If you have decided to visit Germany for your holiday, you have made a great choice. Germany is a powerful and culturally rich country and unique in Europe as a tourist destination. When planning your trip one of the most important things to organise will be your accommodation in Germany. If you know what cities in Germany that you want to visit and which attractions you are interested in seeing. Then you will be able to choose your accommodation wisely, allowing you to rest at the end of each day. After making the most of the beautiful attractions that German towns like Schleswig, Frauenkirche, Freiburg, Berchtesgaden, Heidelberg, and the more well-known cities like Dresden, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne or Munich have to offer.

The Federal Republic of Germany has many places to visit, which means that you have to be strategic in where you choose to stay so that you can minimise your travel times and maximise your sightseeing. To visiting Germany when your trip is planned to leave you to enjoy the sights stress-free while relaxing as comfortably as possible.

Germany offers many solutions to accommodate tourists and travellers, no matter what your budget or desires. Let's learn all the essential information to choose your accommodation during your trip to Berlin, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Dusseldorf or Saarbrücken!

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Budgeting For Your Accommodation

When you visit Germany, it is your accommodation that is likely to use up most of your budget. Especially if you want to stay in nicer higher end accommodation. However cheap accommodation can also be found if you are prepared to lower those standards and even share a room. Your accommodation is one of the key parts of your travel financial plan that you need to work on to really enjoy your stay!

The point of your financial plan is to try to get a good estimation that is as close to the real prices that you can find in your destination as possible. There are 2 parts to this

  1. What can you afford or what do you want to pay
  2. Then what do things cost

Once you know what you are willing to pay for your room, you can then begin to look for accommodation that suits your requirements. Of course, the less money you have, the more limited your options will become. Now you should use hotel booking websites to review the market and get a feel for the kind of accommodation in your destination.

Some good international accommodation booking websites are:

  1. https://www.hotels.com/‎
  2. https://www.booking.com/
  3. https://www.trivago.com/

On these websites, you will find all kinds of accommodation from budget to luxury.

Types Of Accommodation In Germany

Cheap Accommodation In Germany

If you only have a very small budget, then you can still visit Germany and find housing solutions at reasonable prices. You will need to look for hostels (Jugendherberge and Jugendgästehaus), homestays (Zimmer Frei or Fremdenzimmer). These options will be cheaper than a hotel and will allow you to save enough money to do other things.

Youth Hostels In Germany

Germany has no less than 450 official hostels, and they are very easy to find throughout the country. Youth hostels have different regulations and rules, some are mixed rooms others are separated by gender, some are open 24 hours and other close the doors at 10pm. They may or may not have kitchens. They may include a basic breakfast in the price but don’t expect to get full from what is on offer.

Most hostels are conveniently located in the centre of the city or near to points of interest for people traveling around the country. However, do bear in mind that some hostels may not be well maintained and comfort probably isn’t the priority. Check the hostel websites by searching for ‘Hostel in +city’ and decide for yourself.

The Average Prices Of Hostels In Cities In Germany:

  1. Berlin        30 €
  2. Munich        25 €
  3. Cologne        24 €
  4. Frankfort        25 €
  5. Hamburg        27 €
  6. Dresden        20 €
  7. Stuttgart        30 €
  8. Nuremberg        30 €

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Airbnb And Homestays In Germany

Whether in Bavaria, Saxony or the Rhineland, it is also possible to stay in Germany at reasonable prices through rented rooms homestays. Less expensive than the hotel option and very easy to find in the country. Homestay accommodation will allow you to spend a peaceful few nights in a comfortable well-placed property. You can cross many signs of these rooms for rent on the roads of Bremen, Stuttgart, Bonn or Hannover. Also, many may be registered with the local tourist office.

The Airbnb option is a more organised option that can be booked and paid online and in advance. This solution gives you a lovely room or apartment while also letting you reside with the locals or in an area where locals live. This option doesn’t cost very much more than the budget option but provides a lot more comfort. And can allow you to live in Germanic fashion during your stay, in the city centre or more far out.

The average city prices of homestay options:

You can enjoy a room for 2 from around €30-35 in the countryside and a little more in the cities, including the German capital but prices are not excessive.

The Average City Prices Of Airbnb Options:

  1. Berlin: 45 €,
  2. Cologne : 50 €,
  3. Munich: 55 €,
  4. Stuttgart: 50 €,
  5. Dresden: 37 €,
  6. Nuremberg: 40 €,
  7. Hamburg: 43 €,
  8. Frankfurt: 45 €.


If you are a more traditional tourist, someone more affluent or someone who needs a certain level of comfort during their trip. The hotel is probably the accommodation solution that you should choose to visit Germany.

The average city prices of Hotels options:

  1. Berlin: 110 €
  2. Munich: 95 €
  3. Cologne: 100 €
  4. Frankfort: 120 €
  5. Hamburg: 105 €
  6. Dresden: 85 €
  7. Stuttgart: 120 €
  8. Nuremberg:  110 €
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Unusual Accommodation Options In Germany

There are many unusual accommodations in Germany, whether in Westphalia, Baden Württemberg, near the Black Forest or in Lower Saxony. These options for Accommodation include work exchange programs, Couchsurfing, camping and boutique hotels you could also ask to stay with friends. Some of these options will be cheaper than a hotel for you and could perhaps leave you with enough money to do fun activities. Here are a few examples of these accommodation nuggets to discover if you like an adventure.

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German Camping

There are more than 2000 campsites in Germany because camping is a popular solution at an unbeatable price. That allows you to save a large part of your budget while living at your own pace. The campsite certainly offers freedom in terms of housing. Also, these camping sites are usually placed on the edge of natural areas like lakes or forests. Which allows for a beautiful setting while enjoying the available facilities: showers, wifi (at some sites) and Barbeques.

Of course, the campsites will not be located just in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Palace or another UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also, you will be located at least a few kilometres to be in the centre of the big German cities, where most attractions are waiting for you to visit.

If you are lucky enough not to be put off, then camping is a good and economical way to spend your German holiday.

Boutique And Themed Accommodations

The V8 Hotel

Fans of beautiful and old cars can find everything they are looking for in the V8 Hotel. In this hotel, you will literally sleep in a car, the V8 Hotel offers a unique experience that you can discover when you visit Stuttgart.

Le Nhow Berlin Hotel

The Nhow Berlin Hotel is an architectural nugget that will keep you going during your holidays.

The owner is a former music producer, and the hotel lives to the sound of music. Two recording studios with instruments are free to use for the tourists who stay. If you want a Rock'n’Roll holiday, you know where to sleep.

The Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg

The Mövenpick Hotel gives you one more reason to take a break. Built inside a 19th-century water tower to accommodate tourists. This hotel has 4 stars under its belt and has a sauna, gym, terrace, bar and restaurant.

Why not book a room in each city during your romantic road trip? Or in Munich during Oktoberfest. You can go sightseeing in Germany without breaking the bank. Well, now you have all of the information you need to organise it. Leaving you only to enjoy your time while you discover Germany and its riches, between cultural visits and diving into German cuisine. No matter which room you are looking for you will not have a hard time finding one. Ready to book?

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