Does your academic support ensure in-depth tracking of your child's progress throughout his or her academic journey?

Are there enough subjects covered to now fill in his learning gaps?

In middle school, high school, or even during one's graduate studies?

You can find an adequate academic support solution wherever there are teachers and pupils.

Are you having a problem with math in 10th grade?

An in-home private tutor is waiting for you.

Problems with languages? Same thing applies. In geography? In history? In chemistry ? In business? In English?

Starting in middle school and all the way to university, discover what subjects are offered within the framework academic support in the USA…

Is Tutoring Important in Middle School?

For your children, middle school is a time for them to get acquainted with how the big kids work! They leave the cozy nest of primary school, coloring, and non-stop fun with friends!

The school pace speeds up quite a bit. More classes. More hours too. More subjects. Some are even totally new to your children. School becomes much more hectic and demanding.

Middle schoolers often playing dilly-dallying with their friends to the real hard work that comes at them. However, everything is about adaptation, and soon they could be exceling!

It is sometimes hard for a 10 or 11-year-old child to face 6th grade. And it only gets harder until 8th grade. It is therefore very common for pupils to stop caring at some point and let their grades drop. This doesn't mean that they will not catch up. They just have to work hard at it!

On the contrary...there are a lot of tutoring options for middle schoolers in need of a reboot. Whether it's in languages, science, or other general subjects, the benefits of tutoring are numerous...

Academic Support with Languages

During your child's first few years in primary school, he or she may have had an introduction to foreign languages. To Spanish, probably. He may have learned a few basics. For others, it starts in the 6th grade.

Middle school marks then the beginning of language learning ​​for the great majority of pupils. The goal from 6th grade to 8th grade will be to master the basics of the Spanish or French language, which includes but is not limited to: conjugation, grammar, irregular verbs, oral and written comprehension, and even a little oral expression.

These last 20 years, Arabic has even been introduced to the K-12 system and can be found in some cities such as Chicago, Boston, NYC, and Miami...

Because languages today are of the utmost importance, these language subjects have to be a priority and your children will have to keep up the pace! Either the student is good at languages ​​or it is not his forte at all. And for a refresher, the tutoring is often necessary.

Thanks to the many tutors who specialize in different languages, your teenager or pre-teen has the opportunity of quickly excelling in the preferred language. Whether you're calling on native teachers or Americans with a language degree, the private tutor will devote hours to speaking, writing, reading, and understanding exercises in various languages. There are courses in French, Spanish, etc.

In-home Private Lessons for Science Classes

Scientific subjects are another thing altogether.

In elementary school, your child has just tasted the beginning of mathematics: calculation, operations, basic problems to solve...When middle school starts, math becomes much more difficult, with fractions, algebra, and other unknowns. From the third year on, national education complicates the program further so that students can be on their path to their future scientific jobs. Additionally, three new subjects make an appearance in middle school:

  • Science of Life and Earth
  • Technology
  • And physical sciences

Here, if the student wishes to focus on science in the SATs or take science subject tests, he can turn to and trust in-home tutoring.

On the Superprof website, you will find a database of private tutors specialized in these three subjects.

Whether it's homework help with math, chemistry, or physics, or a regular follow-up with other kinds of academic support, there are many options available to students in difficulty.

Maybe it's a refresher course. Or something more permanent that will grant some academic success in the long run.

Improving Grades in General Subjects

English class (limited to writing and reading in elementary school) becomes much more important in middle school. Grammar becomes more complex and, above all, English teachers now require their students to read and analyze works of English literature.

Steinbeck, Shakespeare, Orwell, Sawyer, Poe, etc... English class begins to require the student to know some elements of anglo-saxon culture.

History will also be introduced to the curriculum. American history will be the main subject, but there will be some mention of world history too. There will be a large intake of information over four years. The same will go for geography.

To keep up with these subjects, the use of in-home private tutoring is never too much. Within the framework of these important general subjects, the lessons will be numerous throughout middle school. Students will have to be on the ball. An in-home private tutor can therefore help your child with his revisions, allowing him to store the knowledge inside of his or her head and learn a few different methods of learning.

If you have an online tutor helping you on a daily basis, you can face up the big load of homework middle school will throw at you. There are English and history teachers just a phone call away...

In-Home Tutoring for High School Students?

If middle school is a place to learn the fundamentals, high school is a place where you will know what to focus on. The flexibility of in-home tutoring allows for tailored academic support.

Ninth grade is for everyone, of course. It has the common core of those subjects students started to experience during middle school. But teaching becomes even more intense and hands-on. The goal is to prepare each student for his future career as soon as 11th and 12th grade. 

For those teenagers with strong academic aspirations, in-home tutoring is absolutely essential. They are setting up their professional future and must start in the beginning of high school. Not everyone is aware, but it is important to get started as soon as possible. The only solution is in-home tutoring.

In-Home Language Classes

This is particularly true for students wanting to pursue a career in languages, but it is true for all the others, too: languages are very important in life, and in the SATs, particularly.

It depends on the path you are on regarding your studies, but your French, Spanish, German or Italian grades may decide whether you get an exceptional job or not.

If you'd like to do good on your SATs and get an amazing job after college, language classes are not a bad place to start!

From 11th grade and even senior year,  in-school tutoring classes are amazing to get your child ahead with his or her language classes. College will have even harder language classes, so it's a good time for him to get accustomed to all this.

You want a good job within the international community? Don't hesitate on getting started early.

Literary Subjects Vs. Scientific Subjects

From high school on, literary subjects (English class, literature, philosophy, and languages) oppose themselves to scientific subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, and economics.

Students start to understand what paths they would like to take and they have to start thinking about what classes to accompany those paths. Depending on the path your child has chosen, it will be necessary to adapt his or her academic support. How about some courses in French, math, philosophy, and economics?

In-home tutoring for these subjects are among the most proposed in the in-home tutoring field. SATs and the prospect of getting into an ivy league school are some of the most common reasons students hone in on in-home tutoring (such as Harvard, MIT, or Georgetown).

If you are looking to be valedictorian or graduate with honors--in-home tutoring is the solution for you!

Higher Education: Limitless Academic Support

Does academic tutoring have to stop at high school? Certainly not.

Afterwards there are other exams you will have to worry about as soon as you enter college. Most scary of all are all those many deadlines--all of the utmost importance--in order to arrive at a professional future you can be proud of.

Shooting for an ivy league like Harvard--why not?

This is why there are more and more subjects and in-home tutoring is more and more popular. Whether you use Superprof or another tutoring site, there are hundreds of in-home tutors waiting for you in order to work on subjects such as:

  • physics and chemistry (engineering school),
  • mathematics (engineering and business schools),
  • cconomics and international trade (Business Schools, Political Studies),
  • foreign languages ​​(emphasis on literature), more general English classes,
  • history, geography (socio-political studies),
  • English (journalism school),
  • computer science, etc.

In-home tutoring has become more and more popular for students in higher education. And depending on the job you want to aim for, it is smartest to stack all the odds in your favor so you can be accepted to that great school you so wished to attend! 

Of course, in-home tutoring is not only to get into these schools but to maintain your place there. Higher education is also very hard.

The rhythm is steady and obtaining a degree or a Master's degree is sometimes very hard. So don't hesitate to call on academic support and its unique pedagogy during this decisive period of your academic career!

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