The world of tutoring has taken many turns over the ages. From finding its roots in ancient times to now incorporating the newest kind of technology into one-on-one learning. Tutoring has gone through a complete evolution.

Across the US, students count on tutors to help them with the academic needs in order for them to excel both inside and outside of the classroom. Individual tutoring can help tutees increase academic performance, learn new study skills, and even boost confidence. Test prep conducted in a tutoring center or group tutoring at an after school program all fall under the umbrella of additional student learning.

Both the tutor and the tutee have a lot to gain from tutoring sessions. Mainstream education is only efficient when every student receives individualized attention, but because they can not be the case in every school or classroom, tutors are called upon to fill the holes of knowledge.

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Tutors Through The Ages

Tutoring can be traced back to ancient times. In the western world, some of the first tutors include big names like Socrates and Aristotle. During the time of the Greek Empire, private tutors were used as the source of knowledge for the elite.

Royal and elite families hired tutors to teach their children and prepare them for a life in the ruling class. Student learning was saved for those with ties to power.

ancient times
Tutoring can be traced back to centuries ago, past even the era of the Greeks. (Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash)

Learning also took place through apprenticeships. This type of learning-focused less on academic advising and more one technical knowledge to be used in work trades.

As the evolution of tutoring moved forward to the 17th and 18th centuries, tutors were now found in colleges and universities. Free tutoring was available to students that needed support services in order to reach the levels of academic achievement needed to do well in college-level courses.

Today private tutors are not just for the elite. After the evolution of the education system, which took centuries, tutors are now available to everyone. Today, the job of a tutor is to bring supplemental instruction to the learning a student does in school. The best tutors are able to create curriculums and plans that help explain the questions that a student might have after a lesson at school.

Private Tuition In The 21st Century

Tutoring centers, private tutoring, and other tutoring programs have changed more in the past decade than all of the centuries beforehand. This is due to the modernization of tutoring through the use of technology. Technology has impacted all aspects of modern life, especially education.

tutoring on your phone
Tutoring can now come from the palm of your hand. (Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash)

Homework assignments can be turned in online and tutors are available to assist from anywhere in the world. 

Students now have computers and tablets available for all kinds of learning. They are able to intertwine technological advancements with what they are learning in the classroom. Tutors and instructors have also infused technology like apps and online platforms to help them change the face of tutoring.

You can now book an appointment with a tutor, pay the tutor, and even take a tutoring session all with the click of a mouse.

Tutoring students through online tutoring services has given tutors a further reach. They can now provide their services to anyone around the globe and at a cheaper rate.

Tutoring companies have even designed phone apps that keep students engaged in between sessions. Academic support through a screen no longer seems unthinkable.

Private Tutoring Around The Globe

Tutoring is different all over the globe. The end goal of a tutor is always the same, to provide their students with the right explanations and skills to adequately perform in school. However, the popularity of tutoring and the different approaches towards tutoring can vary from country to country. Not all regions place the same importance on tutoring or hold it to the same prestige.

difference in tutoring around the globe
Tutoring can vary from country to country. (Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash)

For example, Nordic countries in Europe have very little use for tutors. Most people in this region trust that the schools provide the necessary amount of education for the child.

They have the philosophy that young children should spend more time learning important life skills than academic subjects.

The story of tutoring is completely different in Asia.

Find out how other regions of the world view tutoring by reading this post.

Tutoring in the US

In the US, the market for private tuition is extremely profitable. This is because so many people see the benefits of individualized attention for their students.

US tutoring
The popularity of tutoring in the US is on the rise. (Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash)

Tutors can be found at schools, tutoring centers, or online. If you choose to look for a private tutor, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can look, and Superprof is one of them.

One-on-one tutoring can be a great supplement to what students are taught in classes. It can help them with perfecting academic skills, teaching more effective note-taking, and serve as exam review. No matter what you need a tutor for, you can find them all across the US.

You can search by subject, price, and qualifications. Tutors can also be the key to accessing top tier universities like the Ivy League schools, there are some tutors specializes in helping with college applications and standardized tests for entrance records.

Parents hire tutors to assist students with homework, test preparation, and writing skills. But not all tutors are created equal. Find out if the instructor you have chosen is a certified tutor and what their academic qualifications are.

Keep reading here to find out where else you can look to find the best tutors.

Benefits of Tutoring: For Students and Tutors

Both students and tutors can take a lot from tutoring.

tutoring can also benefit the tutor
There are mutual benefits to tutoring, both for the tutor and the tutee. (Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash)

Here are only a few of the many benefits available to tutees:

  • Individualized attention - large student to teacher ratios in most schools prevent students from receiving one-on-one attention. Tutoring is a way of supplementing that attention so that the child's questions and concerns can be clarified.
  • Improvements inside and outside the classroom - by helping students excel in their academic studies, tutors also help incubate positive self-image.
  • Helping keep up during summer - if a child is not constantly mentally stimulated, they are at risk of losing valuable knowledge. This is where tutors come in. During breaks, tutors can help fill the gaps and prevent students from falling behind before the start of the next year.

Here are some of the benefits of being a tutor:

  • Extra cash - tutoring jobs can pay up to $80 an hour, which means that you can receive a substantial income from tutoring.
  • You make your own hours - unless you decide to work for a tutoring agency, most tutors can make their own schedules and can decide to work as little or as much as they want.
  • A step in the right direction - becoming a tutor or starting a tutoring program can help you jump into other educational careers.

Keep reading to find out more about the mutual benefits of tutoring.

The Wide Range of Tutoring

With such a large diversity in both the students and the subjects they want to learn, the world of tutoring is bound to continue to grow for many years to come.

tutoring for athletes
Athletic training is one of the many subject tutors can help in. (Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash)

Tutors have left behind the rules that limit them to academic support, many tutors have branched out to teach more than math and science.

Tutors can now be hired to teach:

  • languages;
  • sports;
  • nutrition;
  • arts;
  • and many other leisures

A home tutor has also been given more freedom in the subjects they can teach due to the increasing amount of resources available to them. Online tools and platforms have helped expand the repertoire of subjects that tutors can be hired for.

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