Almost everyone these days is using their smartphone to keep in touch with friends, do their shopping, and get around...

A recent study showed that most of the people using smartphones are aged between 15 and 24. Why not make the most of them by using them to help get better grades at school?

There are plenty of apps you can download to help students. Just like private tutorials, it’s a great way to help students struggling at school or university. Whether it’s history, geography, writing, foreign languages, or math, here are a number of great applications that can provide academic support.

Which are the Best Applications to Help Students?

Before you run straight out to buy a new smartphone and download the best academic support apps, you need to ask yourself why you need one. Are you working on lateral thinking with some puzzles, helping preschoolers to gain literacy skills with some phonics or the alphabet, or looking for the best apps for kids to learn multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition?

While academic support tutorials and homework help can be really beneficial, apps can also provide a vital service when it comes to learning. There are plenty of history, geography, English, math, and foreign languages apps with quizzes and games that students just love!

Which is the best phone for learning?
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By making the exercises more fun, the student will learn more. Even if the student isn’t struggling at school, regular use of these types of apps can help them improve their grades, helping them be accepted into the best colleges.

Games can make children think that they’re just having fun and not learning. They can also make students want to learn more which is essential when it comes to doing well at school.

With these apps, you can learn almost anywhere! These apps are also a great way for parents to keep an eye on their child’s academic progress since many of them offer progress tracking. Parents just need to check their child’s phone from time to time.

While younger children may need assistance when using a smartphone or a tablet, academic support apps are also a good reason for parents to get older children a new phone.

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How can you make lessons more interesting?
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Improve with Academic Support Apps for Different Levels

Whether in kindergarten or senior year, outside assistance can sometimes help a student to catch up if they’ve fallen behind. These apps can also be very useful. Most of them offer activities for students based on their level whether they’re in elementary, middle, or high school. Here's a selection of some of our favorites for a variety of subjects and levels.


Bookabi is a fascinating educational app for kids. It teaches very young children how to create stories and kids can create their own storybook and encourage them to learn to read.

What’s so special about this app? This app can help kids to get creative, it's easy to use, and is one of the best educational apps around. While it's a free app, it's free in the sense of freemium as in there is an in app purchase or two.

iTooch Elementary from 1st to 5th Grade

This isn’t just a single app but rather a group of apps covering a number of subjects across a number of levels. In particular, students can study:

  • Math,

  • French,

  • Language Arts,

  • Science.

There are apps covering elementary and middle school and just like Bookabi, they also work on a freemium model. This means that while the first levels are completely free, you’ll need to pay to access some of the later levels. However,  this does mean that you can check if the apps work for you before spending a penny.

This family of apps is available on Android, iOS, and Windows, making these apps effectively available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet, unlike some apps which are exclusive to just iOS, for example.

Where can I find the best free educational apps?
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Preschool Math Games for Kids

Preschool Math Games for Kids is a well-rounded educational app for very young children. It teaches a variety of math skills including counting, phonics, addition, subtraction, and patterns and sequences. As the name suggests, this app includes a series of educational games that were proven to help children in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades to learn math.

While this is one of the best education apps around for young children to learn math, it's not available on the iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple device, only Google Play.

Elmo Loves 123s

While this app isn't free ($4.99), it's worth every penny when you see how much it'll get used. There are a variety of math activities and the app includes counting, tracing, and, most importantly, recognizable characters that children love in the form of Elmo and Abby.

Unfortunately for those with Android phones or devices, this app is only available on Apple devices, you can find it on the iTunes here.

Stack the States

For a bit of geography, this game has your child learning about state flags, capitals, nicknames, and abbreviations. There are a series of different games including the main state-stacking game in which you have to pile up the states to reach a line. When you reach the line, you can unlock new states for building blocks.

Available on both Android and iOS.


Mathmateer is a fun math application that has children solving math problems to earn money in the game. This money is then used to build rockets! The app includes both typical math problems as well as telling the time, recognizing patterns and shapes, and fractions and square roots.

Brilliant Spelling

Spelling errors nowadays seem to be getting more and more common since normally autocorrect does the job for us. What about when it doesn’t, though? During a test, for example.

Brilliant Spelling is an app you should check out even if your spelling is great. It’s a fantastic way to just practice a number of words. The free version contains around 500 words while the full version has around 3,100. This app also covers all levels of spelling from kindergarten to adults.

Spelling is a priceless skill to have when it comes to tests and essays and you can also add your own words if there are a few that you keep getting wrong. If you’re going to add more words, you should probably consider paying for the app as the free version limits you. A nice little touch is how your in-app tutor will even call you by your name. Unfortunately for iPhone owners, it's only available on Android.


When it comes to learning languages, Duolingo is one of the best free apps around. While probably not suitable for toddlers or young children, it's a great way to help older kids learn vocabulary and expressions in a foreign language.

It's one of the best language apps available and turns the learning process into a game. The reason it's one of my favorite educational apps for kids is that it breaks language learning down into tiny chunks. We all know that no matter which games and activities you're using, children can quickly get bored. The great thing about Duolingo is that you only need to practice for for 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Test Prep: Some Apps to Look Out For!

While some students struggle in an number of subjects, others just need to learn a bit more about how the tests themselves work rather than the specific subject matter.

In this case, you can always get a tutor from Superprof to help them with all their test preparation. While you're choosing the right one, you should check out these two apps for test preparation.


This app is a little different to the others in this article as it's target audience is teachers and tutors rather than the students themselves. However, it is worth mentioning since this web-based app works with any modern browser and helps children prepare for a number of nationwide standardized tests.

The main benefits come from not just that fact that they can practice tests, but rather that they can also benefit from their corrections.

What are the best apps for school children?
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Magoosh SAT Prep

For the older students preparing for the SAT, this is an app worth checking out! It includes plenty of different lessons (complete with animations) and it's available for both Apple and Android devices so look for it on iTunes or Google Play. For those taking the ACT, Magoosh also has an app available with 80 lessons.

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