Battling academic failure is a priority for parents. Tutoring is becoming increasingly popular...

Necessary for some, a boost for others: it is now easy to find an in-home private teacher for every level and subject.

However, some families cannot afford to hire an in-home tutor.

It can be a question of budget, time, or simply a lack of candidates (especially in rural communities).

For these parents, the internet offers an interesting alternative to online school support.

Discover the 6 advantages of online tutoring...

1. Academic Online Courses: Attractive Rates

The first point in favor of online courses is their cost.

In America, the average price of one hour of private lessons is around 20 USD.

On Superprof, it's around 25 USD. But our site goes well beyond school lessons and offers hundreds of other private lessons.

Online academic support is adapted for students on a budget.

These rates depend on certain things:

  • The subject: math and English classes don't have the same rate.
  • The student's level: homework help for an elementary school student requires less preparation than a class for a chemistry student preparing for the SAT Reasoning Test.
  • The tutor's experience.
  • The region: classes are more expensive in NYC.

You will find different online formulas that greatly facilitate things.

The prices vary but as a general rule they range between 20 USD for 1 hour and 150 USD for 4 1-hour sessions. Don't forget that the best thing about these online courses is their ability to consolidate knowledge directly from the computer.

Online classes mean less traveling expenses (gaz, train ticket, etc.) and less time getting to and from the class.

Discussion forums are also very helpful.

There are many other advantages to online academic support.

2. Access Online Resources Anytime

You are on holiday and realize you have forgotten that a test awaits you this fall! Little problem: you forgot to take your notebooks with you!

Don't worry: go to a cybercafé and print online documents that will help you study and get a good grade.

A few years ago, the students only had their notes in order to study. If students had a problem with note-taking, their grades suffered.

Today, the internet has changed everything.

On the U.S.A's most acclaimed academic support websites, you can find many videos and courses (interactive or not). If you have not fully understood one crucial element of your last geography class, you will easily find what you need online.

Whether it's at home or on the train, you can focus on your lessons anywhere!

The Internet has greatly facilitated the provision of educational resources for students at all levels.

In fact, students knowing that they can access unlimited courses and exercises means they feel more at peace. 

This does not mean, of course, that they should not listen in class. That is the most important part of the schooling.

3. Working at Your Pace

Re-reading your grammar lesson made you realize that you do not understand how to properly use the IOC. No worries, time to move on to mathematics. But you have a mental block there, too. Impossible to find a solution to the problem you are working on...

Each student knows there are some things that are easier to learn than others. This could be your case too.

There are times when, for no apparent reason, it is difficult to concentrate. Other times, you feel good and it is easy to hold on to everything, as if by magic.

We are all different people when faced with learning.

Some need to learn a little each day. Others work well within procrastination and are most motivated right before an exam.

No need for documents all over your desk anymore! Now all you need is a computer.

The advantage of finding exercises online is the ability to choose when you want to work.

Just do some research on the internet to improve your understanding of what is bothering you.

No need to look in your notebooks, folders, and flashcards. A few clicks and you're faced with online courses and exercises created by competent teachers.

Perfect for gaining some independence with the way you work. These will be most helpful to you in high school and college.

4. Fun Learning Adapted to All Ages

After class, it is difficult for children and teenagers to get to work. The lure of TV and video games can sometimes be too strong and they forget all about homework.

It must be said that the day has already been long and their brain feels fried.

This is where online academic support comes in. On the web, you can find educational videos as well as interactive games.

For videos, we recommend YouTube. It is a real gold mine. Videos for all levels and all subjects are offered (from Kindergarten to 12th grade).

As far as games are concerned, there are most with math. Try MathPlayground for a little fun with numbers!

Some tutoring sites have also understood the importance of motivation when it comes to learning. They've borrowed the ranking system that one finds with video games. This is the case of Afterclass, which distributes badges to collect and share with other learners.

This intelligent system makes you want to return often in order to progress and measure yourself to others in a healthy and fun way.

5. Easily Finding the Right Tutor

Throughout the school year or during school holidays, it's easy to contact experienced teachers and ask them all the questions you want.

Whether through discussion forums or on those chatroom spaces offered by most academic sites.

For example, Superprof will help you find a specialized teacher to answer all your questions and help you to do your school exercises via webcam whenever you wish.

The webcam has facilitated online learning everywhere!

You can see with the tutor about setting regular times in which you two work on your academic difficulties. Regardless of the problem area, being able to work via webcam gives you access to an incredible breeding ground of experts who just want to pass on their knowledge.

This kind of academic coaching is a great way to overcome any academic difficulties by restoring your confidence in your abilities and reboosting on your motivation.

6. Learning Centered Around Effectiveness

It's discouraging to see classes become more and more crowded.

We're sure you've been too sick to go to class one day. Yet, the teacher had to get on with his program. He had to give the class no matter what. If you weren't there, so be it. Those are the rules of national education.

However, it's a fact: it's impossible for a teacher who is part of the national education system to stay behind all of his or her pupils (especially from middle school on).

Parents must therefore respond by getting their children academic help at home.

The objective is to focus the student's efforts on what he or she does not understand in class.

If it is a comprehension problem, allowing your child to find the right lessons online could help raise his or her average.

If it is a problem related to his or her work method, a regular appointment (in-person or via webcam) with a tutor can unlock the situation.

In any case, the internet offers excellent tools for parents or teachers to accompany students in need.

Some parents cannot check if their children's courses are going well. Online tutoring eliminates this problem.

As a result, each parent can now become an active player in their child's academic success.

Also take a look at the MOOCs for quality online academic support!

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