In 2017, whether our educational system works is still being debated: classes are too crowded; teachers are absent, and there too many hours of classes...

Who suffers the most from all these dysfunctional aspects of education? The students of course! 

Because they begin to lose interest in school, American students risk dropping out of school or even further, social exclusion.

To avoid this kind of phenomenon, many parents call on in-home private tutoring.

The private tutor will know both how to ensure his pupil's academic success but also listen to him and take the time to analyze his strengths and weaknesses.

From children in primary school through to high school, learn how to become their tutoring teacher!

The Importance of Private Tutoring in Elementary School

In Math

Hated by many students, mathematics is sometimes neglected by American students who do not find an interest in the subject.

Yet the material is especially useful in everyday life. In addition to the daily use of math, one should get used to the subject as it's present all the way through high school.

If the child begins his or her school life with a bad learning foundation, he or she risks academic failure afterwards!

It is therefore during this period that the child must learn certain crucial notions:

  • Learning how to count,
  • Addition,
  • Substraction,
  • Multiplication,
  • Division, etc.

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One look at this black board makes us understand why our children are afraid of math!

Whether it's revising basic notions learnt in kindergarten or altogether new concepts, math is hard to learn and hard to force into a little kid's brain.

According to studies everywhere, it is the subject children have the most difficult time with under 12. 

In order to help with these difficulties, parents will call on an in-home private tutor to soften the blow of math.

Learn more about how to tutor elementary school students to success in every subject!

As an in-home private tutor in math, you have to make sure students will fully understand the exercises presented them and follow them until the end.

Mixing a serious pedagogy to real people skills, an in-home private tutor will know how to solve the child's learning gaps by making the exercise fun!

The objective here is to make sure your child is not angry with the subject of math: just show him that math can also be fun!

In English

Illiteracy is one of the main problems in the youth of today. It is something to be avoided at all costs--and early, too!

So, if you'd like to avoid disaster, get your child covered now!

If you are administering academic support to a child, make sure you are reviewing the most important things, such as:

  • Grammar,
  • Syntax,
  • Verb tenses,
  • Spelling,
  • Reading,
  • Writing, etc.
  • (or academic support in Boston).

Is illiteracy the fault of the national school system? Teachers sure don't see it that way, with most of them pointing fingers at the parents.

But, there are quite a few differing reports on why so many children are illiterate!

A mastery of English is the first step in the right direction when it comes to doing well in school!

Alarming facts that are of great concern to parents. When it comes to avoiding learning gaps, they prefer to turn to in-home tutoring.

During the tutoring, you will be able to follow the progress of your pupil more precisely while making sure to boost his motivation.

Make the writing more playful: begin with some drawing exercises for example. Ask your student to write a legend for his drawing to reconcile it with the writing. Or tell a story!

As you go along, complicate the exercises in order to meet the expectations of National Education!

Preparing for Middle School

According to varied reports, children exiting elementary school are not only anxious about starting a new part of their academic career but often have all kinds of hang-ups that have not been rectified.

This is very worrisome, especially when you think that middle school is a crucial part of what comes next!

The best is then to take care of anchoring knowledge before hitting middle school: as soon as the child finishes 5th grade, make a list of his or her skills and organize a refresher course accordingly.

If your child is having trouble in school: don't worry, in only one year he or she could be doing amazing again!

One of the best methods is an intensive tutoring stint during holidays. This allows for a review of all prior knowledge as well as a way to anticipate the program ahead.

Giving In-Home Private Tutoring Lessons to Middle Schoolers

Foreign Languages

After English, a child has to dive into the world's foreign languages!

Even if the student's parents have already introduced him or her to a language at home, starting the 6th grade, the child has to go at it in school, too.

Your child could become a great Spanish speaker thanks to the help of an in-home private tutor!

As you can imagine, these are a lot of changes for one ten-year-old child!

Here are the most common language classes in middle school:

  • Spanish class,
  • French class,
  • Arabic class,
  • German class,
  • It varies on where the school is located. Cities have more of an emphasis on foreign languages, for example…

Many resources can be placed at your disposal in order to help your child with learning languages.

So that the lesson becomes fun, why not include some movies or TV shows in the language of choice (these are often available on your cable network or through streaming online!) : if your child watches a film or TV show in its original language but with subtitles, he or she will have a much better chance of quickly retaining some important words to hold conversations!

If your child is hooked to the internet, why not make use of a smartphone application such as Babbel?

The online exercises there can be great to implement in between two sessions of in-home private tutoring. 

The important thing also is to let him or her understand just how important foreign languages are in the world today: whatever his or her future career, he will most likely be confronted with the Spanish language (or even to Chinese if he or she wants to work in the international business sector).

Why not get ahead and start learning the language now instead of later?

Science Subjects

Middle school represents a really big step onto their future paths for children everywhere. It's during this period that they are confronted to new science subjects.

On the menu:

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry,
  • Math,
  • Tech,
  • Media-related classes etc.

However, beware, as often these subjects can become a real pain to the students who encounter them!

If you are wanting to become an in-home private tutor in science, it's not a bad idea to begin to study what is on the students' schedules with regards to national education. In-depth tutoring at a regular pace could allow your students to progress quickly and avoid getting held back.

Who knows? Your child could fall in love with biology!

No room for error here!

At the end of middle school, your child will have to prepare for a whole different kind of science class.

In order to avoid academic failure, the in-home private tutor has to adapt to the student's level and pick the appropriate teaching method.

Why not start giving in-home tutoring classes for middle schoolers in order to have them succeed in their classes?

Each year, at least one person in every class gets held back and has to repeat the last year of middle school over again.

In order to make sure this does not happen, a parent must make sure that his or her children are working all year long. And we all know how fast a year goes!

In order to experience academic success with middle school's science subjects, the in-home private tutor can show the student some exercises that will help him or her with his or her classes.

Be an In-home Private Tutor for High School Students

Ninth Grade

Ninth grade is a class that bridges general learning with the student's future career path.

If you've been working with the same student since middle school, don't hesitate to talk to them about electives and how they may affect his or her college years.

In general, the student has three options:

  1. Literature classes (which will mean he or she will probably end up doing a literature or English degree),
  2. Math and science classes (which will mean he or she will be interested in a scientific or engineering degree),
  3. History and Political Science classes (which will mean he or she will be interested in a history or social degree).

Of course this all depends on the child's school. Classes will vary and so will the student's wishes!

This is a very important choice as it often determines the child's future career path.

It's also an important time for students to listen to their children's needs. It's not a good idea to choose a path that will prove difficult to the children and mean they will experience issues later on.

To avoid this kind of mistake, let the in-home private tutor have a hand in guiding the student. In their hours together he or she will evaluate the student's academic strengths but also have an idea of what he or she likes or does not like.

On top of the in-home private tutor helping the student with getting good grades, he or she has to guide the student in choosing what he or she likes so that being held back is not something in the foreseeable future and linked to the wrong choice. 

Find out all you need to know about tutoring high school students...

The SATs

The SATs are the test to worry about when you are a high school student. Whether you are wishing to get a PhD or a simple Bachelor's degree, don't forget that the SATs are looming in your future, and should be thought about from 9th grade on.

There are countless tutoring classes out there, but we recommend going for an in-home private tutor that can steer your child's academic ship in the right direction as soon as 9th grade. If he or she works with this in-home private tutor enough years and works on all of his or her academic difficulties, there is no reason the SATs should be a problem when they finally arrive.

Studying is absolutely essential to good SAT scores!

Whether you are shooting to study economics, science, or literature--the SATs is your ticket to the college you have your eye on! Don't take this lightly. An in-home private tutor can help you with your studying techniques and give you the tools to succeed. Plus, the test will be a good way to prepare for the onslaught of tests once you enter university.

In order to help the student in preparing for the SATs, here is a checklist to keep in mind:

  • Regular studying during the school year, then at a more intense pace during holidays,
  • Understanding instructions,
  • Practicing responding to essay questions,
  • Transmission of stress-reductive methods,
  • Studying techniques (such as mind-mapping),
  • Practice with thinking under pressure,
  • General revision of all appropriate subjects,
  • Revision of literary movements.

Often, only the student stresses at the approaching SATs, but parents should get the jitters too! Good SAT scores ensures that your student will get an acceptance letter to his or her preferred university.

If your child is looking to get into an ivy league school, the SATs are a must!

In addition to their studies, most work opportunities will be hard to secure without passing the SATs. Many recruiters will be reluctant to hire you if you do not pass them.

As a tutor, it's up to you to boost your student's motivation!

Above all, always listen to your student: it is essential that he or she feels appreciated, which is not the case when he or she is in a crowded class.

Teach him studying skills that will save him from the headache that failing a test can be!

By being attentive, you will be able to more easily detect your student's shortcomings and help him or her perfect his or her knowledge before the big day.

Present during the school year and just before the exams, you will be able to give tutoring classes to high school students from all over your state.

Some in-home private tutors even consider exam prep to be their specialty!

You could be helping kids accomplish their academic dreams.

So why not become an in-home tutor today?


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