It's easy, not too expensive. Private tutoring has been very good to many students in difficulties.

Today, the private tutoring market is experiencing a boom! 

What's the reason for this?

Our national educational system has experienced a lot of problems over the years and parents are losing faith in it. They are no longer sure school is enough for their children to succeed in life.

In-home private tutors have been picking up the school's slack and ensuring academic success.

These tutors are available, have a good teaching method, and take the time to listen to their students in order to understand what exactly is going on with them.

So, why wait? Find out now why private tutoring is so beneficial to students everywhere! 

Academic Support as a Remedy to Overbearing Parents

You won't have to be the teacher at home anymore! And that should be a relief. You can trust a tutor to take over that role. 

It is a problem in many US households. Parents, without knowing it, put an enormous amount of pressure on their children. They overprotect them. This can be very bad for their education.

Because being present is good, yes, but you have to know when to walk away. 

Of course, during the first school years, parents need to follow up on their children's education.

It's around 5th grade (when the child is 10 or 11) that students should start doing their homework on their own. 

Before this, parents do have to be involved. They can make learning fun and even further help their student in becoming independent.

They also will teach their children to respect the basic rules of education: 

  • Avoiding absenteeism to the max,
  • Be on time to class,
  • Reconcile the child with education by explaining its advantages,
  • Never criticize the national educational system in front of them,
  • Explaining the importance of the basics of education (counting, reading...)
  • Teaching them to respect their teachers in all circumstances,
  • Creating links with other students in order to avoid social exclusion, etc.

However, from middle school and high school on, parents have to avoid being on their children's backs.

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There's an age where parental guidance is essential.

It is therefore preferable to replace the parent with a private tutor.

In fact, many parents think they can be the teacher at home, but this is not always the case!

During an interview, English teacher John Gava explains that if a parent is overbearing, this can lead to conflict between the parent and child: 

"It's not that the parents aren't capable of doing the homework, but often their child will refuse that they are able to do it, because he or she wants to have control over his or her homework. They don't want to be controlled by their parents with yet another thing."

In order to respect your role as parent all the while ensuring that your child is getting good grades, the best thing is to get him or her a private tutor.

An in-home private tutor is serious and will know just how to have your child perfect his or her academic skills all the while giving him the tools to succeed on his or her own.

Academic Support to Correct the Wrongs of National Education

If you no longer trust the educational system, why not choose academic support to right the wrongs of national education? 

Today, in-home academic support is at its peak: one out of three high school students have tried it. 

Middle schoolers, high schoolers, but also elementary school students (which is less common)...There is no age to get a tutor!

Why is it so popular?

Because parents have lost a lot of faith in national education.

Because of declining grades in all the key subjects, our country is not looking too good when it comes to its academic reputation.

Those who are most affected by the bad organization of our educational system are of course the students.

In order to make sure your child does not suffer from the dysfunctional ways of the educational system, why not call on an in-home private tutor? 

Superprof tutoring sessions cost around 20 USD an hour.

During in-home private tutoring sessions, your child will be able to work in all of these subjects:

  • English class,
  • French class,
  • Spanish class,
  • German class,
  • History class,
  • Math class,
  • Chemistry class,
  • Biology class,
  • Economics,
  • Geography class.

In-home private tutoring sessions are a great way to make sure the student succeeds.

They will also serve as your student's academic counselor, and work at a regular pace that will work as a remedy to academic difficulties.

Slowly, your child will be able to benefit from tailored academic support in the evenings or during school holidays.

Thanks to the tutor's professional training, the no-home private tutor knows how to share basic notions in the subjects the student is having trouble with.

When an in-home private tutor steps in, academic difficulties become a thing of the past!

With an adapted methodology, your private tutor will make sure your student regains his love for learning! 

Academic Support in order to Steer Clear of the Infamous "Dropout Syndrome"

In-home private tutoring classes are a great way to make sure your child does not leave the educational system for good.

Dropping out of school is a real problem in America and drives much of the educational reform laws. =

As a general rule, more than 70% of school dropouts have had a difficult childhood which has halted their academic career.  


Dropping out of school is not necessarily synonymous with bad student: some students just don't feel good at school and want to leave because of discomfort.

There are numerous reasons why this can happen:

  • Religious reasons,
  • A loss of faith in the educational system,
  • Feeling like your teacher dislikes you,
  • Bullying,
  • Rejecting national education,
  • Boredom,
  • A preference for the working world.

What is the risk?

That no one will hire you. Nowadays, school diplomas are extremely valuable.

High-school dropouts are often students who are having difficulty with other students.

This category of Americans are often part of lower income families.

Today, 1 out of 5 students are living in poverty. 

In order not to drop out yourself, it's important to address the issue early on: as soon as the semester starts, do not hesitate to call on in-home academic support in order to avoid dropping out of school!

The in-home private tutor will be there to assist you with any problems your child may be having!

More than just a simple educator, the in-home private tutor will also counsel your child on his or her academic career and help him or her to regain confidence. 

If you are looking to progress at a regular pace or take a refresher course, academic support classes are the thing for you. You will be confronted to an in-home private tutor who knows his subjects inside and out. He or she will adapt to the student's level.

Whether it's languages or science, for example, online academic support is just what you need.

Academic support is the solution for students who are at risk of dropping out from school!

Taking Academic Support Courses to Do Well on Tests

Choosing academic support in order to do well on exams is a great solution.

In today's world, your child cannot afford to be without a diploma.

Whether it's for him or her to take classes at a university or access different jobs, he or she will need to do well on certain exams like the SATs.

No worries! 

In-home private tutors are there to help.

Whatever the problem, your in-home private tutor will do everything he or she can to make sure the student does not fall behind.

In 2016, 80% of students felt that they needed some kind of tutoring before the SAT Reasoning Test. 

When students fail exam after exam, they risk becoming altogether demotivated and dropping out of school.

The ideal solution then is to be ahead of things and have a tutor to help with exams in the first place.

Whatever the test, you will be able to find someone who can help: 

  • Midterms,
  • Finals,
  • SAT Reasoning Test,
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • College entry exams,
  • Language certification exams,
  • University finals and midterms.

In order to remedy your academic difficulties, the private tutor will use his teaching method to have you practice before the big day: online exercises, revisions, study techniques...His or her tools are many!

Many doors open when you do well on your SATs!

Many students worry about tests such as the SAT Reasoning test.

But don't panic!

The in-home private tutor will give you mock SAT exams and teach you how to be less stressed on the big day. Practicing before the actual test is the best way to be prepared.

Don't hesitate to consult our Superprof tutor profiles. Some of them are specialized in exam preparation. 

As far as finals go, the best thing you can do for yourself is organize lessons as soon as September. 

This way, you won't have to organize intensive study sessions. You'll have worked beforehand and will feel like you have some control over your academic weaknesses.

In order to do well in school, be sure to hire an in-home private tutor today! domicile !

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