When people think about violin lessons, their mind usually takes them to a room full of kids waving around bows and attempting to play their instruments. Although this might be sometimes true, there are also many adults that decide to start practicing an instrument later in life.

Most adults who choose to begin playing the violin have a different relationship with the instrument than kids. For the adults, the violin is a form of relaxation, an oasis from their heavy careers and busy lives.

A violin lesson can be a vacation from the usual hustle of the NYC lifestyle. If you are looking for hobbies to help you be more "in the moment", there is no better choice than the violin. The violin and the world of its music can be transformative and unwinding.

Its never too late for music and in NYC there are plenty of music teachers willing to dedicate time to you and your new hobby.

Where to Find a Violin Teacher in NYC

There is no shortage of options when looking for a violin music teacher in NYC. The trick is knowing where to look for them.

The goal of music lessons is to help students learn not only to play their instruments but also to read music, to learn some music theory, complete some ear training, and eventually some kind of improvisation. They can help you prepare for performance opportunities like a recital or practice for an audition.

musical instruments
You can improve your musicianship by registering for orchestral music programs or taking lessons at a community music school. (Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash)

Music teachers can be found giving group lessons at music schools or conservatories.

StingSchool offers group lessons for adult students in the heart of Manhattan. They promise a relax and fun atmosphere for adults and the chance to learn to play several songs by the end of the course.

Music students can also take advantage of private instructors. There are hundreds of violin teachers that are available to give private music lessons to students in their own homes. Private lessons can be more accommodating to different schedules and lifestyles.

A private music teacher will be able to meet you at your home at an hour that works best for you. With private instruction, it is also going to be more accommodating to your speed of learning. A private tutor will also take into account your preferred music styles and cater the class to help you learn what you want to.

Lastly, there are multiple instructors that are willing to take the digital route and teach you through online platforms. You can find online courses to get you started on your journey to becoming a violinist, but you might also want to inquire about individualized courses thought through online video calls.

Whether you are living in NYC, San Diego, or Philly, there are always plenty of opportunities to find the right violin lessons for you.

Choosing the Ideal Tutor

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. William Arthur Ward

When looking into classes for your musical instrument, you should look for someone that inspires. They should make you want to become a better player and embolden you to try your best and dedicate your energy to improving your trade.

You will be able to progress exponentially faster if your teacher …

  • Understands your individual needs as a player and takes a specialized approach to your teaching;
  • Pushes you to try pieces that test and advance your technique;
  • Shows interest in your improvement during your music classes.

When considering what music teacher to choose, make sure to look into their qualifications. Most music teachers have a background in music education or lengthy experience playing for an orchestra or conservatory. You might also want to choose your teacher based on the type of method they use for teaching, would you like to be taught traditionally or with the Suzuki method?

music teachers will provide you with sheet music
Your violin teacher will provide you with songs that accommodate to your skillset. (Photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash)

Your violin teacher should develop a personalized course to help you continuously improve your skill level. Your individual lessons should support your goals of playing philharmonic compositions by Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, or any other composers you admire.

Finding the perfect fit for your growth as a music student is essential to your success. With an experienced teacher, your private lessons will help tremendously in your journey to becoming a great violinist.

There are plenty of great options for violin tutors here on Superprof.

What Are the Best Orchestras in NYC

Apart from taking private violin lessons, many people also choose to join a symphony orchestra. An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble typical of classical music, which combines instruments from different families, including string instruments, brass instruments, woodwinds such as the clarinet, and percussion instruments.

Joining an orchestra gives you the chance to practice and perform pieces in a group with other musicians. It is a great way to increase your skill level and immerse yourself in the music community.

symphony orchestra
If you join an orchestra you will have recitals in music hall or community music center (Photo by Arindam Mahanta on Unsplash)

New York has a multitude of orchestras that you can audition for. There are those of high prestige, geared towards people with professional aspirations as musicians and other for musical hobbyists.

Here are a couple of orchestras that open their doors to violinists in the NY area:

  • The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York (MYO);
  •  American Youth Orchestra (AYO);
  • The InterSchool Orchestras of New York;
  • The New York Repertory Orchestra.

You can also find orchestras in San Antonio and Chicago to audition for as well as private lessons for beginner to advanced students.

What to Consider When Buying a Violin?

Once you have decided that the violin is the right instrument for you, one of the following steps is finding the perfect one to purchase or rent. A multitude of factors goes into defining the price of a violin. If you are ready to invest in your own, here are a couple of things to consider when researching violins for purchase.

Violin and bow from above
For beginners, most experts recommend renting your first violin from either a music academy or music school. (Photo by Baher Khairy on Unsplash)
  • Price range: Setting a budget is an important first step. Violins can be a hefty investment for beginners so it might be best to make a smaller investment until you are sure of your commitment to the instrument. The last thing you want to do is invest in an item that you won’t be using in the future.
  • Age: Both new and used violins can be found for sale. Used violins can be a cheaper option, but make sure to investigate the instrument’s structure and quality before purchase. Watch out for cracks or any sign of breakage.
  • Quality: The quality of the wood structure and stings of the violin can add to the price. A violin in good condition should not look worn out or creak when touched.
  • Size: You might be surprised to hear that violins are not all one size, they come in a variety of sizes to fit those using the instrument. Full-sized violins are mostly used for adults and in professional settings. Sizes 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 and even  1/32 can be used by younger adults or children. You can measure your violin size by extending the students left arm and measure a violin that fits from the base of their neck to the center of their palm or wrist.

Renting a violin might also be an option for beginner players. Yearly rentals for a standard Violin at Quality Strings is $170. Strings and Other Things offers violin rentals for as low as $36 a month.

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