his teacher to dredge will be spotted quickly! Yet, many of us take guitar lessons only for this purpose...

Why not after all!

But if during your guitar lessons you fail to develop a real passion for music... You will soon look like an impostor with a guitar, and get tired of yourself. Writing a song or composing music will remain out of your reach.

Similarly, if you are lazy, making music will never be in your chords, since some songs require constancy and perseverance.

Our tips to seduce by playing the guitar

As you will have understood above, our main advice will obviously be not to "rip" your audience! Embrace the music, embrace the guitar and be a true guitarist.

If you're french, make us feel that a Georges Brassens, a Charles Aznavour or a Daniel Balavoine lives in you. As for the vocal cords and voices, you should be able to pass as much emotion as an Edith Piaf or a Jacques Brel.

If these names seem too corny, like Michel Polnareff's, try the guitar riff of Smoke on the Water: the single of Deep Purple is one of the most amazing musical moments in the history of rock.

Our 2nd advice will be to wait to master a bit your instrument before performing in public! Don't be ridiculed by singing nursery rhymes for children.

Take time with your guitar teacher to learn the basics: guitar chords, rhythm, tuning, chords, arpeggio, bar chords, solfeggio, know how to read a score or a tablature, get to know the best guitarists and performers, from Bob Dylan to Joan Baez and Nick Drake ...

Not to mention the different musical styles to please a wide audience: folk metal, traditional music, musical, classical music, etc. There's more that just Mozart in the history of music, and you will see innumerable horizons open before you to progress and adorn your repertoire.

It would also be wise to begin your guitar learning on an acoustic guitar and not an electric: the Stratocaster electro guitar, keep it for later!

Don't forget to get the right equipment: plectrum, guitar amp, chromatic tuner, and even acoustic bass if you want...

We - almost! - all prefer the powerful and twirling sound of an electric rock guitar, but remember that you won't always have an amp around... Yet it will be necessary that you shine even with the most miserable ukulele, this little guitar that can make girls laugh!

In any case, it's best to start by playing the acoustic guitar. In addition, during guitar lessons, it's the instrument that will favor your future guitar teacher. Less fun, of course. But it will also avoid you to break the ears of the woman you want to seduce!

Learning the guitar: 10 pieces of guitar to seduce!

To charm with a guitar in your hand, having your gaze plunging to the horizon like the mysterious artist and a dark strand that you seek to be isn't eanough, you'll also have to play good guitar songs.

We're not going to ask you right away to make us blues rock, to copy the style of Hendrix or Prince! Ne need to start now in fingerstyle, picking, fingerpicking or gypsy jazz.

The best songs to get a woman
Jason Mraz's folk or the melodic arpeggio of Sting: what will you choose to seduce?

So learn the guitar, OK, but what to play? Here is a selection scientifically approved by us to get it on with the girl of your dreams...

1. I'm yours, Jason Mraz: hippie-australian seduction

The Australian singer / guitarist swept across Europe and the world in 2008.
At the time, from the first hearings of I'm yours, girls and boys start dreaming of Australia, road trips, beaches, surfing and bohemian lifestyle. The song has indeed this incredible power over people.
Learning the guitar with I'm yours would therefore not be a bad idea. With this song, you'll perhaps be able to make the romantic traveler within spring forth. And above all make sure she sees you as the perfect travel companion!

2. You're Beautiful, James Blunt: The Fragile Seducer

With a bit of luck, if the girl you want to seduce is a fan of the french show l'Amour est dans le pré (M6), it's in the bag! If she hates that sort of soppy TV, you're rather badly barred ...

Become the new James Blunt
James Blunt, the great seducer

Bet on the fact that she also hummed this melody on a summer evening back in 2010 and look at her in the bottom of her eyes when comes the chorus.

Why not try the tear in the eye if, in addition to the guitarist, sleeps within you a born actor? If none of this works it's not because of the guitar... Hard reality and it's irrevocable rating...

3. Wild world, Cat Stevens alias Yusuf Islam: the drag of the poet

The 2000s were OK on the guitar. But let us now run a little flashback: back to 1970. With Wild World, the few spectators of your musical beast, or "jam session" for the hipsters, will see you as a true music connoisseur.

Playing to the absolute poet Cat Stevens, today Yusuf Islam since his religious conversion, is making your instrument a particularly powerful weapon of seduction.

From G major to E chord, it'll swing strong and sound pleasantly to the ears of music lovers!

With of bit of luck, one of your preys will have gotten tattooed "Wild world" on the arm a few years back. From there, let the notes fly on the strings, the melody will be done and, above all: NO WAY you fuck up on the "la la la la la ..."!

4. Wonderful tonight, Eric Clapton: the serenade of the ultimate guitarist

Before learning Wonderful tonight, know that you're tackling a song from the one nicknamed "Slowhand God" with the guitar. No more no less.

Master of the guitar and impro like you almost never saw – with his left hand too. An inimitable style of music that is not within reach of a beginner guitar class.

In short, you learned it, and you find yourself at home with a woman who has arranged to be at the paroxysm of her beauty for you. Exceptional attention is therefore worth an exceptional song.

And then you give her the "look wonderful tonight" on the guitar ... A perfectly played match ball: you are the Cedric Pioline of the guitar.

5. Angie, The Rolling Stones: the junkie's love declaration

In his lifetime autobiography, Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones' lead guitarist, confesses that he wrote to Angie from his Swiss detox center. Meanwhile, her daughter Angela was born.

A little blues guitar never hurt!

Obviously, it's an anecdote to get out before playing the guitar and to compare with the many other interpretations that the song has been subjected to.

Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones
Lets Rock'n'Roll with the world reknown Keith Richards!

A piece of guitar known by all, a transcendent melody and a little history of the guitar: the seduction will be total.

6. Wherever you will go, The Calling: the grunge crooner melody

In the commercial romantic ballad genre, you can hardly find better. Bryan Adams maybe.

Moreover, learning the guitar with Wherever you will go in't too hard: the song requires the first 4 chords learned in guitar lesson! The tab is easy to read.

Beyond these considerations, the melody remains very effective. Play, and everything will go like clockwork!

So take your voice harsher, even grunge if you can, for a dredger of the most crooners...

7. Wonderwall, Oasis: the basic song to learn to guitar

Wonderwall of Oasis should be sanctified. College students like to hum or listen to it.

The album of Oasis, famous rock band
A woman released | It's the effect of a musician!

It's been several decades since the song of the Gallagher brothers helped teens and young adults to have their first sentimental experience. "Today is gonna be the day ...": if that' not a subliminal message ...! Simple to learn how to play the guitar quickly.

8. Shape of my heart, Sting: arpeggio, melody and declaration

With Shape of my heart, we won't hide the level's slightly higher than the previous guitar pieces. Arpeggio and guitar tabs oblige. You're done with playing just chords!

But, after all, these few notes played in arpeggio will make you pass for a very good guitarist to the girl so much desired. A weapon of unstoppable seduction embellished with the sublime words of Sting, a heady groove and almost Latin notes ... It will take work to seduce with this one!

9. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley: the mystical guitar-voice seduction

The original version by Leonard Cohen, which bore his name well, was very spiritual. Religious even. But when the huge and much-missed Jeff Buckley plays it in 1994 for his unique album Grace, he allows himself to change a few words and give it a more affective sense...

Between mysticism and love, Hallelujah is the ideal song to dance. A masterpiece that everyone loves to sing. Why not try a guitar-voice duo with the girl you want to charm ...?

10. The Scientist, Coldplay: The British Drag

The Scientist is definitely one of these songs that makes it easy to learn guitar - to start learning the guitar at least.
A slow rhythm, simple guitar tabs, very few chords and an effective melody: enough to keep a little lucidity to play your charms! It's the ready-to-use guitar method par excellence!

On the other hand, if you can't keep your note on the chorus, stop right away. It would be a shame to massacre Coldplay before a fan. Yes, all girls love Coldplay!

Alternatively: daring the retro

Our TOP 10 is not exhaustive. It could be supplemented by the addition of other titles that have become "classics", but also by more recent artists. Tubes such as Hotel California, those of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles deserve attention – John Lennon and Paul mccartney both stand on the highest podium of desired musicians. Renown musicians such as Marvin Gaye or George Harrison also challenge the female hormones.

For seduction, knowing how to laugh is a first choice weapon. Also, it may be appropriate to master a few old pieces to amuse the gallery.

To this end, there are plenty of online guitar scores. In theory, the net is also a great tool to buy a guitar or find a music lesson.

And who knows if you won't discover a deep admiration for a Georges Moustaki, and a sketch idea to add to your musical intervention?

Otherwise, if you want to be noticed on a more aristocratic scene, taking piano lessons will be of great use to you.
What better way to juggle several instruments to please everyone depending on the circumstances?

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