Primary Geography Resources

There are lots of websites out there that provide resources to parents, to support their child’s learning at home. We have taken a good look at all of the websites out there, and what follows is our list of recommended resources for Primary School Geography:

Sparklebox: This site features a host of resources on topics for KS1 and KS2 Geography, and features an array of topics, including the Environment, Recycling, Society, the Weather and Seasons, Rivers, Mountains, Rocks and Soils, are more. The resource is aimed at teachers, since it contains a wealth of materials, such as printable posters, worksheets for use in class, templates to print out and laminate, etc. However, students and parents will also find useful information, including photographs of buildings, printable word cards for sentence building, and even items like a ‘park animals spotting form’, which children can take to the park, ticking off various animals they encounter.

Top Marks: The Geography section on this handy site is divided into KS1, KS2 and KS3 material, making it a handy starting point for parents and teachers alike. KS1 children are taught about different types of homes, mapping, the seaside, the weather and seasons, etc. In KS2, the material is more profound, delving into mapping, Coasts and the environment. The KS3 section focuses on everything to do with Coasts – cliffs and wave cut platforms, longshore drifts, coastal features and more.

Rivers and Coasts: This fun, virtual field trip answers a host of interesting questions, such as what happens when rivers join the coast, or how the water cycle goes round. Meant for use by KS2 students, it offers resources for parents and teachers, including lesson plans, online activities, worksheets, information on important topics and more. Students will be entertained for hours, clicking on new terms to find out more about them or honing their vocabulary in all things to do with bodies of water.

Barnaby Bear: Supplement geography work from the National Curriculum with a series of fun interactive games, hosted by Barnaby the Bear. Barnaby’s suitcase is packed with fascinating stories, games focusing on recycling, map symbols or climate change, photographs and more.

The Geographical Association: This site is a truly inspirational source of activities for teachers, featuring activities and ideas dreamed up by a host of primary schools. Discover how one teacher used the book The Great Snake to inspire students to learn about the Amazon rainforest, explore sustainable development through the book One Hen or check out a plethora of lesson plans, ideas and resources on the subject of water!

Class Clips – Geography: Teachers and parents alike can use this resource to stream video content in class or study sessions. Topics covered include Africa, Asia, Cities, Towns and Villages, Rivers, The Americas, Water, Weather and Climate and more. The clips can be used to develop theoretical as well as practical knowledge – kids can learn to measure the temperature, measure the wind and discover how people in some parts of the world survive even the most extreme weather conditions.

What is weather?: A topic as simple as the weather can be quite conceptually difficult for little children, but this resource is set to make it all simple through a series of animations illustrating, the meaning of terms such as wind direction, precipitation, temperature, sunshine, visibility and clouds are all explained.

Two Cities – Contrasting Localities: This unique activity invites students to compare their own city to two completely different ones: Belfast and Mexico City! Students are invited to click their way through city tours, visiting and comparing sites, reading up on interesting facts and ‘asking questions’ to students about their school, city, hobbies and favourite places to visit.

We hope that you have found our recommended resources useful. If you have come across other great resources websites, please let us know via the comments.

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