Music is a powerful tool that adds color to the canvas of life. When you know how to play an instrument, you become the artist – gladly adding color to people’s lives. You can inspire people and let them know that there’s more to life, all through the music you play.

There are many different instruments that you can choose from – the piano, bass, acoustic/electric guitar, cello, viola, and last, but certainly not least, the violin.

Classical instruments, like the violin, can evoke certain emotions that other instruments can’t do to the same degree. It helps understand feelings and convey your sentiments through your musical talent.

To better express yourself through your music, you need violin classes because this instrument requires a certain level of mastery before you can play it.

A skillful tutor in Chicago giving you online violin lessons can help you do this – so can a teacher at a violin conservatory.

What Are Conservatories?

Person playing the violin at a conservatory
Learning at a conservatory can help you pursue your interest in violin professionally (Source: Anna Earl via Unsplash)

Musical Conservatories, also called conservatoriums or conservatories, are specialized music schools. They are educational institutions that allow the specialized study of music, music research, and offer proper training for your musical instrument of choice.

Essentially, they’re colleges, schools, or academies for music that help you pursue your interest professionally, like engineering, business or medical schools would.

You get the full experience as you learn music theory, play in an ensemble, and get one-on-one attention from music teachers.

What’s Offered In Violin Classes At A Conservatory?

It’s like a school – you would have to be disciplined to make it through.

These are prestigious institutions that can help you become an expert at the violin. You’ll have violin classes where teachers will be there to assist and correct you when you are doing something wrong.

Conservatories have an excellent environment for learning if you plan to take your violin classes there. Experienced music teachers in conservatory violin classes will help you:

  • Learn music theory
  • Hone your playing technique
  • Train your ear to musical notes
  • Build your repertoire

But it doesn’t end there.

Here are some of the benefits of learning violin at a conservatory

Learn Through Peers As Well As Teachers

Picture of woman playing violin with blurred background
Conservatories offer you opportunities like playing violin in concertos (Source: Unsplash)

A conservatory can provide you with learning opportunities from peers and teachers. When you take violin classes as part of a course at a music conservatory, you will meet other musicians with goals and objectives that are different from yours, making it a great place to share your views and figure out what you want out of being a violinist.

Some Peers Will Support You

You’ll be learning from teachers, but your peers might have a thing or two to teach you. Take it as a motivational ploy to keep learning.

Many of your peers will be at a different skill level than you; some higher, some lower. They may have some techniques and ear training secrets to share with you.

In such a way, conservatories allow bonding throughout the violin lessons with your peers.

Don’t Forget That You’re Competing

Remember that not all of your peers will be as accommodating as others, however.

It’s a competitive world, so take the criticism with a grain of salt. Motivate yourself to practice harder and become better at playing the violin. Again, teachers are always there to assist you.

Some peers will challenge your philosophies, ideologies, and interpretations about music, but that is a part of being in a community. Remember to stay focused on your goals and these challenges will only serve to strengthen your resolve of getting better at the violin.

Playing In An Ensemble

Picture of women playing the violin as part of an ensemble
This is what it’s like playing in an ensemble after taking violin lessons (Source: Visual Hunt)

Violin classes at a conservatory in Chicago also offer you a chance to learn what it’s like to play in an ensemble where other people are playing different instruments.

When you see other people play, that gives you motivation. That’s because a community creates a fun learning environment.

There are so many different notes in a song with various instruments and it may be tricky keeping track of all of them. In conservatory violin classes, you can get help from experienced teachers and learn how to be a part of a team and play better in an ensemble.

Better Employment Opportunities

Being in sync with other musicians is crucial for ensuring that your violin piece fits the ensemble well.

In a conservatory, you’ll understand how to time your parts perfectly by ear and sheet music. That counts when you’re pursuing music professionally.

When you have experience of practicing with other musicians as part of an ensemble at a conservatory, you’ll be in a better position to play when it really counts. It’ll boost your employment opportunities as a musician when you’ve completed violin classes at a conservatory.

What It’s Like To Take Online Violin Lessons?

If you take violin lessons online or learn through violin apps, you’d probably be in your living room, basement, or your bedroom when practicing.

It’s convenient and you can have the freedom and flexibility to learn at your own pace.

It’s vastly different from traveling to a conservatory to take violin classes. You save on travel expenses and save that money to divert to other places.

Online violin lessons can be fun. The tutor can come to your home, or coach you online in daily or weekly classes. They can teach you about the different chords, tips to maintain your posture, and more. They also teach you about chord shapes, reading sheet music, playing scales and more.

It can undoubtedly be interactive as you can ask about the problems you are facing there and then if you’re learning through live video violin classes. It’s one of the reasons that online violin lessons are great.

However, it’s all up to you at the end of the day. You have to understand the key takeaways from each of the lessons. Plus, you have to be determined to make time for practicing the violin aside from the lessons.

If you have a strong desire and passion for learning the violin, you can learn it through online violin lessons as well as app learning. It’s convenient, and you leverage technology to help you learn a new skill that you can use to inspire people and touch lives.

Persistence And Discipline With Online Violin Lessons Is Necessary

Violin apps and online violin lessons can be a fantastic way to get started with becoming disciplined.

You have to have persistence and dedication towards learning an instrument like the violin via online violin lessons.

If you are not there for every online session or don’t take out time daily to attend your lessons, much less practice them, you’ll either develop bad technique or give up playing altogether. So be disciplined in attending your violin lessons.

Luckily, when you’re confident enough with your ability to play the violin, you can search out different people in your area who are looking for a violinist for their band or ensemble. There are apps for that.

Even your online teacher may put you through to people in need of a violinist. This can help you overcome the fear of playing in a band. It’s good to go for this out so that you’re not behind other people who are playing in ensembles at a conservatory.

Remember: You need to be dedicated and disciplined about learning through violin apps and online violin lessons. The teacher is there to help you, but you are the one who has to take an interest.

The right tutor will help you with:

  • Maintaining correct posture while playing
  • Correctly holding your bow and rosin
  • How much you need to press on the strings to get the perfect notes

In Conclusion

If you wish to pursue music and violin is your instrument of choice, violin classes at conservatories and online violin lessons can be two of the best options.

In one, you have the chance to go to a professional institution where you’ll be exposed to a different environment in which you can learn. While in the other, you can have the freedom to learn at your own pace and have one-on-one interactions.

Apps and online violin lessons have their set of advantages, as do conservatories. People need to keep interested and dedicated when learning to play the violin correctly.

Get in touch with SuperProf to learn more about getting started with online violin lessons in Chicago and Hamilton.

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