If you plan to visit Portugal, then you have made an excellent choice because it is just a stunning country with a bit of everything; from cities to sandy beaches, from historical castles to religious monasteries, from bustling modern cities to mountainous villages with cobblestone streets.

Portuguese culture is very interesting, and all you have to do to discover it is to book your airfare or train and arrive in the country. On a visit to Portugal, you will find that the Portuguese people are friendly, accommodating if you don’t speak Portuguese and very welcoming.

A trip to Portugal lays out unlimited opportunities for sightseeing, as well as trying Portuguese food, drinks and socialising. So Many millions of tourists visit Portugal every year so while the path to the country is not an untrodden one. The traveller will have the chance to meet other travellers and local Portuguese people alike.

Depending on your itinerary you can discover the enchanting culture and uncover things you didn’t know about Portugal. This is possible by walking alone in the hilltops of small towns and villages or at large social events that attract millions of people every year. Like the annual cultural festivals, medieval festivals and music festivals in the summer months.

Although some people like the improvisation of doing things at the last minute, there is something to be said for planning a bit. At least it is good to have an idea of what you can find at your destination.

If you arrive in Lisbon, you can have a tour in the capital city and its neighbourhoods like Alfama. Or you can go to listen to fado music in the bars of cities like Evora, Cascais, or Porto. You can walk the beaches of faro in the Algarve or the Azores islands archipelago or tick off the long list of Unesco world heritage sites. Whatever you decide here are some pointers to help you decide.

Do not forget the white sand beaches in the south
Portugal is a very stunning bright and colorful atmosphere. Photo Source: Unsplash

What To Monuments And Attractions Can You Find In Portugal?

Palace Of The Regaleira In Sintra

Once in the city of Sintra, you can find the Palace of the Regaleira which has been Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located in the historic centre of Sintra, and the palace is built in a 4-hectare park which was created by Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro and Luigi Manini in the early 20th century. By visiting it, you will be able to observe the many references to Freemasonry and Templars and discover all the secrets of construction.

The Sanctuary Of Bom Jesus Do Monte In Braga

The Sanctuary of the Bom Jesus do Monte is a religious and tourist site in the city of Braga in northern Portugal. Here you can admire a stunning baroque-inspired church built in the 18th century. You can climb the stairs to the top or take a hydraulic funicular both allow visitors access to a spectacular landscape view offered by this construction.

Here is a short list of some of the most beautiful Portuguese monuments that should not be missed:

  1. Belem Tower in Lisbon,*
  2. Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon,*
  3. Sanctuary of Bom Jesus Do Monte in Braga,
  4. National Palace of Pena in Sintra,*
  5. Palace of the Regaleira in Sintra,
  6. Convent of Christ in Tomar,
  7. Alcobaça Monastery *
  8. Guimaraes Castle,*
  9. Monastery of Batalha, *
  10. Pont Dom Luis
  11. National Museum of Azulejo in Lisbon,
  12. Château d’Obidos *

At least seven of these buildings are on the Portuguese nominated 7 wonders of Portugal list (*). A selection made to highlight the country's historic monuments and attract the attention of visitors.

To visit all these beautiful monuments of Portugal, do not hesitate to take advantage of the free first Sundays of each month or discounts for students or under 26 years. Finally, the Lisboa Card will allow you to enjoy several visits and free transportation. A little travel tip to maximise your itinerary and save money on your trip.

No matter where you visit in Portugal, you will certainly find something to discover the history of Portugal and its culture.

If you like history go to Sintra
cities like Aveiro nicknamed the little Venice of Portugal, will disorient you for sure. Photo Source: Unsplash

Which Are The Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal?

When preparing to visit Portugal, It’s a good idea to have an idea of exciting cities to visit which can serve as your base for day trip and exploration. Of course, when you are short of time you don’t want to waste time, we all know about the capital city of Lisbon, it is often a favourite destination for weekend travellers, and it is easy to arrive here as Several airlines offer more than reasonable rates to reach this colourful, bustling capital city. But what about other cities in Portugal?. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful cities in the country from a cultural and tourist point of view.

Porto is good for lovers of big cities and serves as an alternative to Lisbon, or one more destination on the route. Known for its wine of the same name, Porto will introduce you to the wines of the country in a very stunning bright and colourful atmosphere.

For more peace, try cities like Aveiro nicknamed the little Venice of Portugal, will disorient you for sure. Viana Do Castelo is very close to the sea and will be perfect for a relaxing holiday. If you like history go to Sintra, Obidos or Monsaraz. Between old castles, royal palaces and archaeological traces of prehistory. Let’s not forget the white sand beaches of Faro, anywhere you go you will not be disappointed.

Portugal is a country offering incredible landscapes, If you are dedicated, you can discover them all by crossing the country from north to south. Go for it!

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Porto serves as an alternative to Lisbon
Porto will introduce you to the wines of the country in a very stunning bright and colorful atmosphere. Photo Source: Unsplash

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In Portugal?

Every day hundreds of flights land in Lisbon, Porto or Faro bringing millions of tourists every year. Many for the first time and many who return as often as their schedule will allow. But what prices should tourists expect when they arrive?

Accommodation Costs

Once there, several housing solutions are available to you. Hotels, sleeping in homestays, camping, just to name a few. Everything will depend on your budget and the way you travel.

  1. For a hotel room expect to pay anywhere from €30 for a comfortable room in a basic hotel. A luxury hotel, will upwards of €100.
  2. Hostels can save you a lot of money and start from around €8 for a bed in a dormitory.
  3. Camping can cost as little as €3 for a pitch for your tent.
  4. Guesthouses and home stays from €35

The prices of guest houses can vary completely depending on the services offered and their location. Here is a selection of some guest houses to give you an idea.

  1. Chalet Saudade in Sintra 60 € / night
  2. Your GuestHouse in Porto 50 € / night
  3. The Chiado feeling in Lisbon 34 € / night

Food Costs

You can save money by buying food in markets and supermarkets, or you can eat out in local restaurants and cafes. Whatever you decide its important to prepare your budget.

  1. Supermarket shopping, you can get by with around €50 for a week.
  2. The restaurants, meanwhile, serve menus from € 12 - € 13+. Of course, you will pay more for fancy restaurants, and it also depends on what you order.
  3. Fast food can be found from €5

Transport Costs

Transport is an essential aspect of your budget and depending on where you are coming from it may be a significant part. But traveling in Europe is cheap and so are flights with budget airlines. Ryanair for example often sells tickets for less than €50 return from most capital cities in major European countries. In the off-season, prices can sometimes drop even lower to around €30 per round trip.

Buses can also save you money, and with the Eurolines bus company, the price of a one-way ticket is on average € 60 to € 100. If you want to move around in Portugal to explore other cities, it is possible to use the TGV which is still more expensive than the regional train or the option of the bus, but it can save you some time. If you want to save why not take the regional train and read a book while you wait with prices from around €18 for the Lisbon-Porto route. You can really enjoy Portugal and travel around more. To reach the suburban cities, expect to pay around €10 by bus.

Cost Of Activities And Sightseeing

Tourist activities can easily go up to € 20 per person per day depending on what it is that you want to do. However, you can just partake of free activities should you want to save money. Going to museums on the first Sunday of the month, for example, is free. Speaking with local can help you learn some useful travel tips to save money and maximise your activities.

Are you ready to book your trip to Portugal and start exploring this awe inspiring country? Let’s go!

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